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If you're thinking about setting up a global international conference call, here's some good news: holding a toll free global conference call is easier and more affordable than you may think!

With support for dozens of countries around the globe, connecting with partners, colleagues, vendors, and associates located all over the world is a simple matter - once you have a plan in place.
Toll Free International Conferencing
Numerous options exist for hosting toll-free international conference calls including perhaps the best option of all: pay as you go plans.

With a pay as you go plan, you pay only for the international conference Toll Free International Conference Call groupcalls you make, and there's no contract or usage commitment.

Whether you make a single toll free overseas conference call or hundreds a year, the ability to pay only for the calls you make provides you with the greatest control over your budget.

In addition to the flexibility these types of accounts offer, you can also expect low per minute rates, no activation fees, no termination fees, no minimum usage requirements and numerous features. Some of the more notable features include:

  • Toll Free access points around the world
  • Free MP3 call recording
  • Free optional dial-out feature
  • Conference call management tools
  • 24/7 operator assistance
  • Exceptional (PSTN) line quality
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook for sending invites and passcodes via email
  • Self-registration option
  • 24/7 reservationless account usage, no booking necessary
  • And much more…

How a Toll-Free International Conference Calling Works

Once you have a pay as you go conference calling plan, you can begin scheduling and hosting conferences. When you host a global conference call, you first schedule a time for the call to take place. This can be a point in the future or immediately. You can setup the toll free overseas conference call online using your account management tools or request operator assistance.

From there, you will need to invite your participants and let them know what toll free number they need to dial in order to connect to the worldwide toll-free conference call. This number will vary depending on which countries are involved.

For example, attendees from Hong Kong will dial a specific Hong Kong Toll Free number while attendees from Italy will dial a different Italian Toll Free access number.

Over 60 countries are supported. The toll free list of the actual numbers is immediately sent to the customer upon account activation.

Alternately, you could use the dial out feature to connect callers from unsupported countries for global international conference calling.

The dial out feature is also an option when you want to reduce the total cost of the call because dial out rates tend to be lower per minute than the toll free rates for some countries. You may want to set up a blend between toll free access and dial out.

Setting Up

International Conference Calls

Once the conference call is scheduled and the participants invited, each participant will need to connect to the call at the correct time using the assigned toll free number (or wait to be called by the leader using dial out) and entering the conference call's passcode. This passcode connects all callers to the conference. Once everyone has checked in, the call can begin.

Because this is a toll-free conference call, the owner of conference groupthe account is responsible for paying for the toll free and dial out access on a per minute, per participant basis.

For example, if you hosted a toll free global conference call with five participants and it lasted 30 minutes, your account would be billed for 150 minutes.

The per minute rates for each participant will vary depending on which countries are involved.

Another common issue with conference calls is excessive ambient noise, but this can be easily overcome.

For example, imagine having ten participants on the line, each of whom is calling from a potentially noisy environment. You might hear dogs barking, children playing, traffic, computer chimes, keyboard typing sounds, and more.

At the beginning of the conference, tell all participants how to mute and unmute their phones so that these noises are kept to a minimum. Or the Leader can mute everyone at the same time using a simple keypad command..

Connect with partners, associates, employees, clients, and vendors around the world cost-effectively with a international conference call.

Perhaps the biggest challenge surrounding toll-free international conference calling is the time of day

Inevitably, some attendees will find that the conference call is scheduled after traditional business hours because of time zone differences.

Fortunately, call recordings and podcast features allow participants that were unable to attend, to hear the conference call after the fact.

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