Record Conference Call Sessions

Recording of Conference Call Sessions

Recording Conference Calls On Demand

Recording Conference CallsRecord in full duplex any conference call no matter where the participants are located, across town or across continents.

Use it as an archive for later reference, you can record a conference call and take possession of the MP3 file for later reference.

Why Record a Conference Call ?

Recording a conference call can serve many purposes.
Example Uses of a recorded conference call

  • Verbal agreements
  • Archive for later reference
  • Capture staff meetings
  • Telephonic board meetings
  • Transcription audio file
  • Corporate earnings reports
  • Stockholder meetings
  • Job applicant interviews
  • Legal depositions
  • Journalist interviews
  • Podcast interviews
  • Client Conference Calls
  • Group or team Conference Calls

Create a Conference Call Recording MP3 for the Unavailable

Recording your conference call ensures that the contents of your conference meeting can be heard by unavailable participants at a later time. It permits no cost archiving of your conference call meetings.

Conference Calls are digitally recorded to ensure pristine quality, and are available after the conference call takes place in the form of an MP3 file.

The conference call recording can now be listened to at the convenience of anyone that may have missed the call at the scheduled time.

Record your Conference Calls at your Command

Record your conference calls - Itís as simple as entering a few keys on your phone to start the recording [ * 2 ].

Your conference call recording is saved as an MP3 file on the conference call bridge. A link to the MP3 file is automatically sent to the moderator/leader by email after the conference call has ended. The MP3 link is included in an Attendance Report for that conference call.

After your conference call is recorded, you can use the MP3 file to:
  • Post to your web site
  • Include as an email attachment
  • Setup podcasts
  • Create public access from your website to the MP3 file
  • Create password protected access from your website to many MP3 files
Get MP3 Recordings of your Conference Calls the Easy Way

Record your conference calls

To start recording a conference call, the moderator enters [ * 2 ] on his/her phone keypad.

Distribute a recorded conference callDownload the recorded conference call in MP3 format. For those customers interested in distributing the recorded conference call by podcoast, this instantly creates a conference call podcast.

About Conference Call recording etiquette

You should check your local regulations to make sure its legal to record calls in your locale. Typically it is acceptable if the parties are aware that the conference call is being recorded. It is good conferencing etiquette to inform participants so they know the conference call is being recorded.

Conference Call Recording Uses

1. Add Conference Call Recordings to your web site:

You can post your
conference call recordings and audio presentations online. This can add streaming audio to your website, intranet or emails or augment a teleseminar.

. Save the MP3 for transcription

. Review Recorded Conference Calls for playback to others

. Preview, Download and Archive Recorded Conference Calls

Save conference call recordings to your PC or MAC. Play back MP3 on your computer or in most popular music players.

. Conference Call Podcasting

Make the MP3 file accessible on your web site so that visitors can download.

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MP3 Recording of your Conference Call Sessions.

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Customer Comment:

"We used your Conference Call Recording feature on almost every conference call and last week we had a group conference call with our nationwide customer service associates. One person couldnít dial in to the call due to personal reasons. We recorded the conference call using the [ * 2 ] command. The MP3 recording was received after the conference call. We then uploaded it to the company blog, after the fact. The unavailable person was able to access the recorded conference call on the Web and hear the complete recorded conference call. It's a great feature."
Bob G.
-Salt Lake City, UT



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