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Reservationless Conference Call, How it Works, Questions, Benefits

Once your account is activated, you can host your conference calls when itís convenient for 'you' and without having to schedule your conference call meeting with an operator.


Reservationless conferencing empowers you to make your own conferencing schedule. Use it at your command.

With Reservationless conferencing you get 24/7 access to the conferencing bridge with no operator notification or scheduling needed.
  • Conduct on-demand audio conference calls with no limits and no scheduling

  • Have complete control of your conference meetings with keypad commands at the touch of a button on your telephone.

  • Free MP3 file of any recorded conference calls you decide to record

    If you record your conference call, you will automatically receive an attendance report with a link to download the Reservationless Conference Call Useraudio file, at no charge. You can then save the MP3 file to your hard drive for later reference.

AIT's conference calling service is a full featured reservationless conference call solution with international access

Our reservationless conference call service will allow you to host a conference call from any country in the world so you can host
international conference calls.

Hosting conference calls used to be a daunting task. You needed to schedule it, you had lots of numbers to remember and on top of that, you had to deal with the conference meeting itself. This is all no longer necessary.

Reservationless conference calls enable you to conduct an audio conference call with much less effort

By simply dialing a toll-free number and entering your passcode code, you're instantly connected to your phone meeting with no reservations or scheduling with the conference call company, no operator assistance, no numbers that change every call.

You can create an audio conference call at a moments notice. No reservations required. All you need to initiate a call is the dial-in number, passcode code and PIN (you'll receive these with the activation email).

Whether you have weekly recurring meetings or you are organizing a last minute meeting, you'll have the features to ensure your audio conference call is successful.

Our advanced, reservationless teleconferencing platform enables you to be located anywhere in the world and make global conference calls at exceptional rates.

How do you make a reservationless conference call 'from' any country with participants located in other countries?

Simply, use our convenient international reservationless conference call plan.

You can start a conference call FROM any country in the world, in seconds. We offer country specific
toll free access numbers in '150' countries.

Reservationless conference calling makes it simple and convenient to host a conference call

Some of the uses are:
  • Hosting weekly sales, update meetings
  • Conducting sales presentations with prospects
  • Collaboration of departments located in other countries
  • Create conference call meetings 'on the fly'

AIT's reliable service will keep you connected

Conduct on-demand audio conference calls with no operators (unless needed), no time limits and no reservations or scheduling. If an operator is needed, the moderator may always press [* 0] on the keypad for operator assistance 24 hours a day.

Many conference call control commands are available from your touch tone keypad

Use features like Mute All, Participant Count, Raise Volume, Record, Secure Conference, Private Roster and more.


Reservationless Conference Calls, what is it?

Reservationless conference call means operator scheduling or booking your conference call is 'not' required to make a conference call.

In other words, it is not necessary for the moderator to notify anyone on the conference bridge end when you plan to host a conference call.

You can host your conference calls 24 hours a day without notifying anyone except your participant list.

That's why we call this 'reservationless' conference calling.

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