Choosing a Telecommunications Service

Choosing a New Telecommunications Service

Welcome to aitelephone!

Choosing a telecommunications planSearching for a service that fits your requirement and that works well?

We will help you save time to accomplish just that.

aitelephone can help you acquire a service that will amaze you.

We've been doing this for global customers since 1996

Whether you are located in the U.S., Canada or a faraway country, assisting you to communicate with the rest of the world is our goal.

High Value Service

aitelephone offers only
high value services at competitive rates, not services that look good and then waste your time.

High value to aitelephone means the service actually works as advertised and does not disappoint.

All services score outstanding on the following points

     Service Reliability
     24/7 Customer Support
     Competitive Pricing
     Accurate and Easy to Understand Billing
     User-friendliness (easy or no learning curve)
     Superior Line Quality
     Exceptional Customer Satisfaction Ratings

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Since 1996 aitelephone has offered services designed to save you time and money with NO sacrifice to quality.

We believe you'll find our services are higher quality than those offered by companies that spend $1 Billion a year advertising on TV, the Web and in magazines.

Customer surveys report the main incentives of dealing with aitelephone are: time, monetary savings and old school personalized service.

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Most Popular Services

There are many services available because there are many specialized requirements that global customers need.

We've listed services below to help find what you're looking for.

Some examples:

Global Conference Calling ServicesYou might want to host an international conference call. Therefore, if you look on our home page, you'll see a category of services called, Conference Call Plans.

Under that category you'll see a few specialized services called "Expanded International Conference Calls, Canada Conference Calls, etc". Click one to view all details about how they work including rates. You can sign up online.

We have two different international conference call plan to suit different requirements.

The Expanded Plan has toll-free access numbers in hard to get countries. This may help you accommodate participants that otherwise might not be able to attend your meeting.

Or, you may need a toll free number that takes messages for you when you get a call, and you may want the service to follow you by automatically dialing your cell, home phone and business line to deliver your call. Look at the Voice Mail Plans section and click the voice mail plan to view all details.

You could be in Sydney, Australia and want a private U.S. phone number to advertise in the U.S. and receive the calls in Australia (virtual number available in 120+ other countries)

You may be in China and need a virtual number for your U.S. located customers or associates to reach you easily. Look for the category, Global Call Forwarding and get a US phone number that automatically send calls to your China landline or mobile phone.

Or you may want to get a local Beijing number and have the calls diverted to your call center in India, the Philippines or Ireland (or any other country)

Service Categories

Conference Calling Services

International Conference Calls - 119 global access numbers

Expanded Global Conference Calls - 150 global access numbers

Unlimited Flat Rate Conference Calls

U.S. Toll Free Conference Calls

Canada Toll Free Conference Calls

Global Call Forwarding - Divert Calls Worldwide
Get a Toll Free or Local Virtual Number - available in over 120 countries

International Calls - Make Cheap Phone Calls to any Country
Two excellent plans to choose from - Cheap International Calls to 196 countries

Voice Mail Plans
Voice Mail Service Toll Free - Unlimited Messages $34.95/mo

International Callback Service
International Callback Service - Cheap country-to-country calls

International Calls from Abroad
Call the US FROM 100 cities worldwide (dial-through access), no callback procedure required

Get Free DSL - T1 and Ethernet Quotes from Top Providers

Instant DSL Service Quotes for your U.S. Location

Instant T1/Dedicated Service Quotes for your U.S. Location

Metro Ethernet 15 second Free Search for your U.S. Location

what do you need the service to do

International Call ServiceTo find what you're searching for, it's helpful to first decide what you need the service to do.

Please visit the home page to view all plans.

If you need any assistance, please give us a call or use the contact form.

Thanks for looking !

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