International Conference Calling Services

International Conference Calling Services

International Conference Calling Services



International Conference Calling Services

International Conference Calling Services

International conference calling services make collaboration International Conference Calling Servicesamongst a geograhically diverse team a simple matter of dialing a phone number and entering a passcode.

Once all attendees dial in, the attendees can exchange ideas and come to decisions despite their country locations.

With international conference calling services, which services and features are the most important for a successful global conference call?

Let's take a look.

International Conference Calling Services - Toll Free or Local Access?

The first consideration when using international conference calling services involves who pays for the call. In some cases, toll free access makes the most sense, especially from a convenience standpoint. It's very convenient for the participants to dial-in Toll Free and it's free to your guest to join your call.

One consideration, if the call will take place between employees of the same company, the company will pay for the cost of accessing the call one way or the other.

In this example, toll free international conference calling services are the least expensive choice. Not only are toll free international calling rates competitive and costs easy to predict, the leader of the conference call has the option to dial-out to participants with lower calling rates in order to save even more.

Providing local access numbers, if practical, can also reduce costs. However, it's likely that some participants will incur long distance charges.

For example, if you provide a Los Angeles phone number for your callers in the United States, some participants dialing in to the Los Angeles access number from other cities and states may incur long distance charges from their local phone company when making an out-of-state-call and many may not.

It all depends on what type of calling plan the participant is using to join your conference call

For example, if the conference call attendee is calling into an access number which is located in another state and is using his/her landline and their long distance plan includes 'nationwide' calling, they will not pay long distance fees to their local phone company to join the conference call, even though they may be calling an interstate access number.

If they have an older traditional long distance plan, they may be subject to pay per minute long distance fees to their local phone company to call an out-of-state phone number.

What if your participants access your conference call using their cell phone?

Most U.S. cell phone plans do include 'nationwide' long distance. So again in this case, there would be no long distance fees to call an out-of-state access number. But there will probably be 'airtime' minutes deducted from the attendees monthly minutes allocation from their cell phone provider. This would depend on the cell phone plan. There are 'unlimited' usage cell phone plans. Using an unlimited cell phone plan would permit dialing an out-of-state conference call access number at no additional cost to the participant and no per minute fees or airtime deductions, if their cellular plan is 'unlimited'.

Toll Free Conference Call Access

Toll Free access is a free call to any participant within the bounds of the 63 countries on the Toll Free list.

In some countries there are limitations set by the local governments as to what type of devices are allowed to access Toll Free numbers. For example, in India there are several mobile phone providers and several landline carriers. Each may impose their own rules as to what type of device can access their network to reach your conference call.

It can be a bit complicated but improving

Another example, if the participant is located in China, there is a north China toll free number and a south China toll free number. Both China toll free numbers are only accessible from a 'landline' phone in China and they are different numbers for each geography, north and south.

Then there is the recent addition of the China '400' number. The China 400 access number works from landline and mobile phones no matter where the caller is located in mainland China, north and south using either a mobile phone or landline. This has greatly simplified accessing an international conference call 'from' China.

International Conference Calling Services - Features that Make a Difference

International conference calling services offer a variety of features that can enhance the overall communications experience. Some of the features that you'll want to take advantage of include the following:

Call clarity - Using international conference calling services based on the public switched telephone network ensures the best call quality. This is vital as your teleconference can only be successful if all participants can hear one another adequately.

Constant numbers - Some conference call providers require the account owner to retrieve a new set of passcodes for every new conference call they host. Changing the passcodes should be at the option of the account owner, not the conference call company.

Leader dial out - The ability to dial some attendees directly can reduce costs and ensure that some of the more forgetful participants don't miss the teleconference. In addition, if a participant is located in a country where toll free access to the international conference calling service's system is not available, leader dial out ensures that the participant can join the conference call. Leader dial-out rates are typically lower then Toll Free access rates depending on the country.

Online management tools - Being able to schedule and control international conference calling services online allows you to work more efficiently, mute noisy calls, dial specific participants, and much more.

Audio console - One of the online management tools that can make a dramatic difference is the audio console tool. With this tool, the leader can mute and unmute callers thus ensuring that noisy distractions (such as traffic noise, barking dogs, music on hold, people talking in the background, eating and drinking noises, etc.) are kept to a minimum.

MP3 call recordings - The Leader enters * 2 keypad command (star-two) to begin recording conference call and producing the MP3 file.

Recording your conference calls is an excellent way to save money and Leader enters * 2 keypad command to begin recording conference call.keep others informed. For example, instead of having non-essential participants join the call as it takes place (and paying per minute per participant), you could have them listen to the recording after the fact.

They'll receive the same information without the expense. MP3 call recordings are also useful for participants that couldn't participate due to time zone differences or other commitments.

Podcasting - If your conference call is educational or part of a series, you could allow others to subscribe to an RSS feed to hear the latest MP3 recordings.

On-demand conferences - Some issues require immediate collaboration. Being able to schedule international conference calling services on demand means that you and your colleagues can immediately brainstorm solutions without waiting for an available time slot with the conference call provider.

Low rates - International conference calling services are extremely competitive with low Toll Free and dial-out rates to dozens of countries around the world.

Pay as you go plans - While many international conference calling services offer tiered and prepaid plans, pay as you go plans often make the most sense because you only pay for the conference calls you host. There's no minimum usage requirement, no long-term contract, no setup fees.

There's the flexibility of using the international conference call service only when you need it with no further commitments.


International conference calling services are an excellent way to collaborate with team members located around the globe.

With low cost, pay-as-you-go international conference calling services including a rich feature set. Your international team is always just a conference call away.

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