Joining a Conference Call Options


Conference call participants can join your call from any country

Attendee Connection Options

Global Toll-Free Access Convenience
International participants dial-in to your meeting using in-country Toll-Free access numbers, from their country, at no cost to them.

Alternative Dial-Out option

If your participant is located in a country without toll-free access, the dial-out option enables the chairperson to place the guest into the call regardless of their country location.

Dial-Out option is a great feature and enables adding attendees located in any country. Many customers use it instead of waiting for the participant to dial-in.

If you prefer not to perform the dial-out yourself, you can ask the 24 hour operator do it for you by entering [*0] after you login.


Your attendees have the option to join your conference call using Skype. They can access your call directly using the included U.S. conference bridge number.

International Conference Call Convenience

Joining international conference calls with in-country toll-free numbers

For example, if your conference call guest is located in Singapore, they connect to your call using the included Singapore toll-free access phone number.

If the attendee is located in Russia, they use the included Russia toll-free access number.

After they dial-in, a voice prompt will ask for a passcode which will place them into your call.

What is the dial-out feature?

Place your international guest into your conference call no matter where they are located worldwide.
The dial-out option enables the chairperson to place a participant into a conference call without the attendee needing to dial-in.

Use dial-out when a guest is located in a country that does not have toll-free or local access availability or if the chairperson prefers to better control participation. Or, if the dial-out economics are better than toll-free dial-in for that participant.

Typical dial-out uses

How dial-out works

1 Using the dial-out feature 'can be' cheaper than Toll-Free access (depends on the country). Many customers use dial-out as a cost savings strategy to lower overall costs on an international conference call.

2 Use dial-out when no toll-free access number exists in the country where the participant is located.

3 Some of our customers enjoy using dial-out when they wish to dial-out to the attendee instead of the attendee having to call into the conference.

Recording your conference call

If you wish to record your international conference call, you are provided with free MP3 session recordings. The host enters a
( * 2 ) keypad command to start recording a conference call.

A link to the MP3 file is included in the attendance report emailed to the host after each conference call.

Free Conference App

iPhone® Android®

For your participants that like to use a Mobile phone, Get a free mobile app for iPhone, Blackberry or Droid.get the free mobile app for iPhone
® or Android®.

Makes hosting and participating in an
international conference call using your smartphone very easy with just a few screen taps.

Store your Toll Free Access number and Passcode safely in your Mobile device.

Get the no cost app from iTunes, Google Play

The free app download link is included with your account welcome email.

Any international conference call can use multiple access types

Examples of connection options:
  • participant connects to your call toll-free from their country
  • participant added by you at any time with the dial-out option
  • guest dial-in using Skype
  • guest dial-in using the U.S. local number
  • operator can connect your attendee to your call
Any of these methods can take place on same conference call.

Attendance Reports with Call Details

After each conference call, the host receives an emailed attendance report of the call. This attendance report summarizes the
conference call including date, time, duration, caller ID of the attendees, etc.

If the call was recorded, a link to the MP3 file is included for download attached to the call summary email.

Operator Assistance

24 hour operator assistance for activated accounts
Get Operator Assistance 24/7/365

U.S. based operators standby
24 hours should you ever need assistance during a conference call. Operator staff will facilitate a fix of any issue, day or night.

While on a conference call, the chairperson or a participant can easily reach an operator using a keypad command ( * 0 ) that is star-zero anytime, 24 hours a day.

Customers receive a detailed monthly statement itemizing all calls that occurred during the previous month.

We Guarantee you will have a successful Conference Call

Send your call guests a toll-free number to dial-in from their country

A complete list of worldwide toll-free and local access numbers is sent to you immediately upon account activation.

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Customer Comment:

"We used your Conference Call Recording feature on almost every conference call and last week we had a group conference call with our nationwide customer service associates. One person couldn’t dial in to the call due to personal reasons. We recorded the conference call using the [ * 2 ] command. The MP3 recording was received after the conference call. We then uploaded it to the company blog, after the fact. People that missed the call could access the recording on the blog. It's a great feature."
Bob G.
-Salt Lake City, UT 


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