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International conference calls involve group phone calls where two or more attendees connect together from different countries.

For example, you could have a conference call with attendees located in different countries such as one or two participants located in the USA and others located in Ireland, Hong Kong, the UK, India and Australia.

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You can host larger international conference calls with dozens of participants scattered across the globe.

In both cases, there are special considerations with this type of conference call versus a conference call with attendees located only in your country.

For example, if you already use a conference call service, international participants may not be able to dial the same access number that your U.S. or Canada participants dial in order to join your international conference call.

Because of this, your out-of-country participants can join your conference call directly using an
international conference call plan that offers Toll Free global access numbers in a variety of countries or a plan where the host uses the dial out feature.

International conference calls involve group phone calls where three or more attendees connect together from different countries.

Option 1 Leader "Dial-Out"

If the international conference call involves just a few callers from outside of your country, it's possible to use the Leader "dial out" feature to call these participants directly.

While you can pre program the callers' phone numbers and allow the system to dial these numbers just before the international conference call's start time, this does require some advanced planning on your part.

First, you must reach out to these participants in advance to find out which phone number you should dial.

Because mobile phones are so portable, it's often smart to enter each participant's mobile phone number as it improves the odds of reaching each attendee.

After determining the best phone numbers for your conference call international participants, you'll need to manually enter the numbers into your international conference call account in tne group dial out feature.

Depending on your conference call international service plan, automated dial-out may be an option, further adding to connecting callers from two or more countries. In this case, a live operator can assist you or a manual dial out feature can be enabled.

For larger conferences involving participants from multiple countries, you'll want a service plan tailored specifically for international conference calls that include toll-free access and the dial-out feature.



Host a Toll-Free Global Conference Call Using International Conference Lines.

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Option 2 Choosing an International Conference Call Plan that Supports your required Countries.

While the dial-out feature works well for the out-of-country participant, another option exists if the attendee is located in one of our many Toll Free countries.

There are presently 119 countries with specific international access numbers for global conference call participants.

Choosing a calling plan that offers support for international participants.

Not only can a toll free international conference calling plan make it easier to connect participants to the call, it can also save you money with lower per minute international calling rates.

These plans take several forms including toll free international service, international local access service, or a permanent international toll dial-in number.

With an international toll free service, your out-of-country participants connect to your international conference calls by dialing toll free numbers that are local to their countries. The Toll Free calls are free to the participant.

For example, a caller in
Brazil connects by dialing a toll free number local to Brazil. The call is then forwarded to your international conference call bridge.

As the host of the call, your account is billed for the toll free access.

With an international local access service, your international callers dial a toll free local phone number. For example, a
caller in London dials a UK toll free phone number which is then connected to your conference call.

With an international toll dial-in number (not toll free), participants of your international conference calls would dial a standard U.S. phone number to reach the conference.

This type of service results in participants paying for individual long distance tolls, so use care when opting for an international toll dial-in number versus a toll free access number.

As you can see, there are several options for holding an international conference call with participants from two or more countries.

For the occasional global participant, dialing out may be the least expensive solution and sometimes the 'only' option due to the fact that some countries do not offer Toll Free access.

MP3 session recording makes it convenient to record and retain MP3 files of any recorded conference calls.

Host conference calls even if your participants are in geographically diverse locations.

We provide in-country toll free numbers in 100+ countries.

Option 3 Skype dial-in
With the huge amount of global Skype users, an international conference call service should be Skype enabled and capable of processing a VoIP connection. The Skype user can dial-in directly to the U.S. conference bridge number.

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