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No matter where attendees happen to be, collaboration with others in many countries is a simple matter of dialing a local toll free phone number and entering a passcode.

For international collaboration, conferencing remains the solution of choice for several reasons including:
Conference Calling

Call Quality - Using the traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) ensures that all participants connected to the conference meeting can hear one another thanks to the superior call quality that PSTN is known for.

Accessibility - Attendees do not need a computer, tablet, Internet connection, or video conferencing equipment to join the call. All they need is a phone, and all phone types including landlines, VoIP phones, and mobile phones are supported.

Toll Free Access - Your call guests can dial-in Toll Free from 119 countries and the Expanded Plan with over 150 access numbers. If a toll free number is not available in the attendee's country, the Host can use the included dial-out feature and add them into the meeting in progress. Both methods are at no cost to the participant.

Host Dial-Out - An invaluable free feature that permits participation with any guest, in any country. With Toll Free access numbers and the Dial-Out feature enabled, there are no limits to hosting a global global phone meeting.

Voice Interaction - Instead of reading messages on discussion boards or short texts in private social media networks, attendees speak to one another. This breaks the ice, builds relationships, and provides participants with context and verbal cues.

Affordability - By holding calls regularly, geographically diverse team members can brainstorm, collaborate, and solve problems without having to travel.

Flexibility - The conference call is also extremely flexible. Not only can you initiate a conference call on demand, you can manually dial participants (or set up automatic dial out), record calls for future reference, participate in conferences from virtually anywhere, and much more.

Offshore Conference Call Uses

The conference meeting has many uses for businesses of all sizes.

Some of the more common uses include:

Team meetings and collaboration - Team members from around the world can join the global conference call, exchange ideas and information, and work together to overcome business challenges.

Whether your team consists of a few offshore designers or dozens of regional sales managers located on every continent, team meetings using an international collaboration can ensure that everyone is working together toward a common goal.

Mergers and acquisitions - The global conference tool is a vital communications assist as two companies become one, and even long before the deal is complete. From discussions with lawyers and brokers to making executive decisions and beyond, conference calling is a convenient, fast, and effective way to facilitate global discussions.

Supply chain management - Make sure vendors can deliver by holding regular phone meetings between production managers and vendors from around the world.

Training and Education - The worldwide teleconference call is often used as a training and educational tool. Whether you need to train Team meetings and collaborationinternational staff members or customers, a teleconference is an excellent, cost-effective way to deliver lectures, seminars, motivational speeches, and question-and-answer sessions. In addition, you can record these sessions and use them over and over either internally or externally. For example, your human resources department may require new employees to listen to an orientation that originally took place as a conference. Meanwhile, a motivational speaker may opt to create a pod cast of a previous global call.

Focus groups - Find out what your customers or prospects think about your products and services by holding international calls. This is a cost-effective way to hear their thoughts. Since you can record the meeting exchange, you can also refer back to it as needed.

Getting the Most out of Overseas Conferencing

Like any tool, the global conferencing must be put to good use. To get the most out of your international plan, take advantage of it and use it regularly to communicate with your team, business brokers, lawyers, partners, vendors, and customers.

Enable automatic dial out - If you hold overseas conference meeting with the same group regularly, enable the UBlast feature and enter each attendee's phone number into your account. Once set up, you can immediately establish a conference on demand and have UBlast dial all participants automatically.

Use toll-free international phone numbers - By offering toll free access to the global call, you'll encourage participation because participants won't be worried about how much the call will cost. Toll free worldwide rates are much lower than you may realize, and there's no travel required.

Understand calling rates - International toll free rates vary based on each participant's country. Compare the toll free rates for each country and determine which participants should be dialed directly.

The global conference meeting is an affordable, convenient, and flexible communications tool for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a better way for your geographically diverse team to collaborate or want to share your knowledge with participants around the world, hosting international an conference is easy and affordable.

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Despite advances in internet based communications technologies, the audio conference continues to be the best and most flexible international collaboration tool available.

With the pay-as-you-go plan, you can hold as many (or as few) global conferences as you need with no contract or minimum usage requirements and there are no monthly fees.

After you host a conference call, your account remains ready for your next meeting, anytime 24/7.

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