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Unlimited Conference Call Service FAQ
Unlimited Conference Call Service FAQ
I see that some conference call companies on the Internet say they offer 'unlimited conference calls' but they actually charge per minute fees.  Do you charge per minute fees?

Ours is a true unlimited conference call plan and there are no per minute plan fees no matter how often you use your account during the month. It's an economical plan especially if you host regular conference calls.

Is there a Live Conference Viewer feature?

Yes, it's an optional free feature the moderator can use when online to gain more control over the conference call.

Learn more about the Live Conference Viewer here.

How can I find out how many participants are on the conference call?

Our system will tell the "moderator" or leader how many conferees are on the conference call by entering [ * 8 ] on the keypad. Only the moderator will hear this message. This can be done at any time during the conference. This query can be done as many times as desired.

How can I increase or change my plan size?

Simply contact customer service and advise what new size plan you desire.

Also, if you find that you are not using the capacity of the plan size you selected, you can always 'reduce' the size of your current plan.

Can I make simultaneous or more than one conference call at a time with the unlimited plan?

Each account is enabled for one conference call at a time. There is one set of PIN codes issued per account. To host simultaneous conference calls, with another group of participants, you would need a second set of PIN's (an additional unlimited account).

How do I pay for the service?

If you choose a flat rate plan, such as this unlimited conference call flat rate plan or the toll free plan, those plans are billed to a credit card.

If we have a 10 caller plan. If a few participants (more than 10) join the call, will I be charged extra?

This plan provides unlimited conference calls for one flat monthly fee based on the plan size you choose.  If you have additional callers beyond your plan size, there is a $1 charge for the extra caller for that conference call.

What access number is dialed for the 'unlimited flat rate' plan?

Participants for the 'unlimited flat rate' plan dial a 'toll' access number connected to any of the seven conferencing bridges we use for the flat rate plan. These can be located at the conference bridge locations such as New York, Iowa, Washington, Texas, New Mexico, South Dakota, etc. Most mobile and cable and VoIP plans include domestic calls regardless of the number prefix.

How do I know if the line quality of your service is good?

We have always used state-of-the-art conferencing bridges. You can be assured that our multiple conferencing bridges work very well. We guarantee you will like our service and will find it a valuable tool for your business.

Is there a term contract for the account?

The Unlimited Flat Rate Plan is prorated and month-to-month.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel at any time by email or by phone.

Is there a way to increase the sound volume on a conference call?

Yes, the leader or moderator can enter [* 4] on the phone keypad. This will immediately apply 'gain' (volume) to all lines in the conference call.

Is your system "full duplex"?

Yes absolutely, our platform allows you the ability to speak simultaneously with another caller without any clipping or degradation of the sound.

As the moderator, can I mute all of the participant lines?

Yes, enter (* 5) as the moderator and all conferees lines will be muted, this is then called "lecture" mode.

Can the conferees mute their own lines?

Yes, the participants can enter (* 6) to mute their phone and just listen.
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Unlimited Conference Call Service FAQ