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Easy International Conference Calls
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International Conference Calls - two steps

1 Invite your guests

A complete international toll-free and local number list is sent to you immediately upon account activation.

Send your participant the access number for
their country.

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2 Everyone joins your call

Your participants dial-in to the access number you send to them and enter a passcode when prompted.

All parties can now speak and be heard -internationally.

If you use the Leader
dial-out option, your attendee simply answers their phone to join your call.

Service Details

MP3 Session Recordings

If you record your international conference calls, a free MP3 file is created and a link is emailed to the host after the call has ended.

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International Conference Call Collaboration


No reservations, no booking or scheduling necessary

Your account is ready for your use, any time you desire, 24 hours a day, no matter what your time zone happens to be.

Since our conferencing system is 'reservation-less', you do not need to schedule a call with us when you plan on hosting a conference call.

As a result, you have total control over the hosting and scheduling of your conference calls.

Simply send an email to your participants and include the date, time, access number and PIN to your conferees. Optionally, use the free Outlook plugin to send the invites.

Toll-Free and local access numbers available in many countries and cities worldwide

For your participants located in a country on the 'toll free' country or local city list, send the corresponding country access phone number to that participant.

For instance, if the attendee is located in Hong Kong, send the Hong Kong Toll Free number to that participant.

If participant is located in the Ukraine, send the Ukraine access number to that guest, etc.

Each country on the list has a unique 'in-country' toll free number and will be accessible to your participant at no cost to them.

The account confirmation includes the complete list of in-country toll free access phone numbers that your participants use to attend your
international conference call meeting.

Included in your activation email
1. Your account number
2. Toll Free dial-in number/s (U.S. and International)
3. Moderator and participant passcodes
4. Complete, easy to understand user guide

How International Conferencing WorksAll parties dial-in at the designated time and date you arrange with your conferees.

When your guests dial the conference call bridge access number, our automated system will prompt for their passcode.

If a participant arrives before the host, the system will play music (by default but optional). Once the host logs in, the music stops and the conference call begins.

The 'Host' can initiate a global conference call from any Toll Free access country

International Conference Calls can be hosted by the Leader from any Toll Free country, not only the US.

Multiple Users - Simultaneous use by other groups or departments

If you require departments or groups that need to host conference calls concurrently, we can enable additional Passcodes at your request. The usage can be identified for accounting purposes by group ID, department, name or other ID number of your choice. All conference conference calls would be itemized by department ID name or number on the month-end usage statements.

If No Toll Free Access Number Is Available in a country

If you need to host a conference call that includes a participant located in a country that does not have a toll free access number, you have the option to use the 'dial-out' feature.

As the moderator, you have the capability to '
dial-out' using our conferencing bridge, and bring participants into your international conference call instead of the participant needing to dial-in.

View 'dial-out' feature information and rates here.

Alternatively, if there is no toll free access number available for participants located in certain countries, the conferee can always dial-in to our U.S. based conferencing bridge by calling the standard U.S. telephone number (provided upon account activation). In this case, the conferee would pay his/her in-country local phone company for the long distance costs associated with calling the U.S. from their country location.

The moderator can use the enabled dial out feature easily once logged into the account from any Toll Free access country on the country list.

Free Recorded Conference Calls

MP3 session recordings, a free feature. The audio file MP3 is included free with the international conference call plan.

At the end of each conference call, the moderator receives an emailed attendance report. Included in this report will be a link to the actual MP3 recording.

This means that if the moderator recorded a conference call by using the [ * 2 ] keypad command, the attendance report will include a link to that recording.

When this link is clicked, usually Windows Media Player or any program you have associated with MP3 files will open and play the recording. Then the MP3 recording can be 'saved' locally to your hard drive for your further use or distribution.

No Account Fees, No Minimums, No Contract, No term Commitments

There are 'no' monthly fees, no set up fees or activation fees and no term commitment.

If you use the account during the month, you will be billed for the usage. If you do not use the account, there will be no billing or charges of any kind.

Auto Hang Up Feature

Once the moderator disconnects from the conference, the entire call is disconnected. Optionally, you can allow the conference to continue after the moderator hangs up.

Entry/Exit Tones and Auto Hang-up are standard features and are optional.

Additional Automated Keypad Commands:

[* 2] To record/playback - Enables you to record the conference

* 4] Raise volume - Moderator may raise volume level

* 5] Lecture Mode - Mutes all lines except moderator

* 6] Individual Mute - Allows participants to mute own line

* 7] Security - Stops additional access to call in process

* 8] Participant Count - System prompts leader with private count

*92] Automatically dial-out to a specific list of participants

* 0] Request operator assistance during a conference call

24 Hour Customer Care

After your account is activated, should you ever need any assistance, customer service is available to you 24 hours a day.

The 24 hour customer service toll free number is sent to you upon account activation.

24 hour Operator Assistance

If assistance is needed 'during' a conference call, the Leader can press [ * 0 ] star-zero. An operator will come on the line immediately to assist around the clock, 24/7/365

No Charge for non use of your account

If you do not use the service, there are no charges of any kind. The account stays active and ready for your use between conference calls. There are no charges to keep your account active.

How do I activate an account?

Your account will be activated and the welcome email sent to you including all account details. Your account will be working when you receive your email confirmation.


Host International Conference Calls utilizing Global Toll Free and Local Access Numbers.

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You will receive the complete list of global toll-free access numbers upon account activation.

Your overseas guests dial into your call using the supplied international toll-free access numbers at no cost to them. This is a host pays plan.

If there a toll-free access number is not on the list for your participant's country, use the dial-out feature.

Use your conference call account to dial-out to any phone in any country, mobile or landline.

You can place
any overseas guest into your call no matter where they may be located.

By using the dial-out feature, you call them and easily place them into your meeting.

Since the attendee does not need to dial-in, they just
answer their phone to instantly join your call.

Many customers use the dial-out option to save money even if a Toll-Free number does exists in the guests country.

Dial-out rates are typically lower than Toll-Free dial-in rates depending on the country location of the guest.

Three types of access

Toll Free dial-in
Local dial-in
Leader Dial-Out

All of these access methods can be used on the same conference call to connect the attendees.

Use the connection method that benefits your situation.


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