Audio Conference Call Etiquette

Conference call etiquette | Should the chaiirperson arrive early?



Always introduce yourself when speaking for the first time

It is important to introduce yourself when first speaking as other participants may not recognize your voice.

Avoid putting your phone on HOLD

Putting your local phone on hold could introduce music into the conference, so when considering the hold function please use *6 instead. Otherwise your hold music will play into the conference call, and make it impossible for the other participants to continue the meeting in your absence! (Remember to un-mute yourself when you come back.)

Create an agenda and keep to your schedule

Remain consistent with the timeline and agenda as prescribed in order to respect the time of the other participants.

Clearly state when calls end

If participants linger after you have hung up on the call you will get billed. Ensuring that all participants understand when a call has ended will avoid any Conference call etiquette | Always introduce yourself when speaking for the first timepossible confusion so stay on the line and make sure everyone has left the call.

Sound Quality Issues

Our bridging equipment allows you to speak simultaneously with another caller without any loss of sound quality. This means, however, that any static or disruptive noise that can be picked up through your phone line will affect the conference, so you must ensure that you are speaking in a quiet environment.

How to prevent sound quality problems

1. Avoid speakerphones (if possible) or use a high quality speakerphone as they can introduce unwanted noise into the call.

2. Be mindful that mobile or cordless phones tend to pick up static and can also be the culprit if an echo is heard.

3. In the event that a cell call is required we recommend a stationary location where the signal strength is high.

4. Always mention to your participants that they have the ability to mute their own line in case they have background noise around them that may be heard by others on the call.



Should Moderators attempt to arrive early?

If a moderator arrives a few minutes early they can greet each of the participants and let them know when everyone is present and ready to start the call.

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Audio Conference Call Etiquette | Make The Most of Your Time

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Audio Conference Call Etiquette | Make The Most of Your Time