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Skype® and IP phones provide access to International Conference Calls


No matter how well you've planned your international conference call, you can't necessarily control per minute rates for some international countries.

The rates for many countries are likely higher than you'd like, or toll free numbers may not be available for some of the countries involved.

Such countries may not have an
international toll free number available or a 'local' access number may be No matter how well you've planned your international conference call, you can't necessarily control per minute rates for some international countries.available but may be too expensive an option for your attendee because of local long distance fees imposed by the his/her overseas phone company.

For example, a local access number supplied by an international conference call company may be located in the country where your participant is located however it may be hundreds of miles away from your attendee. That participant may need to pay significant long distance fees to the local phone company to join your call.

So many times a 'local' access number located in a participants country may not be a panacea because it may be a toll call that the participant will have to pay themselves. The possibility of having a participant pay a per minute long distance fee to join a conference call is not what many businesses want for their attendees who may be prospective clients, customers or existing customers.

For example, assume the conference call access number is located in Ptolemaida, Greece but your participant is located in Athens, a distance of 206 miles or 331 km.

For the conference call guest to join the call, dialing into the Ptolemaida, Greece would be required.

This long distance call will most likely cost the participant a local fee from his/her Greece phone company to join your conference call unless the Greece guest has a Greece mobile plan or some type of national long distance plan that enables Greece nationwide long distance calling.

These plans are plentiful in the US but, at present time in 2012, not very prevalent in many countries.

Fortunately, cost-effective options exist, especially when participants in those countries could have access to
Skype or an IP phone to access your international conference call.

Using Skype to Access International Conference Calls

Why Skype? Skype is well known for its free Skype-to-Skype voice calls, but did you know it also offers low per-minute rates for calling non-Skype phones?

As of this writing, Skype has rates as low as 2.3 cents per minute to landlines in about 30 countries including USA, UK, Argentina, Spain, China, and Singapore.

In countries where toll free access is not an option, callers faced with dialing a traditional phone number and paying the charges associated with the call, will appreciate the lower per minute rates offered by a VoIP service.

In order to connect to your international conference call using Skype, these participants will need to have either sufficient Skype prepaid credit in their accounts or a Skype subscription.

You may be surprised to learn that many of your attendees already have unlimited Skype subscriptions, so make sure to encourage Skype calling as an option.

Using an IP Phone to Access an International Conference Call

While Skype is one of the best known VoIP phone services, many others exist. Individuals and businesses alike have dropped traditional landlines Using an IP Phone to Access an International Conference Callin favor of IP phones because of the significant cost savings involved with routing calls over the Internet.

If you find that international toll free access is cost prohibitive or non-existent for participants in some countries, encourage those attendees to utilize their existing IP phone service to connect to your international conference call.

One way to encourage participation and control costs in these countries is to ask attendees if they have access to Skype or an IP phone.

If so, then encourage them to use their existing service. If not, consider using the leader dial-out feature to automatically dial these participants when the international conference call is ready to begin.

With toll free numbers for over 100+ countries, most of your guests can easily, and cost-effectively, dial in. For those calling from countries where toll free access is not available, support for incoming Skype calls and calls originating from IP phones is a built in feature.

In addition to Toll Free access and VoIP access, our 24 hour operators can easily place your participants in your conference call using the
international conference call 'dial-out' option.

Mobile phone access, including calls from mobile phones in China, are also fully supported.

For the best quality international conference call possible, host your next conference call with aitelephone.



To access an international conference call, VoIP can be a useful option for many reasons, one is cost savings. VoIP can also be a solution if no ITFS access number exists in the attendee's country.

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Using Skype or VoIP to Join an International Conference Call