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International Teleconference

Bring your international team together with a collaborative teleconference. With numerous reasons to communicate globally, an international teleconference call is one of the most affordable choices you can make and allows you to become more responsive, accessible and collaborative.

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What is a Teleconference?

International Teleconference UserA teleconference is a conference call, seminar, meeting, or other live exchange of information that takes place over a telecommunications system.

Phone teleconferencing is the most common form of teleconferencing. Multiple attendees participate in the teleconference call from various remote locations by dialing a designated phone number and then entering an access code.

A variety of teleconference services are available to host a domestic or global

In addition to phone teleconferencing, Web and video teleconferencing add a visual element to the mix. Depending on your preferences, you can use Web/video conferencing with VoIP audio over the Web or in conjunction with existing toll free or dial out teleconference services.

How a Teleconference Enables Collaboration

When you have a geographically diverse team, a teleconference brings everyone together for a live voice discussion without requiring expensive travel or excessive business interruptions such as the logistics involved in arranging a face-to-face meeting in another city or country.

An international teleconference call allows your team to share ideas, brainstorm, solve problems, assign duties, learn new information, and build camaraderie. You can treat a phone teleconference just as you would any other collaborative meeting by following an agenda, moderating discussions, and prompting attendees to contribute to the conversation.

An audio teleconference allows for live interaction and fewer misunderstandings thanks to verbal cues such as tone and voice inflection.

What if you have attendees from all over the world?

You can host an international teleconference and provide separate phone numbers for each country, all of which connect to the same global teleconference bridge.

For example, your Australian callers would dial an Australia Toll Free teleconference phone number; your UK callers would have a different UK teleconference Toll Free phone number; and your Indonesian callers would have their own Indonesia teleconference phone number; yet all callers will be connected to the same teleconference call.

Types of Teleconferencing

As you consider the possibilities of collaborating internationally with a phone teleconference, it's important to understand the main audio teleconference plans so that you choose the right type for your needs. The main types are local access and toll free teleconferencing.
  • Local access teleconference - This is an affordable teleconferencing option because callers are given local access phone numbers. Though typically less expensive for the host (or even free depending on the plan), be aware that that individual callers may incur toll charges which could limit participation.

  • Toll free teleconference - By providing callers with toll free phone numbers, callers do not incur charges. Instead, the host pays for the cost of the conference call much like with regular toll free phone calls. To see just how affordable a toll free teleconference can be, use the online calculator to estimate the cost.

  • Unlimited flat rate teleconference - An unlimited flat rate teleconference is a good choice for companies that aren't interested in providing toll free access numbers. With an unlimited plan, you pay a flat monthly fee based on the number of participants and enjoy an unlimited number of audio teleconference calls each month. This also provides you with price certainty.
Teleconference Services and Features

Whether you're planning on holding a toll free international teleconference or providing local access numbers, not all phone teleconferencing services are made equally. Teleconferencing features that make a real difference in your ability to collaborate include:
  • MP3 session recording - This allows participants to listen to the call after the fact.

  • Online conference viewer - Moderators can manage the teleconference online.

  • International "dial out" to over 196 countries - Save money by dialing international participants directly or ensure that callers don't forget to dial in.

  • China 400 toll free mobile access option - If you have callers in mainland China, this option enables the participants in China to dial-in from his/her mobile phone or fixed landline phone from any location in mainland China.

  • 24/7 operator assistance - Though you shouldn't encounter trouble, if you do need to speak to an operator having 24/7 operator support is a must.

  • Phone call and audio quality - Superior audio quality means that each caller can easily hear and understand the discussion without interference from line noise or audio dropouts or from VoIP line disruptions.

Uses for Teleconferencing

Whether you're teleconferencing between countries or simply across town, the uses for teleconferencing are numerous:

  • Use a toll free teleconference to make a sales presentation to a group of prospects no matter where they may be located globally or locally

  • Hold a company wide meeting with a USA teleconference

  • Hold virtual meetings with branch offices

  • Use an international teleconferences to collaborate with your global partners

  • Host a Canada conference call to interview job candidates in Canada or host a toll free teleconference while located in any of 60 countries

  • Use a teleconference call for legal proceedings and expert witness interviews
Putting Teleconferencing to Work for Your Organization

As organizations become more global, having a reliable and affordable teleconference plan is a must.

Whether you plan on holding the occasional international teleconference call or regular teleconferencing sessions, AIT offers teleconference call plans to match with all of the features you need to facilitate global collaboration.

Choose an affordable teleconferencing solution today and start teleconferencing between countries on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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The Teleconference


Date: 10/21/2011

The International Teleconference
by Michael Framer

Why not host an International Teleconference Meeting?

ManagerThe benefits of utilizing a teleconference to communicate with associates and existing or potential clients are numerous especially these days when in-person meeting costs are going through the roof.

Teleconcerencing not only enables a business to converse in real-time with participants, they do so at bargain rates and significant costs savings for all concerned.

Teleconferencing is also very effective because issues can be discussed in real time. And with international toll free access, it's easier than ever to host an international teleconference.

Because teleconference costs continuing to decline and many other costs are rising, including airfare, hotels, food, car rental, etc., hosting an international teleconference can be the most cost saving decision in business telecommunication history.

Teleonference with attendees in geographically diverse locations:
For many businesses, the teleconference call is now an indispensable communications tool.

We look forward to assisting you with your international teleconference calling requirements.

Contact me directly for any clarifications on your teleconference.

Contact Manager


Teleconferencing between countries is easier than you may think.

No matter where the teleconference attendees are located, international teleconferencing between countries is a simple matter of providing your guest with a local toll free number in their country.

Toll Free Access Countries

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A teleconference feature you don't want to be without is 24 hour operator assistance.

Once your account is activated, the Leader can dial ( * 0 ) star-zero on the phone keypad and reach a friendly, multilingual operator at anytime, day or night.

You can host global teleconferences without technical concerns because you have extraordinary operator backup 24 hours a day.

Toll Free Access from 60 Countries makes getting together easy.

For example, callers in North America can usually dial an 800 number to access a Canada teleconference or a USA teleconference. On the other hand, if most of your attendees are in India, you'll likely utilize our India Toll Free access number so your India attendees can conveniently dial-in to your teleconference.

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Overcoming Teleconferencing Challenges

Affordable teleconferencing brings people together without the expense of face-to-face meetings. However, it's not without its challenges.

Fortunately, most phone teleconferencing challenges can be solved.

For example, what if you have a participant in a country not supported by toll free teleconferencing?

Use the international "dial out" feature to dial any callers that do not have toll free access to your teleconference. You can even preprogram this feature to dial these callers automatically at the scheduled teleconference time.

Another challenge with a toll free international teleconference involves scheduling the call so it's at a convenient time for most attendees.

Unfortunately, if participants are located all around the globe, it's unlikely that your global teleconference time will be completely convenient for all attendees.

The workaround to this is to use the MP3 call recording feature for those callers who can't attend live or use a revolving schedule so that next time the teleconference is at a better time for those who were inconvenienced earlier.

Teleconference - an indispensable collaboration tool

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"Our company based in Hong Kong must have teleconference with partner in UK and in America. We like your service and pricing"
A Lin.
-Hong Kong

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"Since our participants are located in many different timezones, we like your 24 hour operator assistance very much, service and line quality is tops."
Maria B.
-São Paulo, Brazil


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