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International Audio Conference Calls

International Conference Calling HD Audio

Reservation-less | Superb Audio Quality | 24/7 U.S. Based Support


Dial into your account to join your invitees using any of the global toll-free or local access numbers provided.


  Phone access numbers are available throughout the US, Canada and many other countries.

  Use any cellular phone or landline. No computer required.


How to host a call

1 Invite your guests to dial-in from their country at the date and time you set up with them.


2 Upon dialing in, your invitees are prompted to enter a passcode. (the passcodes are sent to you in your welcome email)


3 Upon passcode entry, everyone can speak and be heard internationally.


* Global dial-in numbers and a set of passcodes are sent to you immediately with account activation along with country dial-in access numbers.


If your meeting attendee is located in a country not yet on our dial-in country list, that invitee can join your call from any country using the included U.S. direct bridge phone number +1-713-481-0090.


Upon dialing in, all participants hear this prompt below.

Free Global Conferencing Account Activation
800 Conference Call Between US and Canada Diagram
Yes we still provide phone conferencing and have since 1996

Many well known carriers no longer provide international audio conferencing for a variety of reasons. This probably comes as no surprise as most businesses these days are not subscribing to stand-alone phone conferencing services. Instead they use Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other easily accessible video conferencing apps.

However, Aitelephone has many customers that continue using and prefer audio calls. Why? Maybe they want the option to join a meeting wearing pajamas? Or for everyday calls, they think it's just not necessary to be viewed, only heard. Many just want an easy conference call using a cell phone or landline and prefer not using their computer especially if they're out and about.
Worldwide Group Audio and Video Conference Calls
What to expect with a Global Audio Meeting

Clear, high quality audio
No audio fade or distortion, no drop-outs or audio clipping, no garbled conversations, no call freezing
Multi Country Conference Call User
24/7 Operator Back-Up

If you ever need help during a call, our U.S operators are on standby 24 hours a day.
800 Conference Call Details US, Canada, Global
Worldwide Conference Call Service

You can be located in any of 'access' country on the listand either host or join a call. You do not need to be located in the US to host a call.

Connecting dispersed employees, customers, partners and suppliers around the world at a moment’s notice has never been easier. Your meeting participants join your call at no cost to them.

  The conference call is billed to the account owner, not the participants.
  There are no monthly fees of any kind, no sign up fees, no prepayment, no term commitment.
  Enjoy 'pay as you go' billing based on per minute usage.
  Activate your account one time and use the service whenever you wish to conduct a conference call.

When you conduct a global conference call, you can provide your attendees with dial-in phone numbers that work from their country.

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Rates and Access Numbers
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Rates / Type

Access Phone Numbers

Australia dial-in access


$0.18 Toll Free


Belgium dial-in access


$0.13 Toll Free


Canada dial-in access


$0.039 (3.9¢) Toll Free


$0.029 (2.9¢) Local



647-847-8463  Toronto

438-238-1455  Montreal

778-775-1114  Vancouver

418-478-2125  Quebec City

587-887-1945  Edmonton

343-883-1933  Ottawa

403-879-1119  Calgary

902-702-0352  Halifax

China dial-in access


$0.35 Toll Free

108007132016 (North)

108001301971 (South)

Denmark dial-in access


$0.15 Toll Free

80253942 (Toll Free)


45-7872-4541 (Copenhagen)

France dial-in access


$0.22 Toll Free


Germany dial-in access


$0.22 Toll Free


Ireland dial-in access


$0.27 Toll Free


Italy dial-in access


$0.14 Toll Free


Japan dial-in access


$0.27 Toll Free


Mexico dial-in access


$0.32 Toll Free


Netherlands dial-in access
$0.19 Toll Free
Portugal dial-in access


$0.34 Toll Free


South Africa dial-in access

South Africa

$0.17 Toll Free


Switzerland dial-in access


$0.15 Toll Free


Taiwan dial-in access


$0.34 Toll Free


Thailand dial-in access


$0.54 Toll Free


UK dial-in access


$0.19 Toll Free


US dial-in access


$0.029 (2.9¢) Toll Free


$0.015 (1.5¢) Local




Free Global Conferencing Account Activation
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