Expanded International Conference Call Plan

Can a participant join your conference call from their country?  

If you host a diverse conference call with guests in remote countries, network access numbers might not exist.  But this shouldn’t stop your call.

Expanded Global Conference Calls

The Expanded Plan includes in-country toll-free access in over 100 countries plus local access numbers in 50 worldwide cities.

In addition to convenient dial-in access methods enabling an attendee to login with either a local or toll-free number from inside their country, the Expanded Plan also gives the chairperson dial-out capability.

How does the dial-out option help you add inaccessible attendees to your call?

In a nutshell, the dial-out feature enables the leader to call out to any phone number globally without disturbing the meeting in progress.  This means the leader of the call can add a participant on demand in any country.

The attendee simply answers the inbound call to their phone and is immediately added to the call.

For instance, recently a customer based in New York had a project in progress in Ghana.  There is simply no easy way for the Ghana attendees to access the call.  So, the chairperson uses the Expanded Plan with the easy dial-out feature to add the Ghana guests to their weekly calls.  The other attendees located in the US and Kenya access the call using the supplied toll-free numbers.

In addition to the dial-out feature, the Expanded Plan also offers a free App that enables connecting to the conference room using any web enabled device such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry or a PC and MAC desktop.  The Connect App makes dialing in using traditional toll-free or local numbers unnecessary as long as the attendee has a WiFi connection.

Be careful with the company you choose

Some companies offer local international access numbers that you can give out to your global call participants but they may not work.

Bad, non working access numbers are obviously something you want to avoid especially on an important business conference call with a potential client, existing customer or with a regular team meeting call.  Some of the problematic services with non-working overseas access numbers are touted as cost free.  The saying is still true, you get what you pay for.

The Expanded Plan is an all inclusive, high powered, intercontinental business collaboration tool with global access numbers guaranteed to be operational 24/7.

In addition to the many methods of accessing your call, the chairperson can always reach a 24 hour U.S. based operator who will connect anyone, or fix anything required.

Learn more about the Expanded Plan here






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How to Host International Conference Calls

How to Host International Conference CallsTasked with hosting an international conference call? It’s not as easy to host international conference calls as it is to do so domestically for several reasons. First, you have time zone and language differences to contend with. Second, different countries have different dialing conventions and international calling costs. And third,  your office conference phone may not be able to handle a large volume of conference call participants.

Here’s how to host international conference calls with ease:

In addition to the normal method of accessing a conference via a phone, one very convenient free optional feature customers enjoy is to use a Connect App.  Essentially this is another option to access a conference call using a web enabled device.

The Connect App work from any smartphone or PC and Mac desktops.

Connect tools let users quickly schedule, start/join and manage their audio conferences and Web Meetings.

These tools provide an option to have the bridge call the user instead of having to dial an access number, enter a passcode or chairperson PIN, saving time joining a call and avoiding incorrectly entered numbers for the Toll Free, access code or PIN.

These Connect tools also provide the same functionality to participants when the meeting is scheduled using the free Calendar Tool.   If you are also using Web Meeting, meetings can easily be started or joined from the same invitation/link.

1. Use a world time zone map or calculator to determine the best time for the majority of your call’s participants. It’s not always possible for all participants to attend your live call during local business hours. However, you may be able to find a time that works well for most attendees.

2. Choose a conference call service provider that specializes in helping businesses host international conference calls. Ideally, the provider you choose will support all of the countries involved as well as offer affordable rates. Keep in mind that some countries have higher international calling costs than others. To contain these costs, consider using the service provider’s “dial out” feature. By dialing participants directly, you will get a much lower per minute rate. Dial out can usually be preprogrammed so that those calls will be placed automatically by the conference calling system.

3. Choose local or toll free numbers for your participants’ countries. One of the biggest challenges you will encounter when you host international conference calls involves providing access to the conference room. This is because each county has its own unique calling conventions. A toll free number in the United States, for example, doesn’t work in Italy. The trick is to provide callers with either local or toll free numbers that work in their respective countries. These numbers will then connect to the global conference call.

4. Record the call. When you host international conference calls, there’s usually an option to record the call. By all means, do so. You never know when you might want to listen to it again or share it with others. For example, you may want to use the recording for training purposes or have the call transcribed and translated. Participants who were unable to attend the call in real time could listen to the call after the fact. Recordings are also helpful for those who speak a different language as a first language. By providing a recording of the call, they can go back and listen to sections that they had a hard time keeping up with originally.

When you host international conference calls, many challenges can be overcome by choosing a global conference call service provider that specializes in overseas teleconferencing. Choose wisely and your international conference calls are sure to be successful.

Learn more about hosting international conference calls

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Is it Time to Get a Global Virtual Number for Lithuania?

Vilnius Vilna LithuaniaIf you interact with people in Lithuania on a regular basis, it may be time to simplify communications by ordering a global virtual number.

Lithuania numbers that your contacts can dial within their country appear to be like any other local or toll free numbers they use. However, since these numbers are actually global virtual phone numbers, their calls will be forwarded to the phone of your choice — anywhere in the world. Here’s what you need to know about using global virtual phone numbers in Lithuania.

Why Get Global Virtual Numbers in the First Place?

Virtual phone numbers take international dialing out of the equation. For example, if your business serves customers in Lithuania, having a local phone presence is reassuring to them. There’s no need for them to worry about how to reach a company located in another country — or question the potential cost of making such a phone call. If you want to further reassure your customers, you can provide toll free virtual phone numbers. The toll free number will be local to Lithuania, yet the calls will be sent to your office in another country.

Global virtual phone numbers are commonly used for:

  • Creating a local business presence
  • Providing vendors, partners, and other contacts with an in-country means of reaching you anywhere in the world
  • Providing family members with a cheap way to contact you

Global Virtual Number Features

Our global virtual numbers include a variety of features that give you greater control over how you can be reached.

Lithuania Virtual Numbers ExamplesGlobal virtual numbers are not tied to a single phone line. You can change the “ring to” number as needed. For example, you may want calls to go to your main office most of the time. However, on the weekends, it may be advantageous to route the Lithuania calls to your mobile phone. This is easy to do with our online account management tools. Likewise, you can set up your Lithuania call forwarding to automatically change the destination phone number based on the time of day.

Other features include:

  • Sequential call forwarding
  • Simultaneous ringing
  • Auto attendant
  • Voice response system / PBX features
  • Voicemail boxes
  • Voicemail to email
  • Fax forwarding
  • Select country forwarding
  • Local ringtones
  • Blacklisting
  • Whitelisting
  • API on demand
  • Optional call recording
  • Optional rollover minutes

Contract Free Global Virtual Phone Numbers in Lithuania

Getting a virtual phone number in Lithuania is easier than you may realize, even if you only need one for a short time period. Our contract-free global virtual phone numbers are offered month-to-month, allowing you to get a Lithuania virtual number for both short-term and long-term needs.

Whether you use the number for a month, a year, or many years is completely up to you. No matter which term is best for you, you’ll find that our advanced technology and features, superior audio quality, and competitive rates are among the best you’ll find. Our plans can shrink or expand as your needs change, too. Is it time to get a Lithuania virtual phone number?

Find out more about global virtual numbers here

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Using Global Call Forwarding Numbers for Israel Import / Export Business

Tel-aviv SunsetIsrael imports and exports billions of dollars of goods every year. Among its biggest exports are packaged medicament, refined petroleum, integrated circuits, and diamonds. Israel’s biggest imports are cars, diamonds, and crude oil.

No matter what industry your business is in, if you participate in international trade with partners in Israel, global call forwarding numbers are a convenient and affordable way to ensure that you can be easily reached.

For example, if you manufacture electronic goods and import integrated circuits from Israel, you’d expect your suppliers to call you if there were problems with your order or some unforeseen delay, right? However, what phone number are you giving your Israeli partners?

If it’s your standard toll free number for a company located in the United States, guess what? That phone number won’t work from Israel! That’s because toll free phone numbers only work in their own distinct calling regions. They are not built for facilitating international toll free phone calls.

Giving your suppliers your direct line can work, but your suppliers may not be comfortable dialing international phone numbers. Some phone systems may even restrict international phone calls, further tying the hands of your suppliers.

What if you export goods to Israel? You definitely need a convenient, affordable way for your trade partners to reach you. They’re your customers after all, but the same problems exist.

To counter these potential problems, consider getting a global virtual phone number for Israel. For example, if your supplier’s factory is in Tel Aviv, you can get a Tel Aviv local phone number for them to dial in order to reach you. Because the Tel Aviv number is actually a global virtual phone number, their calls will be call forwarded to your office in the United States (or wherever you designate the calls to ring to). We have global virtual phone numbers for other Israeli cities like Haifa, Beer Shiva, Hasharon, and Jerusalem as well as national toll free virtual phone numbers for Israel.

By ordering a global virtual phone number for your Israeli trade partners to use, you’ve removed a major obstacle to calling you or returning your phone calls. You can use your Israel global phone number throughout Israel, too. For example, if you have importers or multiple suppliers across Israel, you might be better off getting a toll free Israel virtual phone number and share it with them, too. You’ll also want to give it to any import / export authorities, warehouses, and transportation companies that you interact with in Israel.

Our global virtual phone numbers include advanced features such as fax forwarding, PBX and voice response systems, voicemail, customized greetings, time of day forwarding, and more. These features work together to enhance your credibility and make it easier to stay in communicate internationally.

With low monthly rates and contract-free plans, getting a global virtual phone number for Israel is good insurance in facilitating communication between you and your trade partners, import / export authorities, and logistics companies in Israel. Our Israel virtual call forwarding rates are competitive, and there are no contracts to sign. Whether you have a long-term deal or a one-time export arrangement, our month-to-month plans are perfect. Sign up for a global virtual number today.

See details about global call forwarding here

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Hosting Finland International Conference Calls

Helsinki City at Night FinlandHighly integrated with the global economy, Finland’s manufacturing sector is largely focused on electronics, machinery, vehicles, engineered metals, forestry, and chemicals.

If your business has partners or suppliers based in Finland, international conference calls may become necessary at some point to build relationships, negotiate deals, or collaborate on various projects.

How to Host Your Own Finland International Conference Calls

Hosting a conference call with suppliers located in different countries has its challenges with one of the main ones being how to access the teleconference. For example, if you were to use a regular US-based conferencing service, your suppliers in Finland would be unable to access the call using the provided toll free number because that toll free number will only work in North America. The workaround, which is far from ideal, would be to have them dial the direct number — if available. Unfortunately, many will have trouble dialing in, and some may even refuse to join your conference call out of concerns about costly toll charges.

Fortunately, a better option exists for hosting Finland international conference calls: our pay-as-you-go international conference calling plan. Simply sign up for a pay-as-you-go plan and host international conference calls with participants from around the globe. Finland participants, for example, could dial into your global conference by dialing a toll free access number specific to Finland. We also have an access number for Helsinki if you prefer.

By hosting your own Finland conference calls using our global service, you can ensure that your contacts feel comfortable joining your conferences. There’s no need for them to worry about toll charges or how to dial a foreign phone number. Our convenient service takes those concerns out of the equation, which can lead to better participation in your calls.

Once you’ve signed up for a pay-as-you-go global conferencing plan, you can host your Finland group audio calls on demand or schedule them for a time in the future. We have an intuitive online portal for managing your conference calls as well as live operators (24/7) and a free Connect app.

Schedule your Finland conference call, invite participants, and prepare for your meeting. At the appointed time, everyone involved will dial an access number and enter the conference PIN. It’s that easy, especially since most everyone has access to a phone. There’s no software to download or equipment to buy.

If you’d like to add participants at some point during the call, you can easily do so using the moderator dial-out function. Other useful features include conference lock for added security and MP3 call recordings.

How Many People Can Participate in Your Finland Conference Calls?

As the host of the call, you can invite up to 250 attendees around the world to join your global conference calls whether they’re in Finland or located elsewhere. Whether you need to speak with a small group or a large one, our global rates are highly competitive and our audio quality is exceptional.

Since our international conferencing plans are available without a contract and on a pay-as-you-go basis request an account today, host your first conference call, and see if global conferencing is the right choice for your business.

Learn more about Finland conferencing here

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Use Bangladesh Virtual Business Phone Numbers to Become a More Accessible Trading Partner

Bangladesh Virtual Business Phone NumbersWhether you import or export goods or services to or from Bangladesh, being an accessible trading partner is essential in growing your business and strengthening your relationships.

Today, there are many communications paths that you can take including email, international phone calls, global conference calls, and various web tools. One of the easiest to implement, and easiest to use by all parties, is to get a Bangladesh virtual business phone number.

What is a Bangladesh Virtual Business Phone Number?

A Bangladesh virtual business phone number is a global phone number that’s specific to Bangladesh. It looks like any other Bangladeshi phone number and is just as easy to use for your Bangladeshi contacts, yet it rings internationally. You can receive calls from Bangladesh virtually anywhere in the world.

How a Global Virtual Business Number for Bangladesh Can Help You Be More Accessible

By giving your business partners, prospects, and customers in Bangladesh a toll free phone number that can reach you anywhere in the world, you are immediately more accessible than had you simply provided them with your mobile or office phone number from another country.

For example, if you export chemicals to a manufacturer in Bangladesh and the purchasing agent needs to speak with you about the order, having a toll free Bangladesh virtual business number makes dialing your number simple and cheap. There’s no perception of distance when you provide an in-country phone number. Thus, any potential hesitation about calling outside provider can immediately be conquered.

Meanwhile, you have full control over where your Bangladesh virtual phone calls ring. If you’re visiting partners in Bangladesh, for example, you can receive your incoming calls on your mobile phone, at your hotel, or at a rented business office. Later, when traveling to other countries such as Kuwait, Singapore, China, India, or Japan, you can change the destination ring to phone number so that you can receive your incoming calls seamlessly. Your contacts in Bangladesh can reach you using the same exact toll free number regardless of which country you are in and which physical phone you may be using.

Another way to improve your accessibility with a Bangladesh virtual business phone number is to take advantage of the various advanced features that are available to you. For example, you can set up sequential ringing or simultaneous ringing which will ring different phones one after the other or all at once when a call comes in. Time of day routing is also helpful as you’ll likely want to handle incoming calls differently based on the time of day they are made.

You could even use the fax forwarding feature to receive faxes globally. With this feature, there’s no need to use the hotel’s business center to receive a fax. Simply have your partners fax their documents to your Bangladesh virtual number and receive them as attachments via email. With this feature, you can instantly review incoming faxes from your mobile phone, allowing you to respond to new orders as soon as they come in.

Being readily available is good business, no matter where you and your partners may be located. Our month-to-month, global virtual phone numbers are a flexible, affordable choice — with excellent audio quality and advanced features. If you trade with Bangladesh, get a toll free Bangladesh virtual number and improve your availability today.

Learn more about Virtual Numbers here

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El Salvador Virtual Numbers: What They Are and How to Use Them

By Xtremesv (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html) or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0)], via Wikimedia CommonsIf you have business or personal interests in El Salvador but live in another country, consider using El Salvador virtual phone numbers to stay in touch globally.

Not sure what a virtual phone number is or why you’d want to use one in El Salvador?

Read on to learn more.

What is an El Salvador Virtual Number?

Virtual phone numbers, whether local to El Salvador or any other country, are a special type of phone number that are truly virtual in nature. When you order one of our El Salvador virtual phone numbers, you will receive a phone number with either a El Salvador area code prefix (+503) or a toll free prefix for the country (depending on which type of international virtual phone number you signed up for).

Unlike traditional phone numbers that are installed at a physical address or on a mobile phone, virtual phone numbers are remote call forwarded to the phone you’ve designated as the “ring to” number. Thus, when someone in El Salvador dials the virtual phone number, that phone call is automatically routed to the physical phone of your choice.

Since our El Salvador virtual numbers are global, your ring to phone can be located anywhere in the world. For example, if your business uses a call center in Malaysia to handle international inquiries, you could set up your El Salvador virtual number so that all calls are answered at your Malaysian call center.

How to Use a Virtual Phone Number

Using virtual phone numbers is easy. First, you’ll need to order one. We offer monthly plans with no contract for all of our global virtual phone numbers. Start by selecting the country, in this case, El Salvador, from the dropdown list of countries. Next, choose El Salvador Flagwhether you’d like a toll free virtual phone number or a regional (San Salvador) virtual phone number. Enter your ring to number and pick the number of minutes you’d like for your first month.

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your global virtual number plan any time and without penalty.

That’s it! Your number will be activated promptly. From there, you can begin using your El Salvador virtual number. Note that you can change your ring-to number as needed.

Below are a few common uses for global virtual numbers:

  • Create a local business presence in El Salvador
  • Use unique virtual numbers to test your in-country ad campaigns
  • Centralize your phone-based customer service or tech support
  • Make cheap international long distance phone calls while in El Salvador
  • Provide family members in El Salvador with a toll free number to reach you internationally

Who Can Benefit from El Salvador Virtual Numbers

You don’t need to run a huge international corporation in order to benefit from El Salvador virtual numbers. In fact, many small business owners, consultants, and individuals use global virtual numbers to ensure that they’re easy to reach internationally.

Contract-free, month-to-month virtual phone number plans for El Salvador coupled with competitive international call forwarding rates make getting your own El Salvador virtual phone number an easy and affordable choice.

See more about global call forwarding here

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Informing a Crowd with Canada / USA Conference Calls

Toronto Canada

There are many potential uses for group audio calls across the United States and Canada. Conference calls are particularly well suited for informing a large number of people at once.

By holding a conference call, you can bring everyone together via phone — even if they’re located in different parts of the country.

The call could be anything from a 10-minute update to an in-depth discussion or training session. Regardless of length, holding a conference call is one of the most cost-effective communications choices you can make.

For example, if your company is rolling out a new product, service, or initiative and you’d like the CEO to explain its benefits to employees beforehand, a conference call is an efficient and affordable way to do so. Let’s dig into this example a little deeper to give you a better idea of how a conference call like this might work.

Let’s say the company is based in Toronto and has branch offices in Calgary, Alberta, and Vancouver as well as two offices in the United States in Chicago and Miami. Let’s also say that each office has 10 employees.

The CEO has several options as far as communicating the message goes including:

  • Traveling to each office (expensive and time consuming)
  • Sending an email (may be difficult to capture attention, convey the value, or generate excitement)
  • Appearing in a video announcement (one-sided, potentially impersonal, no real-time feedback)
  • Holding a conference call (personal, affordable, easy, and opportunity for real-time feedback

Having reviewed the various communications options, the CEO in Canada decides that a conference call is a good choice. So, what happens next? With our pay-as-you-go Canada conferencing service, the CEO can quickly schedule and plan the conference call:

  • Schedule the call or hold it on demand — no reservations required
  • Invite attendees from across Canada and USA
  • Issue regional or toll free access numbers for employees in Toronto, Calgary, Alberta, Vancouver, Chicago, and Miami to use to join the call
  • Use our free Connect app or Live Conference Viewer app to manage the conference call in progress
  • Record the conference call so that absentee invitees can later listen to it
  • Start the Canada conference call in “lecture” mode whereby only the chairperson of the call speaks
  • Switch out of “lecture” mode so that participants may speak freely and ask questions
  • Break the conference call into sub-groups if desired

Meanwhile, employees across Canada and USA can participate in the conference call simply by dialing a local or toll free phone number and entering a PIN. With time zone differences, some may not be at their offices when the call is scheduled. This isn’t a problem because they can call in using their home phones or mobile phones. There’s no special software to install or equipment to use. Virtually any phone will work with our Canada conferencing service.

As convenient as it is to host a Canada conference call with employees across Canada and USA, how much would this communications method cost in this example? With our pay-as-you-go Canada conferencing service, this example conference call would cost:

  • 2.9¢ cents per minute for callers in Canada dialing local access numbers (local access numbers available for Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Québec, Ottawa, Alberta, Calgary, and Halifax)
  • 3.9¢ cents per minute for callers dialing toll free in Canada
  • 2.9¢ cents per minute for callers in USA using toll free access numbers
  • 1.7¢ cents per minute for callers in USA using local access numbers

Thus, for our offices across Canada and USA, the break down as follows:

  • 10 employees plus one CEO in Toronto dialing a local access number
  • 10 employees in Calgary dialing a local access number
  • 10 employees in Alberta dialing a local access number
  • 10 employees in Vancouver dialing a toll free access number
  • 10 employees in Chicago dialing a local access number
  • 10 employees in Miami dialing a toll free access number

Better yet, our Canada conference calling plans are pay-as-you-go with no monthly fees with advanced features, exceptional audio quality, no contracts. Plus, how you use your conference calls is completely up to you. The possibilities are endless.

See more about US/Canada Conference calls here

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Using Dominican Republic International Call Forwarding Numbers

Dominican Republic Beach Sunrise

Dominican Republic Beach Sunrise

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to establish a local presence in Dominican Republic, international call forwarding numbers are one option.

Not only can you quickly establish your business in the country, you can do so without having an actual physical location.

Understanding International Call Forwarding

With international call forwarding, you get a phone number that is local to people in the Dominican Republic; however, the calls that are placed are actually forwarded to another country. For example, if you have an office in the United States, but offer managed IT services to businesses in Dominican Republic, you could use international call forwarding to route sales and technical support inquiries to your US office.

Below are a few key points to keep in mind when considering international call forwarding:

  • Our Dominican Republic call forwarding numbers are “virtual” numbers. They are never tied to a physical location. Instead, you assign a “ring to” or “destination” phone number to your virtual Dominican Republic number when you set up your account.
  • Our Dominican Republic call forwarding numbers can ring to any phone, anywhere. We can route your Dominican Republic calls to virtually any phone, anywhere in the world — and you can change the destination phone number as needed. You can even change the ring to number automatically based on the time of day the call is placed.
  • Our international call forwarding service is available without a contract. Whether you need the virtual phone number for a quick campaign or for a long-term project, our month-to-month plans are flexible and affordable. You’ll start by choosing an allotment of monthly minutes based on how much usage you anticipate. If you need more minutes, our per minute rates are competitive. Optional rollover minutes are available. As your needs change, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan without penalty. There’s also no penalty for canceling the service.
  • You get loads of advanced features with our international call forwarding plans including: local ringtones, PBX and voice response features, personalized greeting, voicemail boxes, forward faxing, simultaneous ringing, sequential forwarding, select country call forwarding, and more. Optional features like rollover minutes and call recording are also available.

Dominican Republic Virtual Number database

Dominican Republic Virtual Number

Ideas for Using International Call Forwarding in Dominican Republic

There are many ways you could use a global call forwarding number. Some ideas for Dominican Republic might be to:

  • Establish a local business, but take phone calls in an offshore call center
  • Set up an international hotline after an earthquake or hurricane
  • Make your business or yourself more easily accessible to Dominican Republic suppliers, partners, or customers
  • Create an informational hotline where callers from Dominican Republic can call in for recorded information
  • Make cheap international phone calls while visiting Dominican Republic
  • Stay in touch with family and friends in Dominican Republic by providing them with a toll free number that automatically forwards their calls to you no matter where you are in the world

How will you use international call forwarding in Dominican Republic?


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Angola Virtual Phone Numbers for Conducting International Trade

Luanda Angola

Luanda Angola

Angola exports more than $54 billion in goods each year to trade partners like China, USA, India, and South Africa. It imports about half as much, making its trade balance a positive one — to the tune of about $28.7 billion in 2014. With goods flowing in and out of Angola, businesses trading with Angola businesses may find it helpful to establish virtual phone numbers for Angola.

With Angola consistently ranking near the bottom of the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index, anything you can do to make it easier to interact with your Angolan contacts, the better. For example, if you export goods to Angola, you could use a virtual phone number to facilitate communications with your business partners and trade officials within the country.

This simplifies phone calls between your contacts in Angola and you when you’re located in another country. Doing business as usual would mean leaving your direct phone number, which would require your contacts to dial internationally and incur potentially cost-prohibitive toll charges as a result. Thus, you could encounter friction when you ask for a return phone call.

With a virtual phone number for Angola, your contacts will dial a local phone number for Luanda, Angola. This would immediately alleviate their cost concerns. These global virtual phone numbers are familiar and easy to dial. Thus, your Angolan contacts will be more inclined to pick up the phone and call you to place an order, learn more about your trading opportunities, and so on.

You can also use your Angola virtual phone number when dealing with import / export licensing authorities. As of 2014, the registration and licensing requirements for cross border trade have increased in Angola. While many of your interactions will be via paperwork, you may need to speak with licensing authorities from time to time. With time zone differences, it’s common to miss one another. Instead of leaving a message and your direct phone number, leave a message and your Angola virtual phone number. Again, this reduces potential friction.

Angola Virtual Phone NumberMeanwhile, you can set up your virtual phone number so that your calls are handled automatically for you based on when they arrive. For example, if someone in Angola calls you during your normal office hours, you can have the calls sent to your main office. If you’re called during the early evening, you may want the calls to ring to your mobile phone or home phone. If you’re called while sleeping, you can set up the virtual phone number so that voicemail picks it up.

Getting a global virtual number for Angola is easy, and you can get one for a short time period if desired. Our global virtual number plans are contract-free, so if you want an Angola phone number for a few months while onboarding a new trading partner, you can use it for a month or two and then cancel it without penalty.

On the other hand, if you intend to run a technical support center or call center for consumers in Angola to reach your organization, our global virtual numbers are a competitive, richly featured choice with exceptional call quality. Either way, our pay-as-you-go plans provide global businesses with flexibility, quality, and user-friendly features.

Sign up for an Angola virtual phone number today.

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Egypt Virtual Phone Number Benefits

Sphinx EgyptIf you do business in Egypt or have other interests in Egypt, getting a global virtual phone number may make sense in keeping your lines of communication open.

Global virtual phone numbers are a special type of international phone number that can be used to receive phone calls from afar. For example, if you get an Egypt virtual phone number, the number itself would be Egyptian, but you can set it up to ring to any phone in the world. Thus, callers in Egypt would dial an in-country phone number, but you’d receive their calls elsewhere.

Why Get an Egypt Virtual Phone Number?

There are many reasons why you might want a virtual phone number for Egypt. For example, if you have customers in Egypt but your main office is in another country, you could set up a toll free virtual phone number local to Egypt so that they can call you without hesitancy. Their phone calls would actually be routed to the phone number of your choice — even if that phone is located in India, China, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, or USA.

If you have family members in Egypt, you could set up a local virtual phone number for them to use whenever they want to reach you. Since the call is local to your family members, their costs will be minimal, if any.

You could also use Egypt Virtual Phone numbers as part of your international marketing strategy. By using unique phone numbers for each campaign, you can gauge the effectiveness of each campaign. Likewise, you could set up their destination phone numbers so that all calls ring to a centralized call center in another country.

Benefits of Our Contract-Free Egypt Virtual Phone Numbers

Clearly, there are many reasons to establish Egypt virtual phone numbers. Our global virtual numbers are available on a month-to-month basis with no contracts.

  • Order an Egypt virtual phone number and assign it to ring to virtually any phone in the world.
  • Choose the call volume that’s right for you. Buy a small number of minutes if you expect low call volume and then upgrade your plan once your calling needs increase.
  • Optional rollover minutes are available.
  • Low per minute international rates.
  • Advanced calling features like IVR/PBX, local ring tones, international fax forwarding, auto attendant, custom greetings and more.
  • Optional call recording is available.
  • Toll free and local global virtual phone numbers are available.
  • Flexible plans, no contracts, and no penalties for non-usage or cancellation.
  • Cancel at any time.
  • Online account management.
  • Change your ring-to number as needed.
  • Sequential ringing.
  • No long-term commitment.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Exceptional call quality.

If you need an easy, convenient, and affordable way for people in Egypt to call you, a global virtual phone number is it. Whether you have a short-term or long-term need for global communications from Egypt to your country, our virtual phone number plans can accommodate you. Sign up for an account today and find out just how easy it is to stay in touch.

View details about virtual phone numbers here

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Getting Things Done with Canada Conference Calls

Calgary CanadaOnline collaboration tools, task managers, and social media in the workplace all have their place, helping you to get things done. However, while you may enjoy sharing files, delegating tasks, and firing off quick updates to your team, these tools often fall short when you need to share a lot of information, brainstorm solutions to complex problems, or even ensure that there are no misunderstandings.

In Canada, conference calls can fill in the gaps by bringing your entire team into an affordable group audio call. Below are a few ideas for using Canada conference calls to boost your productivity and get things done.

  • Use group conference calls at the onset of any big project. Communication is crucial so that everyone knows what you’re trying to accomplish, what’s at stake, and what their roles are in ensuring a successful outcome. By hosting a Canada conference call, your entire team, regardless of where in Canada individual members may be, can be brought onboard quickly and simultaneously from the beginning. Since everyone hears the same information directly from the project manager, there should be fewer mixed messages or misinterpretations, too. You can even record your Canada conference calls in case you need to bring in additional team members at a later point in time.
  • Hold frequent team meetings using a Canada conference call. You likely have a favorite project management or team collaboration tool. These can be indispensable in making sure that the work gets broken down, assigned, and completed on time. However, holding weekly group audio calls can help keep the team moving forward. The conversations you have in a conference call can spur new ideas, reinforce the importance or value of the project, and even build team morale. These conference calls provide you with an opportunity to express your appreciation for efforts thus far and provide guidance moving forward. Plan on holding regular, but relatively short, conference calls with your team throughout the project.
  • Use Canada conference calls when communicating with stakeholders. Projects are rarely limited to just the team members working on them. You’ll likely have several key internal and / or external stakeholders who will need regular progress reports. With our affordable Canada conference calling plan, you can host conference calls with participants throughout Canada as well as across the United States. Both local and toll free access numbers are available.
  • Use conference calls to troubleshoot issues. The unexpected is almost always expected, but it can still catch you off guard. Bringing people together in an audio conference is a great way to gather information and solve problems. With our Canada conferencing plans, you can host conference calls on demand, 24/7. There are no reservations required, ensuring that you and all essential participants can quickly come together to solve problems — even if located hundreds, or thousands, of miles away.

Canada conference calls are easy and affordable with our pay-as-you-go conference calling service. You’ll love the crystal clear audio and advanced features — and the ability to communicate with your entire team in a group audio call. Sign up for a conference calling plan today and use it to help you get things done.

Joint Canada and international conference calls

Joint Canada and US conference calls

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Swaziland – The communication challenge, how to use conference calls with Swaziland.

Swaziland FlagGlobal Conference Calls in Swaziland

Our global conferencing service is easy to use for hosting global conference calls in Swaziland as well as for accommodating attendees from Swaziland. While we offer toll free and in-country access numbers for dozens of countries, Swaziland conferencing hosts and attendees will need to dial an international access number — or use one of the following alternate connection methods to join the Swaziland international conference call:

1 Use the Connect app — This free app takes care of joining you to the international conference bridge, whether you’re in Swaziland or another country. Not only will it route you over a high quality PSTN network, it does so using our competitive dial out rates. It also lets you record your calls or join attendees manually.

2 Use operator assistance — Our live US-based operators can join you and your attendees to your Swaziland global conference call 24/7.

3 Have one of participants act as the chairperson and use the dial-out feature to add the Swaziland conferees from their country.  The call to the Swaziland attendee would be ‘inbound’ to the Swaziland participant and charged the account owner using these dial-out rates here.

4 The Swaziland attendee could dial-in to the supplied U.S. toll access number.  Long distance charges would most likely be charged by the local Swaziland service provider of the attendee.

View global international teleconferencing details here including using the dial-out option to add conference participants located in remote countries.

Whether you’re in Swaziland or any other country, our pay-as-you-go international conferencing plan is easy and affordable. There are no contracts, no monthly fees, and no commitment.

Making International Phone Calls to or from Swaziland

If you are in Swaziland and would like to place an international phone call, you’ll need to dial Swaziland’s exit code of 00 first followed by the international country code of the other party. Once dialed, you can then dial the phone number.

Similarly, if you’re in another country and would like to place an international phone call to someone in Swaziland, you’ll need to dial your country’s exit code first followed by Swaziland’s international country code of 268 before dialing the phone number.

Telecommunications in Swaziland

According to CIA World Factbook, Swaziland had 44,400 fixed line telephone subscribers in 2014 for a fixed line telephone density of just 3 subscribers for every 100 inhabitants. That same year, there were 916,800 mobile cellular subscribers in Swaziland for a mobile phone density of 65 mobile subscribers for every 100 inhabitants. About 90 percent of the country has mobile coverage.

The CIA World Factbook rates Swaziland’s telecommunications system of “some modern, but not advanced. It consists of open-wire lines and low-capacity microwave radio relay. Swaziland has one satellite earth station.

According to Budde.com.au, Swaziland is one of the world’s last countries to move away from state-own monopolies in the telecommunications market. SPTC served as the sole operator and the telecommunications regulator until 2011. It also had a partnership with MTN, the only mobile network operator at the time.

SPTC was restructured in 2014 and charged with maintaining and operating the national telecommunications backbone infrastructure. The business side is now operated by a subsidiary of SPTC. In 2014, a second mobile operator, Vettel, placed a bid for a mobile telephony license to enter Swaziland’s market as Swavitel.

Thus far, the only telecommunications sector in Swaziland to have any real competition is the Internet sector, which has four ISPs. In 2014, Swaziland had 337,300 Internet users, which is almost 24 percent of the population. Despite the competition, Internet pricing remains high. Because Swaziland is landlocked, it relies on its neighbors for international bandwidth. This combined with a limited fixed-line infrastructure have hampered Swaziland’s Internet potential. However, there are some bright spots including new access to fiber optic submarine cables and the arrival of 3G mobile broadband services several years ago.

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Ghana Global Conference Calling

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park Accra Ghana

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park Accra Ghana

With its robust export, manufacturing, oil production, real estate, and mining sectors, it’s not unusual to have business contacts in Ghana with whom you need to have an international conference call.

Our international conference calling plan is an excellent choice for holding global conference calls with participants around the world — including Ghana.

Even though the country of Ghana does not offer toll-free access numbers through it’s government owned telecommunications agency, it is still a reality that you can easily hold a conference call with a Ghana based attendee.

The Solution to Ghana International Conference Calls

To host or participate in international conference calls from Ghana using our service, we recommend downloading and using the free Connect app. This app requires a network or wireless connection but allows you to join international conference calls without having to dial any international access numbers. The app takes care of the connection, allowing you to communicate with your colleagues quickly and easily.

If you have participants located in Ghana and need an easy way to join them to the call, you can join them to your call directly from within the app. Another option is to use our live, 24-hour US-based operators to make the connection for you.

In addition to 24 hour live operator support to assist in joining participants to your call, you could also use the included dial-out feature.  In other words, if you know the phone number of the Ghana participant that you wish to add to your call, simply dial-out to that Ghana phone number through your conference call account and place the guest into your call.

The Republic of Ghana is located in West Africa along the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. It is bordered by the Ivory Coast, Togo, Burkina Faso, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Guinea.

Ghana has a long and ancient history. Ghana was colonized, and known as the British Gold Coast, by the British in the 1900s. Ghana was the first sub-Saharan country to declare its independence from colonization by the Europeans in 1957. A series of coups followed before Ghana stabilized politically in the early 1980s.

Today, Ghana is a diverse country that is home to more than 26 million people from various ethnicities and religions.

Ghana has the 9th largest economy on the African continent by several measures and is abundant in natural resources including oil, natural gas, gold, and diamonds. Cocoa production is one of its other economic drivers, and Ghana is one of the largest cocoa producers, if not the largest, in the world. Ghana also has robust manufacturing and real estate markets.

Telecommunications in Ghana

According to CIA World Factbook, Ghana had 260,000 fixed line telephone subscribers in 2014 for a tele density of just one subscriber for every 100 inhabitants. This isn’t unusual in sub-Saharan Africa, nor is its much higher mobile phone density of 118 for every 100 inhabitants. In 2014, there were 30.4 million mobile cellular subscribers in the country.

Ghana’s telecommunications system is made up of microwave radio relay and wireless local loop components. CIA World Factbook reports that its fixed line infrastructure is concentrated in Accra and is both outdated and unreliable. Ghana is a landing point for several submarine cables (SAT-3/WASC, Main One, and GLO-1) which link to South Africa, Europe, and Asia. It also has four satellite earth stations and uses microwave radio relay links to connect to neighboring countries.

According to Budde.com.au, Ghana’s mobile telecommunications market is one of the more competitive in the region. Ghana was one of the first to privatize its telecommunications sector and has led the way in mobile telephony and data services development as well as in Internet adoption.

Ghana’s mobile market is competitive with six operators offer mobile cellular and mobile broadband services. Both m-commerce and m-banking are growing in Ghana. One service of note is MTN Ghana’s Mobile Money service.

Ghana’s government also offers a network of public Internet access stations and has made efforts to improve the country’s computer literacy. As of 2014 estimates, Ghana had about 5 million Internet users, or about 19 percent of its population.

Making International Phone Calls to and from Ghana

Ghana’s international country code is 233. If you need to call someone in Ghana from another country, you’ll first dial your country’s exit code followed by 233 and the number. If you’re in Ghana and need to dial an international number, you’ll need to dial Ghana’s exit code, which is 00 followed by the international country code and phone number for the person you are calling.

Joining International Conference Calls to and from Ghana

For most participants located in the world’s more developed countries, access to your call can be accomplished via the app, via operator assistance, or by dialing a country-specific access number (toll free or local).

Our international conferencing service connects all participants to your call over a modern fiber optic telecommunications system. Even if your participants are in countries like Ghana where the telecom infrastructure is barely adequate, the call quality is exceptional thanks to our networks.

Our global conferencing plans are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, making them ideal for your short-term and long-term international conference calling needs. There are no contracts, commitments, monthly fees, or minimum usage requirements.

View details about International Conferencing here.

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How to Use Global Virtual Numbers in Armenia for Stronger Business Relationships

Overview over Yerewan (Armenia) with Ararat in background *License: Creative Commons by/sa/de *Date: March 2005 *Photographer: de:Mcschreck, uploaded by Roger Zenner {{de-cc-by-sa-2.0}}

Yerewan Capital of Armenia

As with any type of business, a key facet of an international business involves relationship building. By regularly checking in with your trading partners in Armenia, you’ll become more familiar to them and have the opportunity to earn their trust and their business.

While email is efficient, it is more difficult to understand tone and intention. Language differences add to the problem. As you know, phone calls tend to be more conducive to building relationships. They’re more conversational, allow for prompt resolutions, and less prone to misunderstandings.

That said, the task of making a global phone call from Armenia to your international office could become burdensome on your Armenian business partners. Getting a global virtual number for Armenia is a great way to counter any perceptions of cost or hassles while also delivering outstanding audio connections despite global distances.

In a nutshell, an Armenia global virtual number is a national phone number for Armenia that automatically forwards calls to your destination phone number without requiring the caller to dial an exit code or international phone number. Thus, it’s a local phone call for your Armenia business partners, yet you’ll receive the call in another country.

With a global phone number in place, you can now work on building stronger business relationships. Below are a few examples of how you can do so.

  • Print business cards with your Armenia global virtual phone number. As you share your contact information, let your customers, prospects, and partners know just how easy you are to reach no matter which country you might be in at any given time. Explain that the phone number, which is local to Armenia, will ring to your office or mobile phone without requiring them to dial an international phone number. You can even set up your Armenia global phone number to ring all of your various “ring to” phones simultaneously, further ensuring that you’ll be found.
  • When calling prospects, customers, or partners in Armenia and landing in their voicemail boxes, leave your Armenia virtual phone number as a callback number. They’ll be more inclined to return your call when they see that it’s a national phone number and not an international one.
  • Set up a custom greeting and auto attendant for handling after hours phone calls. Conflicting business hours and time zone differences often result in missed calls. Your custom greeting can let callers know about the time difference, prompt callers to leave a voicemail message, and let them know that you’ll be in touch soon. If you travel frequently, you can use your custom greeting to let callers know where you are at a given point in time. For example, you could say something like, “Thank you for calling. I’m currently in Brazil on business, so there’s quite a time difference. Rest assured, I will call you back. Please leave a message.”
  • Use time of day routing. With an Armenian global virtual phone number, you can also adjust how calls are routed based on the time of day they are made. For instance, you could have them ring to your office phone during your normal business hours, your mobile phone just before and just after business hours, and to voicemail when you know you won’t be able to answer (such as when you’re sleeping).

Getting a virtual phone number for Armenia is a great way to open the doors to communication. Our affordable monthly plans are flexible and include advanced features — all without contracts. Take the initiative to make voice communications easier and start strengthening those relationships by signing up for a Armenia virtual number today.

View details about virtual phone numbers here

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Using International Conference Calls for Group Collaboration in Colombia

Bogotá Colombia

Bogotá Colombia

Are you planning an extended trip or being reassigned to Colombia, South America?

While you’ll likely have plenty to keep you occupied, whether traveling for work or on vacation, you’ll need an easy, affordable way to communicate internationally during your stay.

Avoid costly surprises by lining up your international conference calling services before you go to Colombia.

International Conference Calls from South America

Staying in touch with your business partners, employees, colleagues, suppliers, customers, and family members while in Colombia is important to maintaining those important relationships, staying involved, and getting business done. However, hosting international conference calls from South America is a bit more complicated than it is to host a conference call when everyone is in the same country.

Some of the biggest obstacles are:

  • International phone number differences
  • International long distance costs
  • Time zone differences
  • Audio quality

For example, if you have people located in the United States who need to join your Colombia conference call, they may have trouble dialing a direct phone number to Colombia. They might not know how to place an international phone call or worry about their future phone bills. Meanwhile, people in other countries will likely have the same concerns.

Colombia International Toll-Free access number: 01800 7550003
Bogotá local access number:  14864889

You would need to activate an account to use these access numbers for
a global conference calls with your call guests.

View more details here

There’s not much you can do about time zone differences other than to be aware of them and attempt to schedule the most convenient global conference calling times.

Poor audio quality is another concern for hosting Colombia conference calls. While Colombia has a relatively modern telecommunications system, it’s important to choose a reliable international conference calling service provider using fiber optic PSTN networks to connect callers from around the world to your Colombia conference call.

Our Colombia Global Conference Calling Solution

Our global conference calling service solves many of the concerns you may have about hosting conference calls from South America. While you’re in Colombia, you’ll use a Colombia access number to join your calls, as will any attendees also in Colombia. Meanwhile, your participants in other countries will use in-country access numbers. For example, a participant from Canada might dial a local Toronto access number, yet the caller will be routed to the same exact audio conference room you just joined from Colombia.

Our superior PSTN networks and international conferencing bridge technologies ensure the best audio quality. All callers are routed via these networks, resulting in crisp, clear voice communications.

Cost concerns are eliminated with our international conferencing plan. If you issue toll free access numbers, your callers won’t be affected by costs whatsoever. If they dial a local access number but are not in that locality, they may incur some tolls but that shouldn’t catch them off guard. We even have a workaround — moderator dial out — for situations where toll free or city-specific access numbers are not available.

Our international conferencing plans for Colombia and dozens of countries around the world are available on a pay-as-you-go basis with competitive per minute rates. These plans are flexible, affordable, and convenient — and they’re perfect for all of your short-term or long-term global conferencing needs.

Sign up for a Colombia global conferencing plan today and begin using it immediately. Since this is a no-contract plan with no minimums, no recurring fees, and no penalties, you can use it when you need it and pay only for the minutes you use.

Visit aitelephone.com

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Use India Global Call Forwarding Numbers to Stay in Touch Outside of India

Mumbai Bombay Skyline

Mumbai Bombay Skyline

Stay in touch outside of India with global call forwarding numbers for your customers, business associates, or even family members.

By getting a global call forwarding number for India, your contacts can reach you anywhere in the world by dialing a local India phone number.

How India Global Call Forwarding Works

Our India call forwarding numbers are a special type of virtual phone number. Though local to India, these virtual phone numbers aren’t actually installed at locations in India, or anywhere for that matter. Rather, you will assign a “ring to” number to your India global call forwarding number.

Once set up, your callers in India will dial a local or toll free number to reach you wherever you may be. Whether you’re in Paris, London, Sydney, or New York City, or any other city, you can receive calls from India.

Your India global phone calls reach you by being forwarded internationally over fiber optic networks. These are PSTN (public switched telephone network) communications networks which are the most reliable type — far superior to VoIP. Whether you’re located in Southeast Asia or on the other side of the globe, the sound quality is carried through beautifully. With VoIP, this isn’t always the case. In fact, VoIP calls remain notorious for noise, echo sounds, stutters, delays, and dropouts.

India Global Call Forwarding Advantages

There are several advantages to getting an India global call forwarding number. For example, a global call forwarding number is:

  • Easy on your callers — The local virtual number that you choose will look familiar
  • Cheap for your callers — Get a toll free virtual phone number for India and your callers pay nothing to reach you
  • Easy for you — With a global call forwarding number, you can establish a local presence in India without actually having to be there
  • Affordable for you — We have highly competitive India global call forwarding rates
  • Flexible — Use your global call forwarding number on a month-to-month basis

By giving your Indian contacts a local toll free phone number for India, you are readily available to callers. They no longer need to think about whether or not they should call you. By taking the cost and complexity of making international phone calls out of the equation, you’ve removed a major obstacle standing in between you and your Indian contacts.

Who Can Benefit from India Global Call Forwarding Numbers?

Our India global call forwarding numbers are ideal for individuals, small businesses, and enterprise organizations alike. Offered on a month-to-month basis and without contracts, these plans are flexible, scalable, and affordable. Simply choose the toll free India global call forwarding plan that has the right amount of monthly minutes for your needs.

If you’re a small business owner just starting out, the Basic or Value plan should be just right. As your volume increases, you can upgrade to the next level. If you run a larger business or enterprise organization, our Premium and Enterprise plans have higher minute allotments and even lower per minute rates.

Since there are no contracts, no cancellation penalties, and no surprise fees, there’s no risk in acquiring your own global call forwarding number in India.

View all virtual number details and see rate plans here

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How to Set Up an International Hotline in Cyprus

Nicosia Cyprus Building

With its rich history and gorgeous setting, Cyprus is a popular destination in the Mediterranean.

However, it’s not always practical to travel to Cyprus, and political instability in neighboring Turkey may give you reason to pause your plans to visit the island nation in person.

If you’ve been working on establishing a business or nonprofit organization in Cyprus, one of the easiest ways to communicate with Cypriots from afar is by setting up an international “hotline” using international call forwarding numbers.

An international hotline using a Cyprus call forwarding number is a form of call diversion whereby callers in Cyprus would actually reach your office or recording located in another country.

Below are a few ideas for using international hotlines for business purposes in Cyprus:

  • You could set up a Cyprus toll free hotline number that would be toll free and easy to call for those in Cyprus.
  • This number would ring to the destination phone number of your choice — in virtually any country of the world.
  • You could use an auto attendant to route callers based on their needs, such as press 1 to report a service outage or press 2 to speak to an agent.
  • You could set up a 24/7 recording that relays specific information to callers. For example, if you’re looking to hire local sales representatives to sell your company’s goods and services in Cyprus, you could create a recording that details the opportunity, talks about the benefits of working for your company, and explains how they can apply for the position if they are still interested. Though relatively “old school” by modern Internet communications standards, phone in hotlines, including international hotline phone numbers, can still be an effective way to communicate a message to the masses.

You can also create international hotlines as part of a humanitarian effort from afar. To the people within the country, the phone number is toll free and local to their country. However, the phone calls coming into that hotline can be routed to a call center located elsewhere. This allows agents to help people in need without having to travel to the affected country or deal with the logistics of a battered infrastructure or civil unrest.

The ability to get a hotline up and running quickly is essential in the case of a crisis — and you never know when a crisis might strike Cyprus or any other place in the world. With our international call forwarding service, you can establish toll free global hotlines in a matter of minutes.

Here’s how our global call forwarding service works:

  1. First, pick the country and phone number type that you want to establish. For example, if you’re setting up an international hotline in Cyprus, you’d choose Cyprus and most likely choose a toll free number.
  2. Next, set the destination phone number. This is the number where your calls will be forwarded. For example, you could forward your international hotline to ring to a call center in Florida, USA.
  3. Choose how many minutes you’d like to purchase for the month. Our international call forwarding service is offered month-to-month, with no contract, no penalties, and no surprise charges. Simply pay for the minutes used. Optional rollover minutes are available, and you can cancel at any time.
  4. Set up your greeting, PBX features, and/or voicemail. Our service comes with a variety of advanced features that can be set up to best meet your needs.

Since our international call forwarding service is offered month to month, you can create an international hotline in Cyprus for any short-term or long-term need. Create an account today.

View details about call forwarding and international virtual numbers here

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The Insider’s Guide to Ireland Global Conference Calls Trade

Dublin ha'penny bridge Dublin cityDid you know that Ireland is the world’s 33rd largest exporter? In 2014, Ireland exported $142 billion in goods and services.

Packaged medicaments represent Ireland’s largest export, closely followed by nitrogen heterocyclic compounds, human and animal blood, scented mixtures, and nucleic acids. Where is Ireland shipping these goods to? The United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium-Luxembourg, Germany, and France.

Companies through Ireland export their goods to partners around the world, often requiring the use of global conference calls. Our International conference calling plans are ideal for Irish exporters for several reasons including:

  • High quality connections around the world — Whether holding a global / Ireland conference call with biotech companies in USA, France, or China, you can hear each attendee perfectly thanks to fiber optic PSTN networks.
  • Pre-scheduled and on-demand global conference calls — It’s reassuring to have a prescheduled global conference call time, allowing everyone to prepare for the event. However, there are also times when you need to speak with global partners sooner rather than later. For example, if an export product is subject to a recall or a crisis has come up, the ability to quickly gather everyone together into a group audio call is essential.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing — In the past, making international conference calls in Ireland and other countries meant signing up for a monthly plan or settling for subpar service over VoIP. With our pay-as-you-go international conference calling plans, you pay for your Ireland conference calls as you hold them. There are no monthly fees, no surcharges, and no contracts.
Ireland toll-free and local conference call access numbers:
1 800 719951
16530903 - Local Dublin

An activated account is required to use these numbers
to collaborate together.

Use Cases for Trade-related Ireland Global Conference Calls

There are many use cases for holding global conference calls with Ireland’s trading. Below are just a few:

  • Crisis management — From delays to global terrorism, global conference calls can be used to keep trading partners informed in a crisis.
  • Supply chain management — Use international conference calls to keep the supply of raw materials flowing efficiently.
  • Negotiations — Global conference calls between business leaders in Ireland, USA, Germany, and other countries can be used to negotiate deals, discuss areas of concern, review contracts, and more. For legal issues, you can use the dial out feature to bring your legal team into the group audio call as needed.
  • Compliance — With numerous regulatory hurdles to cross ranging from medical device labeling to import / export paperwork requirements, many of which vary based on the countries involved, a quick group audio call can quickly ensure that you have the information you need to comply.
  • Logistics — When is an order needed? Which port is the most advantageous? Do your partners have any special requirements you need to know about beforehand? Holding an international conference call before shipping your first order can help you to clarify and meet expectations.
  • Bidding conferences — Global conference calls are helpful for explaining the bidding process and sharing information with potential global suppliers.

With our pay-as-you-go Ireland global conference calling plans, you can reach out to a group of international trading partners as needed throughout the transaction.

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Why Use the Live Conference Viewer When Hosting a Canada Conference Call?

Toronto Canada SkyscraperOur toll free and local access Canada conference calling service is a pay-as-you-go service that includes several advanced features, one of which is the Live Conference Viewer.



Included are local access numbers for your
participants in these provinces:


Plus included Canada toll-free number

While you can certainly host and participate in your conference calls without using this tool, you may want to use it when you’re at your desk. Why?

Below are a few of the benefits the live conference viewer offers to conference call moderators.

  • It provides you with a visual representation of attendance — The live conference viewer tallies the number of participants present at any given time, allowing you to know precise attendance numbers. Knowing that 25 out of 27 participants are in the conference room at the scheduled start time, for example, may prompt you to go ahead and start the meeting.
  • You’ll see a detailed attendee list — The names, phone numbers, and other details for each participant are listed, providing you with detailed information as to who is on the call.
  • You’ll have greater control over your entire conference call — Many of the functions available via the live conference viewer are available via keypad commands. However, you may find it easier to use a graphical user interface rather than a series of numeric commands.
  • You can quickly and easily record your Canada conference calls — The live conference viewer includes a mechanism for recording your conference calls. Once you’re logged into your live conference, click the “start recording” button.
  • You can silence open phone lines — Most experience conference call participants understand conference call protocol such as muting their phones when not speaking. However, it’s not unheard of for some lines to be left open. When this happens, ambient noise can quickly become distracting to the group. Using the live conference viewer, you can quickly identify — and silence — the offending connection. The line will be muted, and peace and quiet restored to your Canada conference call.
  • You can lock your conference calls — Keep your conversations and Canada conference calls private by using the security lock to lock a call in progress. Once your conference call has been locked, no one can access it — even if they have the access number and PIN.
  • You can break a main conference into sub-conferences — Let’s say you want to host a companywide conference call with employees across Canada, but you’d also like your individual branches to continue the conversation once your core message has been delivered. You can easily break the conference call into sub-conferences with the live conference viewer.
  • You can join and disconnect others to and from a live Canada conference call at any time — Some attendees may not be need for the duration of a conference call. For example, your CFO may be needed only for the last 10 minutes of a 60-minute conference call. Rather than expecting him or her to listen in for 50 minutes, you could use the dial-out feature to connect the individual to the conference call when the time comes. This is also useful when you have guests who should not be privy to the other discussions on your agenda.

Live Conference Viewer






The live conference viewer is a free, advanced feature of our pay-as-you-go Canada conference calls.

How Affordable are Canada Conference Calls?

Hosting Canada conference calls is one of the most affordable and convenient options available for group communications, especially with local per minute rates as low as 2.9 cents per minute. To give you a better idea about the affordability of holding actual Canada conference calls, we’ve put together a few example scenarios below.

Using Canada Conference Calls for Team Meetings

Imagine having a team of sales managers in cities throughout Canada. By using our audio conferencing service, you could hold team meetings to discuss current projects, sales goals, coaching, and more. How much would such a group audio call cost? Let’s crunch some numbers:

  • 20 minute example length of each conference call
  • 10 attendees using Canada local access at 2.9 cents per minute
  • 5 attendees dialing in with Canada toll free access at 3.9 cents per minute

For a 20 minute Canada conference call with 15 attendees, the total cost would be $9.70

(the call quality is crystal clear with no garbled conversations, voice clipping or drops outs)

Using Canada Conference Calls for Large Teleconferences

Another popular use for Canada conference calls is holding a large teleconference. Let’s say you have a team of 250 sales associates across Canada and would like to deliver a state of the company address along with a brief questions and answers session. In this example, we’ll assume a 30-minute teleconference, attendance of 250 people, and toll free access at 3.9 cents per minute.

How much would such a call cost? $292.50

That’s much more affordable than holding an annual meeting or traveling across the country to visit various branch offices.

Using Canada Conference Calls for Cross-Border Discussions

Here’s one more popular use for Canada conference calls: Canada-USA group audio calls. In this example, let’s say that you need to coordinate a project with several vendors and partners located in both USA and Canada. Conference calling rates for your USA counterparts are even lower than they are in Canada. Thus, our calculations will involve a few more variables. We’ll assume the following:

  • 3 vendors in USA using local access numbers at 1.7 cents per minute
  • 1 partner in USA using toll free access at 2.9 cents per minute
  • 3 partners in Canada using local access numbers at 2.9 cents per minute

For a 30-minute USA-Canada conference call based on the above, you’d incur a total cost of $18.78. It’s a small price to pay to land a lucrative deal or build a successful partnership.

Not only are Canada Conference Calls economical, they’re far less expensive than Bell Canada and convenient for attendees who need local or Canada toll-free access.

With our pay-as-you-go Canada conferencing service, not only can you communicate with a group of people across Canada — or across the border — affordably, hosting these group audio calls is easy. You can do everything needed from your phone’s handset or opt to use our free Live Conference Viewer or free Connect app. Attendees simply dial a local or toll free number and enter the conference PIN. It’s that easy.

Plus, the call quality and reliability of service are outstanding thanks to PSTN fiber optic networks and Avaya conference bridges with triple redundancy. With our pay-as-you-go service, you get advanced features and competitive rates without a contract or long-term commitment.

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How to Create a Phone Presence in Botswana and Facilitate Botswana Conference Calls

Botswana NatureThinking about entering the Botswana market from afar? In addition to conducting market research and taking care of any legal requirements associated with doing business in Botswana, you’ll need to develop an international communications plan.

Two important elements to include are Botswana virtual phone numbers (for call diversion from Botswana to your main office located in another country) and Bostwana international conference calls. Here’s how to create a local phone presence in Botswana and collaborate with international prospects, partners, and vendors in global conference calls.

Setting up a Phone Presence in Botswana

Call diversion with a global virtual phone number for Botswana is essential in ensuring that your local sales leads, prospects, customers, suppliers, vendors, and partners have an easy, convenient, and toll free means of calling you. Global toll free virtual phone numbers for Botswana are local to callers in the country. Though the calls are routed to your phone internationally, callers from Botswana will not be billed for the call.

Botswana Virtual Toll-Free numbers (267)

The first step is to sign up for a Botswana global virtual phone number. Our service can grow with you, and there are no contracts or long-term commitments. Simply choose Botswana as the country for your new toll free virtual phone number, enter your destination phone number (this is where you’ll receive calls from Botswana), and pick the number of monthly minutes you’d like.

From there, share your Botswana toll free call forwarding number with your contacts in Botswana and begin receiving international phone calls. Our Botswana global virtual phone numbers include advanced features such as local ring tones, voice response system, custom greetings, fax forwarding, country-specific call forwarding, time of day call forwarding, sequential or simultaneous ringing, and more. Optional call recording and rollover minutes are available for an affordable price.

Since you can cancel at any time, getting a Botswana virtual phone number is both affordable and low risk. You may want to use your call forwarding number as you test the market; should you decide not to enter the market after all, simply cancel the service without penalty.

Using International Conference Calls

Botswana global phone calls don’t necessarily need to be limited to just one-to-one conversations. Our pay-as-you-go international conferencing service is the perfection choice for hosting group audio calls with prospects, customers, business partners, local officials, and others located in Botswana and around the world.

Botswana Conference Call access number 00269 800 3000532
An account will need to be activated before you can use this
number to connect with others on a conference call.

No matter where you and the conference call’s participants are located, accessing the group audio call is easy. For example, we offer toll free access numbers for callers in Botswana and more than 100 countries worldwide. If you’d prefer to manually dial individuals in Botswana and then join them into your conference calls, a dial-out feature, with a lower per minute rate, is available.

Both our Botswana global virtual phone numbers and international conference calling service are built on fiber optic telecommunications networks (not VoIP) to ensure the best audio quality and the most reliable international phone service possible. There are no contracts with either service, and our rates are extremely attractive.

There’s no risk in trying our service, so sign up for a Botswana virtual phone number or pay-as-you-go Botswana international conferencing plan today.

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Close More Deals in Belarus with International Conferencing and Virtual Numbers

Belarus The Mir CastleMake it easy for your prospects and customers in Belarus to get in touch with you with toll free international conference calls and global virtual numbers specific to the region.

By providing your contacts with Belarus phone numbers that automatically forward them to your global conference calls or a designated phone, you’ll remove barriers while also appearing more local and more approachable.

Here’s how these two essential international phone services can help you to close more deals in Belarus:

  • Gathering requirements — Whether interacting with prospects and customers one-on-one or in a group audio call, your contacts in Belarus will appreciate being able to return your call or join the international conference call using a toll free number. Since the Belarus virtual numbers and access numbers are toll free for the country, they won’t incur any costs to reach you globally. Likewise, dialing the number is easy and familiar whereas using traditional international numbers requires looking up country and exit codes or getting an operator involved.
  • Presenting your proposal — By using toll free international conference calls and global virtual numbers, you can be readily available to discuss your proposal. For example, you could schedule a conference call to answer questions or discuss it in greater detail with your prospect and anyone else involved in decision making.
  • Negotiations — Is your prospect ready to engage your company? Chances are, they’ll want to go over the agreement or negotiate its terms. Since you’re just a toll free phone call away thanks to your Belarus virtual number, they’ll be able to reach out at their convenience no matter where you are in the world at the time. Likewise, you can schedule a group audio conference to finalize the deal with all parties who need to be involved.

It’s important to note that while callers in Belarus can call you at any time using your toll free virtual number, time zone differences may mean they call at an inopportune time. Our Belarus global virtual numbers come with advanced features you can adjust to ensure that your calls are handled promptly and professionally no matter when they call. For example, you can use time of day routing to forward calls to voice mail, an assistant, or even a 24-hour answering service.

Our international conferencing service and global Belarus virtual phone numbers are offered with no contracts, making them ideal for both short-term and long-term projects. Whether you expect to have a presence in Belarus for a few months or for many years to come, you’ll appreciate the flexibility of our no-contract telecommunications plans.

In addition, our Belarus international conferencing and virtual phone numbers are routed over fiber optic PSTN networks for exceptional audio quality and reliability. Our per minute rates are highly competitive, too. Live, US-based assistance is available 24/7 should you need it.

If you sell to clients in Belarus, sign up for a contract-free account for one or both of these international phone services today. For Belarus conference calling, you’ll pay as you go based on usage — with no minimums or monthly fees. For Belarus virtual phone numbers, you’ll pay month-to-month based on the bundle of included minutes you select. In either case, there’s no obligation and you can cancel at any time.

View details about aitelephone here

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