Blast Dial enables connecting with Groups or Teams Automatically


Blast Dial can 'automatically' get your group or team on a conference call in seconds.


Dial-Out to international conference call participants automatically with Blast Dial

Host international conference calls automatically

without the need for your participants to dial-in or enter a passcode.

Automatically engage Participants in an Global Conference Call

If you often have international conference calls with the same group, this free tool makes international conference calling easy Automated Blast Dial International Conference Callsto get everyone on the conference call at virtually the same time.

For example, with Blast Dial you can host international conference calls with your group of associates by simply speed dialing the toll free access number.

The conferencing bridge will automatically dial-out to all of the participants you've entered on your
dial-out list.

Use our web interface to create and maintain your dial-out list of conference attendees

From you PC or Mac, login and create or edit your dial-out list online. Customers with smartphones or any HTML mobile phone i.e., BlackBerry® or iPhone®, etc. can make on-the-fly edits to their call list by navigating to the web interface.

How Blast Dial Works

Many of our customers use a mobile phone to dial up their work group for a conference call.

#1 To use the Blast Dial feature, simply dial the 800 access number and login with your leader Passcode.

#2 Then enter [ * 9 2 ] on your phone keypad. Our conferencing bridge will then automatically dial-out to the list of phone numbers that you've set up in you dial-out list.
  • No operator is neccessary
  • No reservations are required
  • No one needs to dial-in if they are on your Blast Dial list.

Your account must have the dial-out feature
enabled to use Blast Dial.

Blast Dial is a free optional feature of the International Conference Call Legacy Plan.

Dial-Out to a group of international conference call participants automatically

Why use Blast Dial

Talk to them all, NOW

This feature enables you to collaborate
at your command.

If your international conference call is critical, an emergency, or you must have all parties on a call immediately, Blast Dial is your solution.

If you frequently host conference calls with the same group of participants, Blast Dial makes it easy to initiate international conference calls on-the-fly.

One of the most common complaints we've heard from conference call users is that some participants seem to forget to dial in or when they do, they may be late. This feature helps to mitigate those issues timing issues with international conference calling.

Initiating an International Conference Call with Blast Dial

Unlike the traditional Meet-Me conference calls where all participants dial-in and enter their participant PIN at a scheduled time, the Blast Dial conference call is initiated by the moderator.

So, instead of everyone dialing 'in', this feature automatically dials 'out' and simultaneously connects your entire international conference call,

You can use Blast Dial anytime it benefits you to do so. For example, use it for weekly international conference call meetings, to collaborate with teams, groups and committee members, to provide project reports or use it for board meeting conference calls.


Blast Dial eliminates the need for conferees to remember to dial-in and empowers the moderator to control and manage day-to-day conference calls on the moderators schedule.

Use any phone to initiate your conference calls

Use any landline, cell phone or VoIP line.

See screen capture below of Blast Dial Web interface.

You will receive a special Web link to set up your dial-out list when the Blast Dial feature is requested.

After you create your list online, use any phone to initiate conference calls via your Blast Dial list.

Your Blast Dial list

Once your account is activated and the free Blast Dial feature is enabled, you'll be able to set up your list of participants for auto dial out when you enter the [ * 9 2 ] keypad command on your phone.

The Blast Dial feature works 'internationally' so you can include domestic and international phone numbers on your dial-out list.

You can have
up to 50 phone numbers on the Blast Dial list.

Manage your Blast Dial dial-out list online

Below is an example of the Blast Dial web interface. You will be able to login online to add, modify or delete phone numbers as needed, in real time:

Blast Dial Auto Dial List online interface - Manage your Blast Dial dial-out list online

This is an example of the Blast Dial Web interface used to set up and edit your dial-out list.

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Use Blast Dial with any phone

What does the participant hear when they are called by the conference bridge ?

They will hear this prompt: "Please press 1 to enter the conference" (no PIN is required)

The moderator can use any phone -mobile, landline or VoIP phone to initiate a Blast Dial call.

Many of our customers use their BlackBerry® or iPhone® and store the toll free bridge number in speed dial on their phone.
So, a group call is only one call away.

Also, moderators create a speed dial entry that permits dialing the entire string of required digits to automatically reach their Blast Dial list. Create it once for easy use.

You may need to reference your phone device user manual for exact syntax unique to your phone device.

Blast Dial automatically dials out to U.S. and international participant phone numbers.

Blast Dial automatically dials out to U.S. and international participant destination phone numbers.

A quick way to dial out to your Blast Dial group is to save the access number and your passcode as a favorite.
For example, a string of digits syntax for iPhone® speed dial may look like this:


Definition of above string of digits:

800 = toll free area code

(comma) , = pause

9 digit leader PIN plus # key

(comma) , = pause

* 92 = Keypad command to start the Blast Dial auto dial-out

Check your phone device user guide for exact speed dial entry instructions.

Types of conference calls that benefit from Blast Dial

Types of conference calls that benefit from Blast Dial:

project team conference calls
contruction management conference calls
status report conference calls
workgroup conference calls
associate conference calls
sales team conference calls
property management update conference calls
leasing conference calls with client and team
internal departmental conference calls
litigation collaboration conference calls
case group conference calls
product update conference calls
pharmaceutical rep conference calls
international group conference calls
emergency announcement conference calls
board member conference calls
financial results conference calls
feedback conference calls
quarterly results conference calls
stock analyst conference calls
investor relations conference calls
home owners association conference calls
prayer group conference calls
family conference calls

24 hour operator assistance and Customer Service

At any time, the moderator can dial [ * 0 ] star-zero and the operator will come on the line immediately to assist 24/7.

In addition, U.S. based Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via a Toll Free or direct toll number sent upon account activation.

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Blast Dial can 'automatically' get your group or team on an international conference call in seconds.

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Simply dial the bridge and enter [
* 9 2 ] on your phone keypad. Your participant's phone will ring and they will be in your call without needing to call an access number.

This free feature dials-out to all of your participants automatically at your command. (instead of you having to wait for your participants to call the conference call bridge)

Blast Dial reverses the process of a traditional conference call and
puts the control of the conference call in the hands of the moderator.

Think of Blast Dial as your conference call valet automatically dialing out to your domestic or international conference call participants. No need to wait for anyone to dial-in.

Blast Dial is the solution for gaining time management control with your international conference call group or team calls.


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