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Initiate or join conference calls from any country

Be the chairperson of an international conference call from the USA, UAE, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Sri Lanka, Bermuda, Bahrain, Egypt, France, Costa Rica, Cayman Islands or any country.

With a variety of access methods included with your account such as Toll Free access from many countries and the Leader dial-out feature, you can host a conference call with participants located in any country.

There are no limits to your planned call
No matter what the situation may be, you are assured of a successful overseas conference call.

Check Access Numbers and Rates

Check Country Access and Rates

Legacy International Conference Calls
Includes 119 Country Access Numbers

International Conference Calls
150 Global Access Numbers

Legacy and Expanded Global Conference Call Services

It's simple to host a global conference call

Not much different from a domestic conference call except that your attendees can participate from any country.

1 Your guests dial-in to the supplied access number for their country.

All worldwide access numbers are sent to you immediately upon account activation.

2 Your attendee enters a passcode when prompted to instantly join your call.

The 'name announce' feature can ask your invitees to say their name which is announced to the call in progress. Or, you can disable this option.

Sometimes your call may need more than a list of global access numbers to get everyone on your call.

Receive more than just global access numbers

We give you the tools necessary to connect anyone, anywhere to your meeting using these free included options below.

Free & Included
  1. Connect App

    Enables the chairperson or any attendee to participate in a call with a smartphone, PC or MAC. No access numbers need to be dialed or remembered. Works virtually worldwide. Download link provided with account activation welcome email.

    Host or join a conference call with one click

    Join a call with one click

    Use with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, PC or Mac.

    No need to dial or remember access numbers and passcodes.

    The Free Included Connect App can be used by the moderator or any global attendee.

  2. Included Dial-Out Option

    Chairperson can dial-out through the conferencing bridge to any phone number globally. This means anyone, anywhere can be added to the conference call quickly without the attendee needing to dial-in.

    The chairperson can easily add attendees using her phone's dial-pad directly at any time during the call.

    Dial-Out Keypad Command

  3. Included 24x7 U.S. based operator assistance can connect participants to your conference call at anytime.

more than a list of global access numbers to get everyone on your call.. image

Participants access your call Toll Free from their Country

Video | All Country International Conference Calls

Global conference call access options

Depending on the local situation of your attendees, below are methods available to assemble the guests for your global conference call:
  • Participants can dial-in using the supplied International Toll Free number that works from their country.

  • Optionally the chairperson can use the dial-out feature to add a participant to the call in any country. Dial-out rates are typically lower than Toll Free access rates depending on the country location dialed out to.

  • 24 hour operators can dial-out for you and connect your guest to the call.

  • Attendees can dial-in directly to the U.S. bridge number using Skype or a VoIP connection.

International conference calls that work!

This is a cost effective telecommunications strategy providing quality international conference call experience, really.

The conferencing bridge (the facility) is PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network. This means it does not rely on the Internet to transport your conference calls.

The 24 hour operator assistance is staffed in the USA and located actually at the conferencing bridge facility, not outsourced.

The International Toll Free and Local access lines are monitored 24 hours a day. You are assured of access numbers that are in service and available.
How good is the conference call audio quality?

Our conference call bridge uses the PSTN network*, your connections will be clear and reliable with
no packet loss, no clipping, stuttering or audio fade outs typically associated with VoIP conference call platforms.

Who pays when the participants get connected to your call?

When your participants use the supplied toll free access numbers, or if you decide to dial-out to them using the dial-out feature, all charges are billed to your account
. Your participants do not pay.

What to expect should you ever need operator assistance

Once your account is activated, you'll receive professional 24 hour, 7 days a week, US based operator assistance and receive assistant regardless of time zones.

Our operators can attend to any issue you may have since the operator has the authority to make any changes necessary -on the spot.

You can be assured of having any issue solved quickly, should you ever have one.

It's easy, the moderator enters the (* 0) star-zero keypad command to get an operator on the line 24/7.

The global conference call service offered by AIT

Toll Free International Conference Call Access Numbers

With the Expanded Plan, Toll Free Access numbers are available FROM over 105 countries for your Global Conference Call attendees plus a dial-out feature enabling connecting with participants through our international conferencing bridge to any country.

U.S. participants dial a U.S. toll free number. Once the passcode is entered, the participant is joined into the conference call.

Overseas conference call participants will hear
exactly the same conferencing bridge voice prompts as the conferees that dial-in to your conference calls from inside the U.S.

You can now invite overseas participants to join your conference call without the attendees incurring the international long-distance charges typically associated with international long distance calls from their country.

Global conference call example

Worldwide conference call example

With a variety of access methods including Toll Free access from many countries and the Leader dial-out feature, you can host a conference call with participants located in any country.

If your participants are located in geographically diverse locations, for example similar to the call scenario below:

A few participants are in the USA, they would dial the USA Toll Free number.

One may be in Brazil, they would dial a local Brazil Toll Free phone number supplied by us.

Another may be on her Mobile phone in China, conference call attendees located in China would dial a special China '400' Toll Free number from any location in China and this includes access from China mobile phones.

A participant is in India and will dial-in using the supplied India toll-free access number or the optional local number in Chennai.

From New Zealand attendees would dial the New Zealand Toll Free access number or the local Auckland or Christchurch numbers.

All of the conferees are prompted to enter their passcode and are joined together to your international conference call along with the moderator.

At any time during the call, the moderator has the option to use the dial-out command and add a guest irrespective of the guests country location.

Easy Sign Up

Easy Sign Up

There are absolutely no activation fees, no monthly fees, no minimum usage requirements. This is a 'pay as you go' conference call plan. You are billed only for usage, no monthly subscription or plan fees.

Recording of your teleconference

Audio files (MP3) of recorded conference calls are provided. Record and retain MP3 files of all recorded conference calls.

By default, the conferencing bridge automatically generates an attendance report at the end of each conference call. The report is emailed to the account owner. If the 'record' feature was active during the call, a link to the MP3 audio file will be included within the emailed attendance report.

The recording of the conference call can then be opened in your media player and saved locally.

International Plan Features
  • No activation fee
  • No monthly fees
  • No recurring fees of any kind
  • Billing for usage only
  • No monthly minimum usage requirements
  • No contract term
  • 24 hour customer support
  • [ 0 0 ] dial pad command summons on-call operators, 24/7
  • 100+ country toll free access
  • Business quality global network
  • Optional Outlook Integration Plugin
  • Dial-out feature included
  • Automatic attendance reports emailed to moderator
  • Monthly PDF itemized statement
  • MP3 session downloads of recorded calls
  • Mobile Conferencing Apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry
  • Included Online Customer Control Panel - Manage your conference, view attendance reports, access international toll-free number list, download recordings.
  • Offer international toll free access numbers to your U.S. team members who travel abroad so they can easily connect to your global conference call meetings.

  • Host multi-country teleconference calls. Our conferencing bridge is located in the U.S. but the moderator can initiate a conference call from any country.

*PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)

PSTN otherwise known as conventional standard telephone line technology. PSTN is crucial if you're hosting an important overseas conference call. You need to have the conferencing bridge and ITFS access numbers on the PSTN network and not have your important global conference call that is connecting all of your participants together, dependent on the whims of the Internet, i.e. VoIP.

International Conference Calls enable meetings between clients, colleagues and vendors regardless of their country location

Worldwide toll free access brings multi-country participants together anytime 24/7

Easy Call Set Up

After receiving your account activation email
1 Invite your participants to your conference call. Include the date and time of the call.

Optionally use the Included Outlook plug-in to send invitations.

Include the Toll Free and local access number options for the attendees' country location and include the participant passcode.

All country toll-free access numbers are emailed to you upon account activation.

Simply cut and paste and send the access numbers that match the guests country location.

For example, if your participant is located in the UK, send the UK toll-free or local London number to them.

If they are located in Germany, send the Germany toll-free access number from the list, etc.

Everyone dials-in and enters a passcode

When the chairperson enters the call, all parties are connected together.

'Reservation-less' worldwide conference call service

No reservations or booking of your conference call with the operators is necessary.

You can host international teleconference calls at any time you desire 24 hours a day without notifying anyone except your participants.

Two passcodes are sent to you upon account activation

  • A unique leader/moderator passcode
  • Attendee passcode
International Toll Free access numbers are available in 105+ countries.

A listing of all 105+ country international toll free and 52 local access numbers are emailed to you immediately upon account activation as part of your account activation email. Simply send your participant the access numbers for their country.

MP3 session recordings
makes it convenient to retain MP3 files of any recorded conference calls for later reference or distribution.

International Conference Call Comments
"We are very pleased with your conference call service. Recently your customer service quickly helped to bring in a participant in Zambia."
John A.
-London, UK

"It's a good thing your international conferencing bridge accepts all types of devices. Our CEO uses his cell phone, our office uses a VoIP system but it all works!."
Patricia G.
-South Carolina

Date: 9/28/2015

Overseas Conference Call
Key Points


The Bottom Line Benefits of Hosting an International Conference Call

It's no secret that conference calling is now and has been an important communications tool for businesses. And with international toll free access, it's easier than ever to host an international conference call.

Toll-Free access is especially valuable to you if you do not want your guests to pay when joining your call. If they use a toll-free number, it's a free call for them.

With communications costs continuing to fall and most other costs rising, using an team conference call meeting has become one of the most cost effective collaboration solutions in existence. Not only are conference calls affordable, they are popular for a variety of reasons including the obvious issues below:

Phone Conference Calls with Participants in Diverse Global Locations:
For many businesses, there is simply no substitute for a Toll Free
international conference call. It's not a matter of "should we host and assemble a conference call?" It's more like, "we must host an international conference call".

There is no reasonable option but to host a group conference call. There's no other way to collaborate with associates or potential clients, senior overseas staff members
instantly and not use a global conference call to accomplish real-time collaboration.

There are alternatives to hosting a conference call:

The conference call savings versus a physical meeting are significant monetarily and logistically. In addition, there is a long list of indirect expenses too numerous to mention.

There's simply no comparison between getting everyone together on a real-time global conference call versus a physical meeting in another country. International group phone meetings are often thought of as a green alternative because of the huge cost and resource savings.

We look forward to assisting you with your conference calling requirements whether domestic or international.

Contact us for any clarifications or quotes.



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