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Legacy Plan Conference Calling Rates and Countries



Legacy plan rates - Connecting team members via international conference call phone bridge technology

and Dial-Out Rates
Per minute rates - USD

USA Toll-Free access rate



Argentina Toll Free access rate



Argentina dial-out connection option

Argentina Dial-Out


Australia Toll Free access rate



Australia dial-out connection option

Australia Dial-Out


Austria Toll Free access rate



Bahamas Toll Free access rate



Bahamas dial-out connection option

Bahamas Dial-Out


Barbados toll free access



Belgium Toll Free access rate





Brazil Toll Free access rate



Brazil dial-out connection option

Brazil Dial-Out


British Virgin Island toll free Rate

British V. I.


Canada Toll Free access rate



Chile Toll Free access rate



Chile dial-out connection option

Chile Dial-Out


China Toll Free Mobile and Landline for China mainland rate

China Mobile 400


China dial-out connection option

China Dial-Out


Colombia Toll Free access rate



Colombia dial-out connection option

Colombia Dial-Out


Costa Rica Toll Free access rate

Costa Rica


Costa Rica dial-out connection option

Costa Rica Dial-Out


Cyprus Toll Free access rate



Cyprus dial-out connection option

Cyprus Dial-Out


Czech Republic Toll Free access rate

Czech Republic


Czech Republic dial-out connection option

Czech Rep Dial-Out


Denmark Toll Free access rate



Denmark dial-out connection option

Denmark Dial-Out


Dominican Rep Toll Free access rate

Dominican Rep


Dominican Republic dial-out connection option

Dominican Dial-Out


Finland Toll Free access rate



Finland dial-out connection option

Finland Dial-Out


France Toll Free access rate



France dial-out connection option

France Dial-Out


Germany Toll Free access rate



Germany dial-out connection option

Germany Dial-Out


Greece Toll Free access rate



Hong Kong Toll Free access rate

Hong Kong


Hong Kong dial-out connection option

Hong Kong Dial-Out


Hungary Toll Free access rate



India Toll Free access rate



India dial-out connection option

India Dial-Out


Indonesia Toll Free access rate



Ireland Freephone access rate



Ireland dial-out connection option

Ireland Dial-Out


Israel Toll Free access rate



Israel dial-out connection option

Israel Dial-Out


Italy Toll Free access rate



Japan Toll Free access rate



Japan dial-out connection option

Japan Dial-Out


Luxembourg Toll Free access rate



Malaysia Toll Free access rate



Mexico Toll Free access rate



Mexico dial-out connection option

Mexico Dial-Out


Netherlands Toll Free access rate



New Zealand Toll Free access rate

New Zealand


Norway Toll Free access rate



Norway dial-out connection option

Norway Dial-Out


Panama Toll Free access rate



Panama dial-out connection option

Panama Dial-Out


Philippines Toll Free access rate



Philippines dial-out connection option

Philippines Dial-Out


Poland Toll Free access rate



Portugal Toll Free access rate



Puerto Rico Toll Free access rate

Puerto Rico


Russia Toll Free access rate



Serbia Toll Free access rate



Serbia Toll Free access rate

Serbia Dial-Out


Singapore Toll Free access rate



South Africa Toll Free access rate

South Africa


South Africa dial-out connection option

South Africa Dial-Out


South Korea Toll Free access rate

South Korea


Spain Toll Free access rate



Spain dial-out connection option

Spain Dial-Out


Sweden Toll Free access rate



Switzerland Toll Free access rate



Taiwan Toll Free access rate



Taiwan dial-out connection option

Taiwan Dial-Out


Thailand Toll Free access rate



Thailand dial-out connection option

Thailand Dial-Out


Trinidad Tobago Toll Free access rate

Trinidad Tobago


Trinidad Tobago dial-out connection option

Trinidad Dial-Out


Ukraine Toll Free access rate



UAE Toll Free access rate



UK Toll Free access rate



United Kingdom dial-out connection option

UK Dial-Out


UK National

UK (0-844)


Uruguay Toll Free access rate





Virgin Islands (US) Toll Free access rate

U.S. Virgin Islands


Venezuela Toll Free access rate



Venezuela dial-out connection option

Venezuela Dial-Out





Connect overseas with team members using international conference calling. Enable real time collaboration.

International Conference Call | Service Request Form

With Toll-Free country access points worldwide, participants can join your international conference call, across continents, with ease.

Attendees simply dial a Toll-Free access number
in their own country and connect to your international conference call at no cost to them.

If the participant is located in a country where a toll free number is not available, the Moderator can use the 'dial-out' feature to easily bring the participant into the
international conference call no matter where in the world they may be located.

The 'dial-out' features permits connecting participants to your call as long as you know their phone number
-in any country.

Click to view 'dial-out' rates

International Conference Call - Main Page
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How the Dial-Out Feature Works
Dial-Out Worldwide Rates
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Calculating Cost
Conference Call Recording

International Conference Call Connects Worldwide Attendees

Technology has shrunk the world and global commerce has benefited in this new era of marketing.

People are no longer isolated by mountain ranges, oceans, deserts, jungles, and long distances.

Though the technology has been in place for decades, only recently has the
international conference call become globally affordable.

Team Building using international conference calls

International conference calls connect employees and associates together located around the world in virtually any country.

While often used to coordinate projects and update one another with the latest sales figures and status reports, global conference calls are important in building a culture of teamwork with overseas associates and offices.

International Conference Call Toll Free access points and per minute ratesBeing able to interact with the group and being connected to enjoy rapport helps employees who might otherwise feel disenfranchised.

Engaging the team on a more personal level by phone has become an important part of corporate communication.

International Sales Presentations

Whether your organization has an international customer base or team of sales representatives stationed around the globe, international conference calls can plan an important role in sales.

You can use global conference calls to host question and answer sessions, new product launches, and press conferences as well as conduct sales training to your team of overseas salespeople.
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Conference Calling Considerations

Depending on the purpose for your conference call, you'll want to select the right calling plan. For example, a toll-free international conference call service is appropriate when you do not want overseas attendees to have to pay for their time on the call.

For example, when hosting a conference call with potential customers to learn more about buying your product, you may do well by providing a cost free conference call for that future customer.

On the other hand, if your conference call is answering questions from contractors soliciting work, set up the international conference calls so that each caller pays his own toll call to the conference call.
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International phone conference call is cheaper than ever

From holding conferences and workshops to building international teams and communicating with geographically diverse customers, connecting worldwide attendees over the phone lines makes the world a smaller place.
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Teleconferences, Workshops, and Classes

Using international conference calls to host conferences, workshops, and classes is becoming a popular way to educate, inform, and network with like-minded professionals.

Not only is the 'international conference call' a cost effective alternative to holding physical conferences, the call recordings can be used for other purposes.

For example, companies often host live teleclasses with participants calling in from around the world. Later, the call recordings are then repackaged and sold.

Because it's less expensive to host a teleconference via an international conference call than it is to coordinate a live physical conference, participants can also expect lower registration fees and other expenses.

For example, attending physical conferences in Hong Kong, London, Australia, the U.S., or any other country typically requires travel, lodging, local transportation, and conference registration fees.

Global conference calls completely eliminate travel and lodging expenses. As far as registration fees go, a two-day conference costing hundreds or thousands of dollars in-person, typically costs a fraction of that when presented as a teleconference.
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International Conference Call or a Physical Meeting?
Physical attendance at international conferences also impacts productivity with attendees having to devote several days just getting to and from their destinations.

In contrast, the only time spent on an international teleconference is the time actually conferencing with others.
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Some rates have three decimal places

For example, U.S. rate is $0.039 per minute or 3.9¢ (cents)

Rates in US Dollars

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