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International Conference Call Providers

International Conference Call Providers

International conference call providers make collaborating with a group of participants a simple matter - even if participants are located in different countries.

Conference calling plans are an affordable alternative to costly travel; they're easy to set up; and you can even record the call for future reference.

Global Conference Calls, Anytime, Anywhere

With the right type of conference calling plan, you can access the International Conference Call Providers and Usersinternational conference call provider's system at any time, day or night.

Whether you need to schedule an immediate conference or one in the future, you can do so easily without making a reservation.

This is especially important when you have an urgent need. While it's easy to set up a conference on demand, international conference call providers such as AIT also offer extensive support and operator assistance should you need help.

How Participants Access the International Conference Call

International conference call providers offer several ways for participants to connect to the teleconference.

In general, expecting participants to pay expensive international long distance rates for every minute of the call sets up the conference for low participation and should be avoided unless the host is reimbursing the participant for the extra costs the guest may incur to call a 'local' access number.

International conference call providers, such as, understand this issue and offer local access numbers for dozens of countries as well as toll free access.

However, if a provider issues a 'local' country access number, not a Toll Free number, then the participant may unknowingly wind up paying for a potentially expensive 'long distance call' simply to join the conference call.

Said another way, if a conference call company suggests they offer a 'local' access number for a particular country (not a Toll Free number), there is a high probability that the access call made by the guest to join your international conference call will be at an extra cost to that participant.

The scenario is this: Attendee is located in Venice, Italy, the 'local' access number is located in Rome. The conference call company sends you a 'Rome' access number.

It may turn out to be a free local call if the Italy participant just happens to be located in the Rome 'area code' of the supplied access number. If not, there may be significant long distance fees that would be paid by the 'attendee' to call the Rome access number from Venice (or any other Italian city) resulting in a surprise phone bill at the end of the month from the local Italy phone company.

To avoid this, use a Italy Toll Free access number or use the dial-out feature.

Consider the following example:

The participant is located in Marseille, France. The international conference call provider has supplied a France local number located in Paris, France. Therefore the invited guest would be subjected to a long distance fee by his local Marseille telephone company if joining the conference call via the Paris local access number. Marseille and Paris are quite a distance from each other.

With local toll free access numbers the problem is solved, the attendee dials a phone number that's local to the entire country and the call is free to the participant.

For example, if your call is hosted in the United States the U.S. attendees dial-in to a U.S. Toll Free number, participants in London would receive a UK toll free number while those in Singapore would receive a Singapore toll free phone number.

They are not charged any toll fees, they join the call at no cost to them.
Participants dial a toll free number unique to their country without incurring any calling costs whatsoever. International conference call providers bill the host of the conference call for participants' access to the call.

International conference call providers offer yet another way to connect participants to the teleconference: leader dial out. With International conference call providers offer yet another way to connect participants to the teleconference: leader dial out.leader dial out, you can set up the conference call to automatically dial some or all participants. AIT's Leader dial-out rates are typically lower than the Toll Free access rates.

International conference call providers offer lower per minute rates for leader dialed out calls. In some instances, you may not have a choice as some countries do not have toll free international phone numbers. In others, you may find that dialing out makes economic sense and can reduce the overall cost of the conference significantly. You can use leader dial out on an as-needed basis or use the automated group dial out feature known as "UBlast."

Conference Calling Features

International conference call providers offer a myriad of features, enhancing the quality and ease of each teleconference. Among the most notable features are:

Exceptional sound quality - International conference call providers hopefully use the traditional public switched telephone network, a cost-effective technology that is well known for its quality and reliability, versus transporting your international conference call over VoIP and bridging the conference with VoIP bridging equipment.

Online conference call manager - Manage your conference calls online, schedule conferences, configure preferences, mute/unmute callers, and more.

Integration with Microsoft Outlook - Use Outlook to send invitations, access numbers, and passcodes to participants.

Self-registration - Send a link to potential attendees and allow them to register for your conference without your intervention. Adds a layer of security.

Detailed reports - From account statements to attendance reports, you'll be able to analyze usage and see the value of your international conference call provider's service.

MP3 recordings and podcasts - Record your conference calls for future use. Optionally, you can set up RSS feeds that people can subscribe to in order to listen to previous conferences. This option is ideal for informational conferences like seminars, product presentations or tutorials.

Pay as you go plans - Understanding that many businesses have varying needs, international conference call providers offer pay as you go plans that allow you to pay only for the conference calls you make with no ongoing monthly fees or usage commitments. This is an excellent way to control costs, yet gain access to powerful collaboration tools 24/7.

Affordable toll free international conference calling plans are just a click away. With low rates, exceptional quality, compelling features, and pay as you go plans, now is the perfect time to get started.

Because of the diverse geography of the participants, dial-in phone numbers can be crucial to successfully getting all overseas attendees on the call.

Should you expect your guests to pay international long distance rates to participate? Or should you provide true toll-free access to your conferees?

Is a 'local access number' really a free call? Or is a local access number simply going to be local to a small 'area code' in a country? If so, would that really meet your requirement if your participant has to pay locally to join your conference call?

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