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You Can Conduct Audio and Video Conference Calls with Geographically Diverse Participants.

Choosing a Conference Call Company
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Two Global Conference Call Bridges
Each with Accessibility and Rate Advantages

Our conferencing bridges have unique country specific rates and toll-free access coverage for different parts of the world.

Depending on attendee locations, you may want to check both international services for rates and coverage. Choose the one, Legacy or Expanded, that best suits your meeting requirements.

Multi-Country Audio Conferencing

For example -
Legacy service has especially low rates when meeting with attendees located in Europe, Scandinavia, Central and South America and includes 119 global access numbers.

Expanded service has a larger dial-in network with focus on Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Baltic Countries and the Caribbean - includes 150 worldwide access numbers.

Depending on where in the world the call leader and invitees are located, one of our international bridges will offer better access number availability and rates than the other.

Convenient Toll-Free Access Numbers in Most Countries

Toll-Free Access is Cost Free to the Attendees
Most customers want to provide their conference call participants with international toll-free access to their conference calls.

In the rare event there is no access number for a country for one of your attendees, you can still easily add them to your call using the
Leader dial-out feature.

Leader dial-out means that the chairperson of the call can utilize,
dial-out feature to place a remote participant into the call. The call is routed through your conferencing account.

Give us a call for any questions for your planned call,
1 800 600 6151 US/Canada +1 310 281 5539 Int'l

International Conference Call PlanLegacy International Conference Calls
This is the international conference call service you need for hosting a conference call with participants located in geographically diverse locations. With 119 toll-free access numbers, there's a high probability there will be a number in your attendees country.

  • Pay As You Go, no monthly fees
  • No minimum usage requirement
  • Reservationless, no scheduling or booking
  • 24 hour U.S. based operator assistance
  • Toll Free and local access numbers in 119 countries
  • Dial-out option
  • Free MP3 session recordings

Utilizing International Toll Free Access Numbers in 119 Countries and an optional dial-out feature to any country, you can hold a conference call with anyone, located in virtually any country.

FREE MP3 session recordings are included for any conference calls you choose to record. In other words, you have the recording feature and you also get the MP3 file free of charge.

International Conference Call PlanExpanded Global Conference Call Service
Global access number network of over 150 access points assures your international conference call will be successful no matter where your invitees happen to be located.

The Expanded service includes:

  • Pay As You Go, no monthly fees
  • 24 hour U.S. based operator assistance
  • 150 access numbers, see list
  • Included Leader dial-out feature enables adding a guest in any country to your call.
  • Free Included Connect app that can be used by the chairperson and the attendees to join a conference call without dialing any access numbers.

0 Flat Rate Unlimited Conference Call PlanFlat Rate Unlimited U.S. Conference Calls
This specialized U.S. plan is based on the size of your meeting group.
Get Unlimited conference calls and budget predictability.

  • Access number in the US only
  • Free Live Conference Viewer
  • You have Unlimited use of the bridge
  • No per minute bridge fee charges.
  • No scheduling required, it's reservationless
  • Use it 7 Days a Week, 24 hours a day for one fee
  • Prepaid monthly to a credit card

Know in advance your monthly cost regardless of how often you host conference calls during the month. Pay only one flat rate for the entire month. It's un-metered you never pay any per minute bridge fees no matter how much you use your conference call account.

2.5 Toll Free USA Conference Call Plan1.7¢ per minute US/Canada Conference Calls
Business quality US-Canada conference calls.

  • Pay As You Go, no prepayments
  • No monthly fees and no usage requirement
  • Free Live Conference Viewer
  • Reservationless, no scheduling required
  • 24 hour U.S. based operator assistance
  • Toll Free and local access numbers for U.S. and Canada
  • Free MP3 session recordings

Examine your existing conference call bill from your current conference call provider and find out how many 'total minutes' you are using on average, per month. Then use our per minute rate to calculate your new costs. Chances are that our plans will save you money.

2.5 Toll Free USA Conference Call PlanDesktop Video Conferencing
Easily Surpasses Clarity and Quality of Competitors

  • Try it out for 30 days free - no credit card required
  • View each other face to face with up to 6 images
  • Share anything on your computer
  • Pass the Presenter Controls
  • Chat
  • Packed with easy to use features
  • Use it internationally

Enjoy a fully functional 30-day trial with no obligation to continue when the trial ends. No credit card required for free trial.

Operator Assisted Audio Conference CallsOperator Assisted Event Calls

  • Host up to 12,000 attendees
  • Personal Support and Hand Holding
  • Concierge Turn Key Service
  • Assisted Audio Conferencing

Enjoy impeccable professionally managed large calls. Enhance your corporate image at the same time.

You'll like our reliable and easy to use services, guaranteed.

The services offered on this web site are used daily in Aitelephone's offices to communicate with worldwide associates and our clients. So we have direct knowledge of how well the services work for our customers.

Live demo?

Feel free to ask us for a live demo. we'll provide a dial-in number and guest code and meet you on the bridge. You can hear the network quality, learn more about the features.

AIT will assist you with your needs.

Our global conference call services enable you to connect with geographically diverse participants regardless of country location.

Conferencing Call Services

Conference Call Customer Comment:
"Just used your international service for the first time and was thoroughly impressed. Our international conference call went smoothly and the voice quality was outstanding. I hope to be equally impressed when I receive your bill, though your quoted rates are far below those of AT&T, which could not deliver on the toll-free inbound from outside the U.S. The MP3 recording feature is a real bonus and great tool for my work in public relations. I will encourage all my colleagues to use your service and look forward to the next opportunity to use it myself.
Rose R.
-Miami Beach, FL
International Conference Call

Conference Call Customer Comment:

"Not only has the conference call plan saved us money, the quality of the calls has dramatically improved. In addition, the attendance has picked up because of the toll free access number."
Mark S. -
Washington D.C.
Toll Free Conference Call

Conference Call Customer Comment:

"We did a test conference call last night for approx 40 minutes and it worked very well ! Thanks for providing such a great service. I would like to know more about how to set up sub-accounts for different projects/grants in our office. Thank you."
Lisa C.
-South Carolina
Pay As You Go Conference Call

Conference Call Customer Comment:

"The unlimited flat rate plan has proven to be a valuable tool for our company. We are using it weekly and the savings have been significant. In my opinion we overpaid for conferencing services for years before finding your company. Thank you for asking."
Joanne K.
-California, USA
Unlimited Flat Rate Conference Call

Two International Conference Call Bridges

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