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International Conference Call Numbers

International Conference Call Numbers

Hosting global conference calls involves not one, but potentially an array of international conference call numbers depending on the country where your attendee is located.

For example, imagine hosting a conference call between participants located in the United States and attendees located in the Scotland, Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong and Australia. Each country has its own
international conference call number dial-in number.

You can provide your conference call guests with 'toll free' international conference call numbers.

However, you will once again need not one, but many toll free international conference call numbers.

For example, a standard U.S. 800 number suffices for your U.S. attendees but that same number won't work for International Conference Call Numberscallers from other countries.

The solution involves utilizing international conference call numbers unique to each participant's country.

Your attendee dials the corresponding Toll Free access number from their country and is instantly connected to your conference call. A complete list of international toll free access numbers is sent to the customer upon account activation.

Fortunately, you don't need to coordinate all of these international conference call numbers; your conference call provider bridges all your calls and takes care of the details.

It's easy to host your international confrence call

1 Set the date and time with your participants
2 Send them email invitations and include the Toll Free number for their country and the passcode.
3 Everyone dials-in and converses internationally.

International Conference Call Numbers - Rates Vary Per Country

Toll free international conference call numbers are available in over 62 countries. Global conference call rates vary from one country to the next.

Using Dial-Out Instead of International Conference Call Numbers

Because of the varying rates, it's smart to pay attention to the per minute rates associated with the international conference call numbers your overseas attendees will use.

Consider using the optional dial-out feature to dial attendees located in countries with higher per minute rates. For example, if you dial attendees located in the Philippines directly, you'll save about 50 cents per minute per attendee.

You can use dial out and toll free
international conference call numbers in conjunction with one another. If you have just a few participants that you'd like to use dial out to, you can manually dial out to them at the start of the conference call.

However, this becomes time-consuming and tedious when you need to manually dial a larger group. Fortunately,
automatic group dial out is also available as a free, optional feature.

The automated group dial out feature requires you to first enable it in your account. Once enabled, you'll then need to enter the phone numbers into your online list.

Once you're ready to host a conference with attendees in your list, simply dial the access number, login with your passcode, and enter *92 on the phone's keypad. All participants on your list will be called and prompted to join the conference instantly.

Features Included with International Conference Call Numbers

In addition to issuing toll free international conference call numbers for your attendees' convenience and optionally dialing out, international conference call numbers come with other impressive features.

Among the most important features are:
  • International conference call numbers for over 60 countries
  • 24-hour customer support and operator assistance
  • Low per minute rates
  • Pay as you go plan
  • no activation fees
  • no minimum usage requirements
  • no monthly contract
  • Exceptional phone call quality
  • Online conference management tools
  • Leader and group dial out
  • Reservationless - your account is ready 24/7 for your use
  • Easy-to-use keypad commands
  • Online Conference View Manager
  • Automatic hang up
  • MP3 call recording

With low rates, excellent call quality, loads of free features, hosting international conference calls is an affordable global collaboration solution.

Host team meetings, seminars, discussions with vendors, focus groups, workshops, and more without costly travel by taking advantage of international conference calling plans.

Activate your
international conference call numbers today and pay only for the conference calls you host.


Whether your international conference call involves attendees in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, or the Pacific, toll free international conference call numbers are readily available.

Enable your geographically diverse participants to easily access your conference call.

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