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International Conference Call Whitepapers


 Read how AIT's international conference call plans have assisted numerous businesses save money and collaborate more effectively across the USA and across continents.

AIT's international conference call plans have assisted numerous businesses save money and collaborate more effectively across the USA and across continents.


Whitepapers and Articles

Cost Effectiveness of Hosting an International Conference Call Compared to a Face-to-Face Meeting Overseas
Look at the price of an international conference call. These conference calls eliminate travel requirements, airfare, hotel, transportation, and living expenses are not required.

How International Conference Calling Services Have Progressed Technologically
As with phone calls in general, international conference call quality has improved dramatically. No longer does a caller on the other side of the globe sound as if he's half a world away.

How International Conference Calls Differ from Domestic Conference Calls
At its core, a phone conference call is a phone call involving a group of participants who dial into a "conference" room. Typically, participants dial a phone number and then key in a conference room code which routes them to the appropriate teleconference.

Why Use International Conference Calls
Because of the mobile nature of today's workforce, just about everyone has a phone in hand around the clock. If you schedule a conference call with your international associates, none of the participants needs to be physically present at an office or logged into a computer.

International Conference Calls as a Means for International Collaboration
The Importance of Conference Call Quality cannot be overemphasized. One of the biggest challenges of hosting an international conference call is one of the oldest: getting everyone connected with a good, clear connection.

How to Choose a Conference Call Service with the Right Options for Your Needs
There is a huge selection of conference call carriers and plans on the market to choose from but there's no reason why you should settle for a conference calling plan that doesn't work for you. Learn about different conference call options and choose a plan that offers the options and value that you need most.

Free Conference Call Meetings - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
One has to wonder how a service can be completely free. After all, businesses are in business to make a profit and you can't make a profit if you don't sell anything. This leads us to the bad: your free conference call may not be as free as you think.

Conference Call Services - Are You Treating Them as a Commodity?
A commodity is generally considered an item or service that has the same value regardless of quality. For example, gold is considered a commodity because an ounce of gold is an ounce of gold regardless of who is selling it. On the other hand, a gold necklace or gold watch is not a commodity because quality varies depending on craftsmanship and artistry. When it comes to conference call services, quality also varies from one provider to the next.

How to Make a Low Cost Conference Call
A couple of different low cost conference call strategies exist: active conference calling management or an unlimited conference call plan. If you make occasional calls, taking a more active role in the call's planning can lead to lower costs. On the other hand, if you hold regular conference calls, an unlimited conference call service may be the better choice.

How to Set Up a Conference Call that Provides International Participants with Toll Free Access
Hosting an international conference call is far less expensive than arranging an in-person conference with participants located around the world. Not only that, conference call set up is easier than you may realize. Before you schedule the call, you'll need to select a telecommunications provider that supports international conference calls as well as do a little pre-call organizing.

International Business Collaboration Conference Calls
International conference calls and business collaboration can take several forms including traditional audio-only conference calls as well as Web conferencing and video conferencing. Which type of teleconference is the right type? It depends on your calling and collaboration needs at the time. Each call type has its own characteristics and is well suited for specific purposes. Rather than relying on a single type of conference call, you may want to use a blend of conferencing technologies and select the right call type for each specific scenario.

Global Collaboration with Conference Calls and Video Web Conferencing
AT&T has rolled out its Telepresence Solution, a compelling new way to communicate domestically as well as internationally. Available in 75 countries, AT&T takes international conference calls and transforms them into vivid, life-size teleconferences. While this technology allows for an "in person" meeting experience via complex video conferencing systems and HD television sets, it's not necessarily the end of international conference calling as we now know it. In fact, global collaboration and virtual meetings using existing technologies have been occurring for many years.

Toll Free International Conference Call Access
AIT provides international conference call Toll Free access points in 100+ countries at more favorable rates compared to AT&T. International conference calling just got a little bit more international thanks to AT&T's Telepresence Solution's recent expansion. Now boasting 75 countries with access to the fully managed solution as well as 37 countries with access to AT&T's Business Exchange, AT&T is positioning itself as a worldwide leader in the video conferencing arena.

Similar to what has taken place in other telecom service sectors, the International Conference Call has greatly improved in the past 5 years.

Today phone conference call collaboration with geographically diverse participants, is a pleasant and easy experience for all involved.



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International Conference Call Whitepapers and Articles

International phone conference calls can be hosted without regard to the geography of the participants.
The current state-of-the-art international phone conference call is superior, simpler and cheaper than it ever was previously.