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  • Global customers regardless of international location or device, simply click a link to join a group video meeting
  • 4K Video and HD Audio Quality
  • Browser based. No download or installation required
  • Works even in a low-bandwidth environment
  • If you are a large user, capture savings up to 70% compared to host based licensing platforms such as Zoom and others
  • Unlimited hosts can conduct their own calls at the same time
  • Enjoy worldwide reliability and accessibility powered by (AWS) Amazon Web Services Cloud Servers
  • Highly secured clientless architecture uses 256-bit Encryption
  • White labeling and personalized branding with a dedicated subdomain.
  • Apart from Web Based, it supports H.323/SIP Endpoints

Global accessibility backed by AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS Global Infrastructure: consist of a network of highly available and globally distributed data centers, which are designed to provide low latency and high performance for international video conferencing.


  • Customers regardless of global location or device, simply click a link to join a video call.


  • There are no downloads, no international phone numbers to dial. It is 100% browser based.


  • AWS High Performance - Availability Zones (AZs) give inVC the ability to operate it's conferencing application that is highly available globally, fault tolerant, and scalable. AWS maintains 84 AZs around the world with more being added constantly.


  • Every data center (AZ) AWS Region is interconnected via a purpose-built, highly available, and low-latency private global network infrastructure.


  • The network is built on a fully redundant, parallel 100 GbE metro fiber network that is linked via trans-oceanic cables across the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean, Red Sea, and South China Seas.
AWS Cloud Services for Global Coverage and Highest Reliability
Global Reliability

Cloud Based Global Platform


  • Enjoy Video Meetings With Anyone Globally
  • Works even in a low bandwidth sittuation on any Device - Mobile phone, Laptop, PC, IOS, Android and more
  • Uses Amazon Cloud Services Infrastructure with 84 Secure Data Servers Worldwide
  • Enterprise Readiness and Scalability
  • Seamless Design for HD Meeting Experiences
  • 4K Ultra HD Video Quality
  • Supports Legacy Endpoints
  • Rock-Solid Reliability
  • Enterprise Grade Security
  • Cost-Effective

Cost analysis for larger users


  • This video was created for the enterprise size user. It explores the cost benefits for inVC versus host based pricing models from companies like as Zoom and others. It is directed to a company CFO or others executives having bottom line responsibility for corporate collaboration cost containment.


How to save money on international video conferencing


If you currently struggle with a host-based pricing model of your video conferencing provider, read on.


Do you know the most common way that businesses waste money? They opt for host-based licenses which causes paying for a number of participants which are never utilized in a meeting.


According to statistics, only 5% of global video meetings have more than 50 participants. 98% have less than ten participants, and 67% have less than five participants.


There are very few quality platforms that base their pricing structure on the number of attendees in a video conference.


Introducing the inVC concurrent license model with unlimited hosts. Save more than 60% of your annual recurring costs on licensing, and get better quality features and security with inVC.


After the free trial, a per-user cost of $2 results in immediate cost savings.



Video Conferencing Reliability
Rock-Solid Reliability

Enjoy the best possible video quality in every given situation. Ensure maximum uptime and reliability with currently 84 AWS data servers globally.
Enterprise Grade Security
Enterprise Grade Security

Conduct your business meetings with utmost security and transparency. Enable high level privacy with integrated high grade security systems.
Cost effective video conferencing

Enjoy high value, low-cost HD video meetings. Save money on your existing host based pricing plan you may be paying.
Enterprise Readiness and Scalability
Enterprise Readiness and Scalability

Group video meeting platform offers a wide range of features to maximize productivity while ensuring ultimate quality, security and accessibility without compromise.
Online Video Conference Social Distancing Webinar Business Meeting
Seamless Design for HD Meeting Experiences
HD Meeting
Seamless Design for HD Virtual Meetings

Enable a seamless, cloud based meeting experience with HD Video and Audio quality for deeper virtual collaboration and a stronger communication culture within your organization and with the outside world.
Supports Legacy Endpoints
Supports Legacy Endpoints

Connect your SIP and H323 video conferencing systems to the cloud and have superior quality video meetings with anyone in the world. Leverage your existing SIP / H.323 video infrastructure to connect with external video systems and remote users.
Legacy Endpoints
Video Meetings With Anyone & from Anywhere
Collaborate Internationally in the Cloud
Virtual Meetings With Anyone Globally

Conduct in-person group video meetings with your team for enhanced virtual collaboration with anyone and from anywhere across the globe.
Works on any device including Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets, & Many More
Works on any device including Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets and more

You can enable HD video meetings on any device and enjoy impeccable meeting experiences with domestic and international attendees.
Video Conferencing Works on any device

Struggle free group video meetings

Enable Global Video Conferencing

Meet online with a familiar, intuitive interface. Conduct a global virtual meeting with anyone at anytime.
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