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Dial-Out Feature | Included tool for the Moderator

International Conference Call Dial Out Feature


Why use the Dial Out Option?

Dial Out enables the Host to connect attendees to an international conference call Connect attendees to your conference call even if they are located in a country that does not have a local or Toll Free dial-in number available.

It can save the account owner money Using the dial-out feature can reduce costs due to generally lower dial-out rates to many countries versus Toll Free dial-in rates.

Compare the differences for your requirement

If your participant is in a country on the toll-free list, you do not need to use the dial-out feature because your participant can easily dial in, at no cost to them, using the supplied Toll Free or local DID number for his/her country location.

Both connection types, Dial-Out or Toll Free Dial-In, can be used on the same conference call.

The list of all worldwide local and Toll Free access dial-in phone numbers is emailed to you immediately upon account activation.

The Dial Out feature is a free optional tool for the moderator.

Dial out to an International Conference Call participant
In summary, no matter where in the world your participant may be located, as long as you know the participant's phone number, you can easily dial-out using our conferencing bridge and bring them into your international conference call.

How to use the Leader dial out feature

The chairperson enters * 1 (star-one) on the touch tone phone keypad.

The system will prompt for the international phone number of the participant you wish to add to the call.

Press * 2 when the overseas attendee answers the phone. Now both the Leader and the attendee are returned to the conference call.

This Dial-Out keypad routine can continue until you have all of the dial-out attendees on your call.

Using the Leader dial out feature

Dial Out Rates for International Conference Call

View Worldwide Dial-Out Rates here


With the Leader dial-out option, any participant can be added to your call regardless of their country location.

The ability to dial-out to a participant can be crucial should a local or toll-free access dial-in number not exist in your participants country.

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International Dial Out - A useful tool for the Host

In some countries there is no toll-free availability. However your participant, if in one of those countries, can still attend your conference call if the chairperson uses dial-out feature.

Another reason you may decide to use the dial out feature is cost savings. Many dial out rates are lower than the Toll Free access rates. You'll need to compare to the
international toll free access rates.

Some countries have a Toll Free number available but the Dial Out per minute rates may be less depending on the country.

Some countries simply
do not have a Toll Free access number and using the Dial Out feature may be the only way to bring those participants into your international conference call.

The alternative would be to request that the participant dial directly into the U.S. bridge number.

Many of our conference call customers that have VoIP service available, or have participants that have an IP phone service, access conference calls uitilizing VoIP directly into the U.S. toll access number. This can reduce costs even further.

You will receive the direct non-toll free U.S. bridge phone number as an alternative access number for your international conference call participant to use.

The U.S. number, although not toll-free, is accessible from any country and can be accessed from landlines, mobile phones and global VoIP services.


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