Conference Calling Whitepapers and Articles

Conference Calling Whitepapers and Articles


Conference Calling Whitepapers and Articles
Read how AIT's conference calling plans assist USA and International customers save money and collaborate effectively and economically.


Whitepapers and Articles

Conference Calling Collaboration - Using a Virtual Office Conference Call service
One of the best tools is also the simplest: conference calling services. Whether you have a single employee working from home or an entire virtual team, regular conference calls are a must. For the individual telecommuter, being included in weekly staff meetings ensures that she is aware of the day-to-day changes, updates, and issues affecting your business. It also allows the telecommuter to contribute ideas, raise concerns, and remain involved.
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International Conference Calling Video - How to host an international conference call
No matter where you the conference call host are located, you can utilize international conference calling to connect with associates by telephone. It's relatively simple to collaborate with associates, clients or any conferees even though you may all be located in geographically diverse locations.
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Conference Calling Saves Money - Which plan makes sense for your company?
Prior to selecting a conference calling service, carefully consider how you will be using the service. By understanding your usage, you'll be able to select the conference calling plan that offers the features that you want, at a cost that makes sense and perhaps even put money back in your budget. learn more

Conference Calling Using Your Smart Phone
Using your smart phone to attend a teleconference is far more convenient than sitting at a desk using a corded handset. Not only can you move around, you can call from anywhere: your home, your office, the airport lounge, or even the beach while on vacation.
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Dynamic Conference Calling - The World of Conference Calls as a Collaboration Tool
Despite all of the technological leaps made in recent years, conference call services remain one of the most effective team collaboration tools available. Not only does a standard audio conference calling allow you to connect a diverse group of team members cost effectively, conference calling services have expanded to embrace today's Web and video conferencing technologies, making virtual meetings a reality.
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Conference Call Boutique - Different Conference Call Types for Different Users
As you know, one size doesn't generally fit all. This is true of conference calling services. The conference calling plan that's a perfect fit for your neighbor may be completely wrong for you and vice versa. Fortunately, you don't have to settle for a conference calling plan that's not a good match for you. In fact, there are many different conference call types and plans from which to choose.
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Conference Calling from Canada
Hosting a conference call from Canada isn't overly complicated, especially if you go with a telecommunications provider that specializes in providing Canadians with robust, yet affordable, toll free conference calling services. Toll free conference calls are generally paid for by the host of the call with the call being free for participants. Expect to pay per minute, per participant. Because minutes quickly add up, it's important to find a service provider with low Canadian toll free rates.
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Conference Calling from Australia | Making an international conference call from Australia
Whether you're "down under" on business or need to have your Australian colleagues join a conference call from Australia, setting up an international conference call is easy - if you have a telecommunications services provider offering support for Australia. Once you find a provider supporting the countries involved in your call, the process of setting up the call is straightforward and conference calling with participants located in Australia is simple.
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Conference Calling Etiquette - These days, anything goes on a conference call
It wasn't too long ago when calling into a conference call required paying attention to your phone type. For example, the old rules dictated that only callers using landlines could participate. As a caller, you needed to make sure that you were at a location where you could dial in using a standard landline. If you only had access via a cell phone or a VoIP phone, you were out of luck or in breach of conference call etiquette. These days, anything goes on a conference call.
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Conference Call Best Practices
Like any meeting, a conference call needs to be planned and managed. In general, the host of the conference call is the call's facilitator and responsible for making sure that the teleconference goes as planned. This doesn't mean that participants are off the hook though. They too must do their part. Whether you're the host or a participant, use the following set of conference call best practices to ensure that your time is well spent.
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Teleconference Canada
Why Choose a Canada Conference Calling Plan?
Whether your participants are located in Canada or the U.S., choosing a plan tailored to Canada allows you to take advantage of lower rates than you may be used to, especially if the provider uses a U.S. conference call bridge. This keeps your costs low while also allowing you to facilitate group calls. learn more

Conference Calling Audio Quality
The sound quality of conference calls can vary from one carrier to the next. Among the many factors affecting audio quality is the technology used to deliver the calls. Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTNs) are clearer than ever while newer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies are allowing for cheaper, though less clear, transmissions over the Internet. Today, most phone users are accustomed to crystal clear sound quality thanks to digital PSTNs.
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Cheap Conference Call Services
Conference calls are packaged in many different ways including in prepaid bundles of minutes, as monthly recurring "flat rates" for predetermined service levels, on a per-minute/per participate basis, and for "free" with some strings attached. You'll also find other packages including unlimited conference calling plans. However, it's important to balance your expectations with price.
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Conference Calling Provider
Now in its second decade, the new millennium continues to move forward technologically with innovations in everything from the new (such as social media) to the more familiar (conference calling). In fact, innovation doesn't always mean creating something brand new from scratch. Rather, it means taking existing ideas and making them better.
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By carefully considering how you will be using the service, you'll be able to select the conference calling plan that offers the features that you want at a cost that makes sense.


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Conference Calling Whitepapers and Articles

Conference calling cost savings exist if you know where to look and if you pick the right plan for your intended use.