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The moderator can gain additional control over the conference call while online using the free conference viewer.

Conference viewer screen capture below

Conference viewer screen capture

Date: 8/26/2013

The Conference Call Live Viewer

Benefits of using the free online conference call viewer

ManagerThe 'viewer' is a free feature used by the host of the conference call. It provides additional control over the management of a phone conference.

The viewer is accessed by logging into your account online from any web enabled computer or device, worldwide.

If the host happens to be
connected to the web during a meeting, the viewer is a valuable free feature.

Enjoy online control over these items:
  • Mute individual participants
  • Put a participant on hold
  • Put a new attendee on hold
  • Start recording the conference
  • Stop additional entries
  • Terminate a connection with an attendee
  • Access the address book

We look forward to assisting you with your international conference calling requirements.

Contact us directly for any questions or clarifications about the conference viewer.


Free Conference Call Viewer enables the host to manage the conference call when online.

Utilizing the conference viewer makes global conference calls even easier.

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