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Global Conference Calling Utilizing Global Toll Free access numbers



Global Conference Calling is the choice for companies requiring collaboration with participants located overseas.

Enabling international conference call collaboration with clients and associates abroad in the most convenient and straightforward method possible for on demand meetings.

Is an in-person meeting required?

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One of the most obvious reasons to host an international conference call versus holding a physical meeting are the associated costs and travel time and many other issues in addition to time and money.

The cost differences between Global Conference Calling versus traveling to a face-to-face meeting.

To approximate the cost differences between an international toll free conference call and in-person meetings, consider the following items:

Basics considerations
1 How many participants would attend the 'in-person' meeting
2 Duration of the meeting (days away)

In-person meeting Travel Cost considerations
1 Quantity of personnel traveling to the meeting
2 Quantity of personnel traveling by plane
3 Number of Hotel nights for each attendee
4 Per night room rate for each attendee
5 How many days for rental of car
6 How many cars will be rented
7 Car mileage per car usage during rental
8 Cost of meals for each attendee while on trip

Lost productivity due to travel time away from work place
1 Attendee lost productivity hours from travel
2 Attendee lost productivity hours due to car transportation
3 Attendee lost new business opportunities while away (per each)

Inconvenience factors of air travel
Airport security annoyances
Perceived and real risk of air travel

Global Conference Calling - the Green Alternative that reduces Carbon Footprint

It's no wonder why more and more businesses believe it is important to opt for green alternatives for any areas of their business that have green solutions. Reducing business related travel would be on that list.

Overseas Conference Calling is one of those areas that can assist in reducing a company's carbon footprint. It's a relatively low cost solution where personnel or associates do not need to uproot from their normal day-to-day office live/work base to attend a meeting that may be on another continent.

Conference call collaboration is the environmentally friendly alternative for business meetings abroad that saves not only money but reduces the expenditure of multiple other resources.

FCC Wireline Competition

Utilizing international toll free access numbers is the solution for convenient collaboration with your team or customers located abroad.

Host global conference calls with overseas participants enabling them to dial-in using our dedicated Toll Free access numbers from inside their country.

An international conference call is convenient. Your participants simply dial an in-country Toll Free number at no cost to them.

A complete list of worldwide toll free access numbers is emailed to the customer immediately upon account activation.

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