Reservationless Toll Free Conference Calls | Includes free MP3 Session Recordings

Our conference call customers say the call quality is incomparable.

Reservationless Toll Free Conference Calls

Your conference call account can be used anytime 24/7 without scheduling the call in advance with an operator.

Domestic or International Conference Calls

Calculate conference call cost for different plans:

2.9¢ Toll Free Plan Conference Call Calculator - Click here

3.9¢ Toll Free Canada Conference Call Calculator - Click here

International Conference Call rates are based on where your attendees are located. See this link.

Unlimited flat rate conference calls (not Toll Free) - Click here

Toll Free Conference Call Features
  • 24 hour operator assistance
  • Toll Free access for all attendees
  • Download free mp3's of your recorded conference call)
  • No usage = no charges
  • Superb conference call line quality guaranteed
  • Automatic attendance summary emailed to host after each conference call
  • No account setup or activation fees
  • No monthly fees
  • No cancellation fees
  • No term contract
  • No minimum usage requirement
  • Super reliable U.S. and international toll free conference calls
  • Enable simultaneous account usage for other groups or teams
Free MP3 conference call session recordngs

Free, unlimited MP3 downloads of any recorded conference call sessions

No need to incur any additional expense to retrieve the audio file of your conference call. It's included
free with the Toll Free Conference Call plan.

Your toll free conference call account is set up to receive attendance reports by default and included in this emailed report will be a download link to the actual MP3 recording of any recorded conference call.

This means that if the moderator records a conference call by using the [ * 2 ] command, the attendance report will include a link to the recording. When this link is clicked, usually Windows Media Player or whatever program you have associated with MP3 will open and play the recording. Then the MP3 recording can be 'saved' locally to your drive for your further reference or distribution.

Attendance reports with streamed recording links are
automatically sent to the email address specified on the order form after each conference call.

24 Hour Live Customer Service

You can conduct a conference call anytime without having to schedule the conference call with an operator.

We have operators available to help with anything you might need by simply pressing [ * 0 ] star-zero on your moderator telephone keypad while on a conference call.

Attendance Reports

A summary of each conference call is automatically and immediately sent to the email address specified on the order form.

Click to view example of email attendance summary

conference call summary itemizes the following: Group ID's if any, participant caller ID, date, time, duration, access number.

Emailed attendance summaries are enabled by default with the '
Toll Free Conference Call' plan.

Automated Reservationless Conference Call

This is a 'reservationless' Toll Free conference call service. No need to advise us when you want to make a Toll Free conference call.

You simply send your participants the conference call time, date, participant Passcode and the toll free conference call access number. You're free to host conference calls whenever you desire.

Of course, if you need an operator, they're available to you 24 hours a day.
Using your reservationless conference call account

Once your conference call account is activated, you can use the account whenever you wish 24/7. And there are no monthly fees or minimum usage requirements.

If you use your conference call account, your charged at the end of the month. If you do
not use your conference call account during the month, you are charged nothing.

Your conference call account stands ready for your use even if you do not use it often.
No ongoing monthly maintenance fees.

Additional Conference Call Features Include
Toll Free Conference Calls that Save Money

Companies using conference calling service with high volumes should try this toll free conference call service. Whether it is a meeting or client transaction, toll free conferencing make it convenient for all and always saves money due to removing any long distance obstacles for the participants.

At you don't need to pay extra hidden charges other the pricing offered for respective toll free conference call service packages. You will get all which is promised to you.

You will come across many
toll free conference calling services but it is your choice to select one from a seasoned company. It may be an ideal time to switch or upgrade your current plan because it may not fit your requirements any longer.

Conferencing services are one of the important tools to run your business and keep you connected with your clients and other administrative people whenever required. Internal connectivity within your business can have significant impact not only with clients but also your employees.

There's no reason to overpay for reservationless conference calls. Get the same high quality of the most well known carrier in the U.S. and save to 75%

Click a plan to learn more

3.9 cents per minute USA Conference Calls with Canada Toll Free Option 2.9¢ - 3.9¢ Toll Free Conference Calls for US and Canada participants

international toll free conference calls International Conference Calls with global Toll Free access numbers

If you have conference call participants in other countries, this plan offers international toll free access numbers
from 65 countries.

Need access with more toll-free countries?
View the Expanded International Conferencing Plan here.

All attendees simply dial in and enter a passcode and immediately join your conference call.

  • No monthly fees
  • No minimum usage requirements
  • It's reservationless, no need to book the call in advance

Conference Call Customer Comment:

"We've had a toll free conference call account with you for about two years now but for the first time we called upon your 24 hour customer service operator (in the middle of the night here). What an excellent service you have!"
Barry K.
-Phoenix, AZ

Conference Call Customer Comment:
"I've used your conferencing services at Whirlpool Corp for 10 years and have been VERY satisfied."
Jay H. -Michigan

Why is the rate per minute so low?

We're amazed at what some businesses are being charged (and continue to pay) for their conference calls.

The national average per minute rate for a high quality Toll Free conference call is 15¢* per minute, per person from a top tier carrier.

Many companies use toll free conference calls as a primary means of collaboration and pay exhorbitant rates.

*US-Lower 48 origination only.

Why overpay?

Is the conference call quality any better if you spend more? No, but some customers expect to pay a higher price and distrust a conference call company that offers an inexpensive rate.

Great Value for the Money

Our conference call service utilizes the same equipment and software platform that the top carrier in the USA uses.

In addition, with the Pay As You Go Plan, we offer
'free' MP3 files of any conference calls you decide to record.

Plus if you have conferees abroad, you can offer them a toll free access number in their country.

Optionally, you can dial-out to them at our preferential international conference call rates.

Customer Service

We offer superb, unmatched, responsive, multi lingual, USA based, 24 hour customer service and operator assistance.

Our reservationless conference call service is primarily used by businesses that expect great value and demand a high value service.

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