Reservationless Conference Calls | Audio Conference Call Advantages

Reservationless Conference Calls | Audio Conference Call Advantages



It's Less Expensive

Customers realize up to 80% savings on U.S. audio conference calling expenses and even more savings with the flat rate plan.

You are in Control

You decide when you will have the conference call meeting without the need to make a reservation with an operator.

Ease of Use

A customer simply dials a local or toll free telephone number (depending on the plan) and enters a pin code followed by the # sign when prompted by an automated attendant.

Each conferee would follow the same procedure, allowing everyone to meet at the appropriate time and be bridged together automatically.

If there are ever any questions, you can call the toll free customer service line and they will assist you.

Fewer Mistakes

By eliminating the human element in the reservation process, we have also eliminated the mistakes and errors that are committed by humans in these areas.


There are four basic advantages of reservationless audio conference call meetings.

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Reservationless Conference Calls | Audio Conference Call Advantages