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800 Voice Mail Service includes 35 features

Toll Free Voice Mail | Unlimited 800 Voice Mail ServiceView most important benefits below

  • A personal 800 number plus 35 Features 'included'

  • Receive 10 extensions without physical boundaries, in other words the extensions can ring to another state, if you wish.

  • Dedicate a separate extension to each employee and department.

  • Record up to a 10 minute outbound greeting or presentation on each of the included 10 extensions. If you do not require 10 extensions, simply use as many as you need.

  • Your toll free number is accessible to all your callers within the US & Canada. No dedicated line required. Rings to your existing phone or simply stores your messages for later retrieval from any phone or the web.

  • You do not need to be located in the U.S. to use this service. Your voice mail messages are sent to your email address. You can listen to the audio message from any web enabled device in any country. You can also login to your included web center and play messages from there, from any global web connection.

  • Your callers will never hear a busy signal! For example, a 1,000 callers could call your assigned toll free number at the same instant. Unlimited calls handled.

  • Record 10 minute presentations on each extension. 24/7 prospecting and lead generation with this option. Additional length available for extra fee.

  • Captures ALL caller ID. Even if the number is blocked. View all caller ID in your included Web Center, 24/7.

  • Enhanced business image in North America at minimum cost. Your callers located in the U.S. and Canada or the U.S. territories will be able to call your Toll Free number at no cost to them.

  • No numeric limit on messages in voice mail box.

  • It's Free to retrieve your messages by phone from U.S. or Canada or on the Web from anywhere.

  • Free call alert by phone, pager, SMS or Email. Download messages from your Web Center.

  • The service is month-to-month, no long term contract.

  • If you ever need more than 10 extensions, you can add additional extensions in increments of 5. You can add up to 999 total extensions, if required.
The cost? From $8.99 per month including all 35 features. Plus other plans available to fit your needs.

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Increase Your Sales By Providing Information About Your Company & Products 24/7

Increase Your Sales By Providing Information About Your Company & Products 24/7 - 24/7 recorded message hotlines are a type of voice mail system that allows you to record messages that your prospects can listen to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Your prospects simply call your hotline number and receive your message(s). After your prospect has listened to your message, they have the option to either leave a message for you (with their contact info) or be connected/forwarded to a live person.

Here's what your recorded messages will do for you
  • Reach prospects, customers and clients around the clock
  • Eliminate customer fears of high-pressure sales pitches
  • Save time - let the system sift, sort and screen prospects
  • Receive pre-qualified, warm prospects rather than "tire kickers"

As Dan Kennedy mentions in his book No B.S. Business Success:
"Offering additional information to prospective customers via a free recorded message compared with requiring prospects to call a regular business number and talk with a live salesperson almost always boosts response. At the same time, the recorded message lets you, the marketer, run ads, send out mailings, and handle all the initial response without any significant staff requirements and without having to take calls personally."

Get this unlimited inbound voice mail for one low monthly bill.

We are certain that
Telecommunications Center will be able to do any one thing you need right now very well, and will successfully accommodate your future needs when they arise.

Unlimited Voice mail Plan is revolutionizing the way small businesses, home located businesses and entrepreneurs run their enterprises. It positively gives anyone the sufficient power to communicate professionally and productively.

Voice Mail Big Business Image - Small Business Price

Additional Voice Mail Facts
This service is available to all US (50 states including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico) and Canada.

Many Canadian customers, from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax and other commercial cities in Canada, have found
Unlimited Voice Mail was very useful to promote their business in the United States because the toll free number works inside Canada at no additional cost to the user or the caller.

Messaging Service if you are outside the USA

Want a way to handle customer calls off hours or if you are away from the U.S.?

Unlimited Voice Mail Plan provides you with a perfect service as a Voice mail replacement or a low cost virtual presence for your U.S. customers.

With Unlimited Voice Mail Plan you get a U.S. toll free number for your company and a voice mail box for each person or department, 10 extensions included.

Callers listen to your main voice mail greeting directing them to enter an extension numnber per your own greeting, the system connects to the extension with another greeting and takes your voice mail message.

You can be notified by text message or your voice mail messages can be delivered to your email or you can call in later using your toll free number to retrive your messages or you can login to your account from any Web enabled computer, worldwide and retrieve your voicemeil messages online through your PC speakers or headset.

Overseas subscriber (e.g. an Australian company) can establish a toll free number to provide access to North American customers. Unlimited Voice Mail Plan can extend your business's reach and enhance customer service at minimal cost. Voice mail and faxes can be retrieved by login to your
Web Center.

Voicemail Unlimited Voicemail Plan can alert you via e-mail, pager, SMS or telephone

Instant Voice Mail Notification of New Messages

Unlimited Voice Mail Plan can alert you via e-mail, pager, SMS or telephone whenever you receive a new message so you can get back to your important prospects and clients promptly.

The caller's number is detected and announced with time stamp. All caller ID's are captured for you even if the caller ID is blocked.

Never Miss an Important Phone Call Again

When you or your employees receive a call, your Unlimited Voicemail Plan contacts you at the various numbers you have programmed into your system and announces the caller's name giving you the choice to accept the call live or send the caller to Voicemail.

Unlimited Voicemail Plan eliminates the need for your clients to make unnecessary calls to multiple numbers, and effectively allows you to successfully take your important calls no matter where you are using the Follow Me feature.

Being available to your clients is better customer service and can literally mean the difference between getting or losing a sale.

Use it 'outside' of the U.S.

Business users outside of the U.S. and Canada can obtain a
Unlimited Voicemail Plan toll free number to have North American customers reach you, and you can retrieve any voicemail messages and faxes online for free via Web login from any Internet connection worldwide.

You can listen to your Voicemail messages through your PC speakers or headset.

How much time do you spend every day checking multiple voicemail and e-mail accounts?

All of Your Communication in One Spot Telecommunications Center brings together all of your communication e-mail, voice mail and faxes in one place. And you can check all of your messages online, via e-mail, or from any phone.

Instant Notification of New Messages Unlimited Voicemail Plan can alert you via e-mail, text message, pager or telephone whenever you receive a new message so you can get back to your important prospects and clients right away.

Invaluable Communications Tool

You will most probably find this unlimited voice mail Telecommunications Center to be the most cost effective communications service you have ever owned.

Our toll free number is accessible to your callers in both United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico) and Canada.

Enables a Professional Image

With a Toll Free number your customers will perceive your business being more solid, well established and successful even if you're working from home.

The Unlimited Voicemail Plan automated voice mail system adds to that image of a substantial business.

You'll save huge amounts of time by sending unwanted callers to voice mail

Save Time
Save time by talking to the callers you want to talk to. Your Unlimited Voicemail Plan announces the callers name and gives you the choice on whether to take the call (5.9 cents/min) or send the caller to voicemail (totally free).

You can even set voicemail as default so every call (unlimited toll free calls) goes to your voicemail to listen to your
voice mail greeting messages.

Calls are NOT counted or metered when callers are sent to voicemail box.

You'll save huge amounts of time by sending "time wasters" to voicemail.

Voicemail Toll Free Unlimited Messages Plus 10 Extensions Included - Sign Up Form
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Unlimited 800 voice mail service has many features built-in.

You can create a perfect Voice Mail system for your business or personal use. Put the features to work that benefit your specific requirement.

Voicemail Toll Free Unlimited Messages Plus 10 Extensions Included - Sign Up Form

Try it 14 days Free

It is a Toll Free Voicemail Answering Service, Virtual PBX, Presentation Hotline, Auto-Attendant, Fax to Email service - all in one unified plan for one flat monthly fee.

All features are included in one flat monthly fee.

You have the option of creating up to a 10 minute greeting or presentation on 'each' of the included ten extensions. The ten extensions are built-in, use as many as you need.

Most customers do the recording themselves. And others hire a professional voice over studio to follow a script to create the custom greetings. The audio file can then be uploaded to the proper extension using your included account web center.

Click to View ALL Included Features

Voicemail Home
Dial a Demo
Music on Hold Choices
Selecting Voicemail
Voicemail Technology
Power of Voice
Voicemail Knowledge
Case Study
Voicemail Article
Real Estate Voicemail Script
Included Referral Plan

Simple or Sophisticated

You can change your unlimited voice mail account preferences to create your Voicemail to be as simple or sophisticated as you desire.

Since all 35 features are included, just enable or disable the features you desire by logging in to your account online.

Some customers use it as a "listen only" Voicemail. Meaning the system will provide up to a 10 minute outbound message to a caller. Having the system take a message is included but is your option.

By the way, ALL caller ID is captured. EVEN if the caller ID is blocked. All caller ID's will be viewable 24/7 by logging into your Web Center.

Protect Your Privacy

Unlimited Voice Mail Plan protects your home, office, cellular and other personal contact information.

The only number you will ever have to give to your contacts is your assigned Toll Free Voice Mail number and it comes with numerous call blocking features to help you manage your calls and deter any harassing callers to your voice mail number.

After you Sign Up

Your unlimited voice mail account is activated instantly. You will receive an activation email with your toll free number and a comprehensive user guide.

You'll also receive a customer service phone number which you can call should you ever need any assistance.

If you call, you'll speak to a live person who's job it is to assist in setting up your account they way you want it to work.


New Features added

After-hours Greeting

Use this option to have your Standard
Greeting play during your designated
Business Hours, and have a different
After-hours Greeting play during your
non-business hours.

Unavailable Greeting record or upload
an Unavailable Greeting.

This greeting will play when you turn on the Do Not Disturb option from Call
Forwarding page on the web interface.

This setting temporarily overrides your existing call forwarding settings so you are not disturbed. Simply turn Do Not Disturb off to return to your normal call forwarding schedule.

Virtual PBX Extensions want to present
a larger company image?

Set up Virtual PBX extensions on your main Telecommunications Center and assign them to different employees or departments.

Each Virtual PBX extension has its own Standard and Unavailable Greeting options, its own Call Forwarding settings, and the
ability to transfer callers to other Virtual PBX extensions or even an outside number!

Large Capacity Extension Greeting File

If you have your own recorded greetings, uploading greetings is easy. Or record your voice mail greetings by phone.


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