Own a US toll-free or local number with voicemail & hotline

800 Number Voicemail Service

Choose any available local number in inventory or search for a custom toll-free number using the 800 number search feature on the form.

Where do we provide U.S. local phone numbers?
You can choose a phone number in scores of states and cities in the continental U.S.
plus phone numbers in the Hawaiian Islands.
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  • Record up to a 30 minute outbound greeting or presentation on each of your extensions.
  • Choose from 3 to an unlimited number of extensions depending on your plan size.
  • If you desire, the extensions can ring to a phone in another state or play a greeting, or play a hotline message or play a voice prompt.
  • Send all Messages to Voicemail with 'Do Not Disturb' feature or take the call at your phone number.
  • Retrieve your Voicemail Messages in your email inbox or by phone toll-free.
  • Create a message hotline for emergency alerts or service information.
  • Dedicate a separate extension to each employee or department.
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Unlimited 800 Voice Mail Service
  • Your toll free number is accessible to all your callers within the US & Canada. No dedicated line required. Rings to your existing phone or simply stores your messages for later retrieval from any phone or the web.


  • You do not need to be located in the U.S. to use this service. Your voice mail messages are sent to your email address. You can listen to the audio message from any web enabled device in any country. You can also login to your included web center and play messages from there, from any global web connection.


  • Your callers will never hear a busy signal!


  • For example 1,000 callers could call your assigned toll free number at the same instant and no busy signals will be heard. Unlimited calls handled.
Your voice mail phone number captures all caller ID. Even if the caller ID number is blocked. View all caller ID in your included account portal available to you 24/7.

Enhanced business image at minimum cost. Your callers located in the U.S. and Canada, Hawaii or U.S. territories will be able to call your Toll Free number at no cost to them.

It's free for you to retrieve your messages by phone from U.S. or Canada or on the Web globally.

Free call alert by phone, SMS or Email. Listen to or download messages from your account portal.

The service is month-to-month, no long term contract, cancel anytime.
Examples of business voice greetings
  • Create a Toll Free or Local Number Voicemail Answering Service, Virtual PBX, Presentation Hotline, Auto-Attendant, Fax to Email service - all in one unified plan.
  • You have the option of creating up to a 30 minute greeting or presentation on 'each' of the included extensions from 3 to unlimited extensions depending on the plan you choose.
  • Most customers record the greetings for the extensions themselves. And others hire a professional voice over studio to create the custom greetings.
  • The audio file can then be uploaded to the proper extension using your included account web portal.

Increase Your Sales By Providing Information About Your Company & Products 24/7

creating a hotline is an included feature

Recorded message hotlines are a type of voice mail strategy that allows you to record messages that your prospects can listen to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Your prospects simply call your hotline number and hear your message(s). After your caller has listened to your message, you can enable the option for them to either leave a message (with their contact info) or be connected and forwarded to a live person, or simply hang up and end the call after the message is heard.

Simple or Sophisticated

You can change your voicemail account preferences to create your voicemail setup to be as simple or sophisticated as you desire.

Since all 35 features are included, just enable or disable the features you require by logging in to your account.

Some customers use it as a "listen only" Voicemail. Meaning the system will provide up to a 30 minute outbound message to a caller. Having the system take a message is included but is your option.
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