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The Beginning

American International Telephonics, or AIT as we're often called, has roots stretching back to 1996
American International Telephonics, or aitelephone.com as we're often called, has roots stretching back to 1996 when we began as a channel partner for U.S. domestic AT&T long distance services.

Since then, we've become providers of global telecommunication services with thousands of customers in many countries. Our mission is to connect you to others no matter where they are located worldwide.

We are based in America and provide services internationally via the Internet.

AIT assists primarily small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) and 'very large' organizations around the globe with telecommunication and collaboration alternatives.

It's been said that a company is only as good as it's people. Yes, we offer a wide array of services. Yes, the quality of these services is exceptional. Yes, we offer high quality services at low rates.

But none of this would be possible without AIT's team of dedicated staff that help take care of our customers and grow our business daily with a passion.


Services Offered
  • International Conference Call service utilizing global Toll Free and local access numbers
  • Toll Free conference call service
  • Specialized Canada conference call plan
  • Unlimited conference call plan
  • International call forwarding virtual phone numbers available in more than 120 countries
  • Cheap International Calls with rates that make it a pleasure to make international calls
  • Voice mail service with unlimited usage and toll-free or local number included


High Quality Telecommunications Services

Our staff evaluates: reliability, line quality, billing accuracy, user-friendliness, customer satisfaction, and rates. In addition to passing our quality and usability checks, AIT carefully determines how we can provide a service at the most cost effective rate possible for the end user.

Many aitelephone.com customers report they enjoy
far better line and voice quality than any competitor they've tried.

Creating and offering high quality telecommunications services at affordable rates has been and will remain our goal. We have found - and have maintained - the right balance between quality and price.

The factors that enable us to keep rates low include:
  • Low overhead
  • Customer referrals
You won't see fancy AIT commercials on TV or slick AIT advertisements in your favorite magazine. Because we don't spend billions of dollars advertising our services on television or in print, those costs don't get transferred on to consumers. Most of our advertising dollars are spent online where we are able to reach consumers cost effectively. This ensures that we reach customers without adversely affecting our ability to keep rates affordable.

Our team is dedicated to making sure that every customer is completely satisfied, every time. High quality, low rates, and exceptional service have allowed AIT to grow into the company that it is today.

AIT serves customers and organizations worldwide with a client list that includes Proctor & Gamble, the U.S. State Department, Royal Dutch/Shell Group, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd., Air France, Nokia, and Unisys and many more. In addition to larger global enterprises, we have thousands of small and medium size companies and individuals located globally that choose to use AIT's services to their benefit.


Why Choose AIT?
  • AIT understands that some visitors to our web site value outstanding customer service and like our plans and solutions while others simply need information. Those who find AIT valuable will likely become customers while those who are using the site to learn about different telecommunications plans may eventually become customers or refer others to us. Whether a visitor has an immediate need for our services or is learning about services, we aim to please!

  • Having surveyed our customers, we know that cost savings, personalized service, and time savings are among the most important incentives that we can offer - and we do!

  • Cost savings - AIT negotiates deep discounts with top tier telecom carriers. This translates into major cost savings for our customers. In addition, our services are offered around the globe, allowing international customers the opportunity to save money no matter where they may be located. Now, international customers have access to AIT's services, opening the door to services that are not generally offered locally or made available cost-effectively.

  • Personalized service - Our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service. We care for our customers, respect their time, their concerns, and answer questions as quickly as possible.

If you are reading this and need one of our services, we assure you that you'll enjoy the experience.




Our Commitment

AIT Customer Care Team

The team's enthusiasm, aitelephone's reputation, and word-of-mouth referrals have fueled our growth. In 2016, our customer count increased over 78 percent compared to 2015.

While our worldwide base of value-conscious customers continues to grow, we remain a relatively small company.

AIT never loses touch with what's important -our value conscious customers. We are profitable and intend to remain so for years to come.



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