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Toll-Free Real Estate hotline and lead capture system

Many Industries have used Toll-Free Info
Are you a real estate broker or real estate office manager looking for a virtual PBX systemlines to provide 24/7 information to prospects for years now.

In an effort to stay on top in the competitive Real Estate Market, top producing Real Estate Professionals have turned to technology to find the latest and greatest tools to provide them with the competitive edge they need.

Unlimited Voicemail Plan is a Presentation Hotline, Voicemail System, Answering Service, Auto-Attendant and a Fax Line all in one.

Unlimited Voicemail Plan provides the competitive edge you need by providing you:

  • One phone number to connect you and your clients no matter where you are

  • The ability to present your listing details to clients 24/7

  • To capture buyer and seller leads without violating Do Not Call list requirements

  • And so much more

Are you a real estate broker or real estate office manager looking for a system to manage all of your agents under one phone number?

How will 'Voicemail Real Estate Script' help my business ?

If you already know about the tremendous value of a Toll-Free Real Estate Hotline, then proceed to our Included Features page to discover why our Telecommunications Center system for Real Estate Professionals stands out above all others.

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Highlighted below are a few ways that Telecommunications Center Real Estate Pro is helping Real Estate Professionals around the world.

Lock in more real estate listings

Unlimited Voicemail Plan Real Estate Pro works 24/7 to gather leads for you. When your potential client makes that first contact, Unlimited Voicemail Plan Real Estate Pro will be there to capture the potential client’s information for your future use.


When it comes to getting listings it is necessary to understand that a seller is really only concerned about three things:
  1. The Seller wants to sell their house in the least amount of time
  2. The Seller wants to get the most money for their home
  3. The Seller wants to do both of the above with the least amount of hassle
  4. Demonstrate to the Seller that you can, and will, do the above three things for them and you will Lock in those Listings!
A survey conducted by the NAR (The National Association of Realtors® stated that 74% of individuals who completed a Real Estate transaction did so with the FIRST agent they dealt with.

This clearly means that you NEED to be the First contact for an interested Seller!

Unlimited Voice Mail Plan Real Estate Pro is designed to help you reach prospects before your competitor does!

To effectively reach your prospect first may require you to adapt to a new train of thought when it comes to advertising your services. Traditionally Realtors flaunt their achievements within their ads rather than what they can offer the potential client.

The following examples are statements made in current ads and perfectly demonstrate this point.


Grab the Seller’s Attention

Within minutes you can grab the Seller’s attention by showing off your unique method of presenting the Seller’s home.

Unlimited Voicemail Plan Real Estate Pro gives you a Toll-Free number with up to 999 extensions. Each extension can provide audio and print details on your listings 24/7. Perfect presentations every time.

Prior to meeting with a potential Seller take just a few minutes to set up an extension with a recorded exciting overview of their home on your Unlimited Voicemail Plan Real Estate Pro. Now, prepare a flyer/handout with additional details of their home and load it to a Fax-On-Demand Extension.

Meeting with the client – Homeowners are always in a hurry. You have just a few minutes to Grab their Attention!

After brief introductions start your presentation out with something like this:

“Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I’ve set up a system to drive a large volume of qualified potential buyers to you and your home. It’s a unique system that advertises 24-hours a day and generates hundreds of sales leads!

Here’s how it works. I advertise your home with a big bold call-to-action ad in Home Magazines, on my Web site, via a For Sale sign in front of your home and more. It drives prospects to call for recorded and fax-on-demand information anytime, 24 hours a day. Prospects dial in to hear a recorded description of your home. I always capture their phone number and often their name and address automatically whether they leave it or not!

The best part is that people interested in ANY and ALL of the homes I list are driven to this same system. So your home gets exposure to many potential buyers even if they didn’t initially inquire about your home! In addition the Agents for interested Buyers out there are also driving people to my system for more information on available properties. All of this creates amazing Traffic of potential buyers!

Let me show you how it works! Please grab your phone and dial this toll-free number and extension.”

Their excitement will clearly be evident as they listen to a description of their home over the phone.

Have the potential client dial the Fax-On-Demand Extension you created for their home and enter their Fax number to instantly receive your custom Flyer/Handout of their home.

After they hang up, your Cell Phone or Pager rings notifying you of the call they just made. By now you can see how this system will be a valuable addition to your listing strategies.


Advertising Don’ts (taken from actual ads):

“5 Time Best Seller in the Tri-County area!”

“Who’s Who In Luxury Real Estate”

“XXXX XXXX Top Agent 4th Quarter in a Row”

“#1 in Sales 2004 & 2003! Exceptional Marketing – Exceptional Results”


“Top 1% of all Agents in XXXXX. Multi-Million dollar producer. Need Listings, Call me today!”

While each of these statements may be true, and they may be worth mentioning at some point in time, they should not be the front line ‘lead in’ for your advertising efforts. The nature of people in general is to find out what is in it for them at this very moment in time! They want to know how you will benefit them NOW.

If you wish to be their very first Realtor contact you need to offer them something of value NOW.


Advertising Do’s:

Regardless of whether they are looking to sell now or down the road! By offering an instantly accessible service to the potential seller you will become their FIRST CONTACT!

Unlimited Voicemail Plan Real Estate Pro works 24/7 to gather leads for you. When your potential client makes that first contact, Unlimited Voicemail Plan Real Estate Pro will be there to capture the potential client’s information for your future use.


Real Estate Broker Script

Main Greeting

Thank you for calling Bob Smith with REMAX of Woodbridge.

If you know the 3 digit property code of the listing you’re calling
about please enter it now.

(When the caller enters the 3 digit property code they read on the
For Sale sign or flyer or ad, they would hear this presentation below)

If you would like to speak with me directly please press "0" now or
leave a message at the tone.

If you are sending a fax, please start fax transmission now.


Properly Listing Presentation

Thank you for your interest on the properly located at 201 Main Street.

This spacious colonial built in 1998 is 3100 Square Feet and features
4 bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms with a whirlpool bathtub, newly Renovated
Kitchen, 2 Car Garage, Large Living Room featuring 3 skylights and
Cathedral Sealing, Game Room , Patio Deck and much more.

The property is a steal at $325,000 and its Minutes from Major Shopping
Malls, RT 287 and the Turnpike. Don’t let this opportunity slip away.

Press "0" to speak with me directly so we can schedule a time for you
to come see this property or leave a message at the ton

How do you get this service ?

All of the features mentioned on this page for 'Unlimited Voicemail Plan Real Estate Pro' are automatically included when you sign up

Toll-Free Real Estate Hotline and Lead Capture System

Unlimited Voicemail Plan is a Toll-Free Real Estate hotline and lead capture system utilized by top producing agents and brokers across the USA.

Provide a Direct Line to a Listing.
Callers can dial a local or toll-free number and listen to a property presentation up to 30 minutes long.

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14 Day Free Trial

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