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All attendees dial-in and enter a passcode when prompted.

2 Everyone can now speak and be heard.

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  Enable 800 Conference Call Service for Attendees in US or Canada

  Pay for Usage Only | no monthly fees, no prepayment, no minimum usage requirements, no contract

  Dial-in with any cell phone, landline or VoIP device

  Free Recordings with MP3

  Free Live Conference Viewer

  Activate account once and use it whenever you need to conference with others at any time

  On-demand service, reservations or booking your call is not required
The local dial-in numbers listed below are provided as a convenience. These days most everyone uses either a cell phone or landline or VoIP. All of which have domestic long distance included.
Toll Free access number *

1 866 678 6823 Dial-in from US/Canada
* Includes toll-free dial-in access from Canada, US Mainland, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Marianna Islands, Alaska, US Virgin Islands, Saipan
U.S. Local access numbers

205-383-1331 AL Birmingham
501-712-4854 AR Little Rock
602-654-0401 AZ Phoenix
850-391-1311 FL Tallahassee
504-264-5400 LA New Orleans
313-355-5344 MI Detroit
816-654-6761 MO Kansas City
609-385-4786 NJ Atlantic City
201-918-3085 NJ Jersey City
518-621-5609 NY Albany
929-209-3600 NY Brooklyn
716-332-3757 NY Buffalo
315-410-0850 NY Syracuse
216-353-1292 OH Cleveland
405-694-4562 OK Oklahoma City
615-499-5838 TN Nashville
512-646-2999 TX Austin
832-280-0991 TX Houston
210-892-1414 TX San Antonio
801-214-0007 UT Salt Lake City
804-212-0717 VA Richmond
206-402-0821 WA Seattle
509-315-0260 WA Spokane
Canada Local access numbers

647-847-8463  Toronto
438-238-1455  Montreal
778-775-1114  Vancouver
902-702-0352  Halifax
418-478-2125  Quebec
587-887-1945  Edmonton
587-557-1722  Edmonton
343-883-1933  Ottawa
403-879-1119  Calgary
Toll Free 800 Conference Call Service with Access Numbers in both Canada and the US

If you need to connect with colleagues and customers scattered throughout the U.S. and Canada, Canada conference calling is one of the many options available to you.

Not only are these calls convenient, they reduce travel and all related travel expenses. Plus, Canada conference calling is even more affordable than ever before.

While long distance costs used to make conference calling between the two countries prohibitive, that is no longer true today. In fact, you may be surprised at just how cheap conferencing can be!

Canada conference calling can take several different forms. For example, the call's chairperson could be hosting the call from Canada attracting primarily Canadian participants. On the other hand, the host could be in the U.S. hosting a call with participants in both the United States and Canada.

The key to making a economic Canada conference call is to find a conference calling service that offers low calling rates, toll free access and local dial-in numbers in both countries plus the service features and options that are most important to you.

As an example, if you want to host a conference call and your call attendees are located in New York and Toronto, you'll need a service that can deliver both US and Canada toll free and local access numbers.

There's more to conference calling than finding the cheapest rates possible. In addition to low-cost conference calls that provide Toll Free access where your attendees will be dialing-in from, you'll also want to consider the service features and overall sound quality.

Conference Call Canada

Do you have participants in other countries?
Accommodate participants located in 100+ other countries with toll-free and local country specific access numbers.  View global international conferencing plans here.

Service Suitability
This plan is ideal for customers that require a full featured, high quality audio Toll-Free conferencing solution for use in Canada and the U.S.

On Demand Conferencing
No scheduling or booking is required.  Simply send invitations to your attendees with time and date to dial-in.

Cross-functional teams

Optionally add sub-accounts for team members or associates enabling simultaneous use of your account for different groups or special projects.

Cost Accounting

If you require more than one set of passcodes, we can provide as many set of codes as you require.  Usage can be tracked by department or user id's for cost accounting purposes.
800 Conference Call US/Canada | Use Cases

Our Conference Call Canada toll free service is a convenient choice for any number of meetings, especially when participants are located in both the United States and Canada. Below are a few examples of common use cases for cross-border conference calls.

US & Canada Business Meetings Enabled with an 800 Conference Call

It’s not uncommon for businesses on both sides of the US-Canadian border to interact with one another. Whether a company has branches in both countries or works with various suppliers, consultants, free lancers, clients, logistics companies, or authorities, holding a toll free conference call is an affordable, effective way to communicate with a large, diverse group.

For example, let's say you operate a manufacturing company in Canada with a team of sales professionals that interact with retailers across the United States and Canada. If you'd like to gather feedback from your team, share information about a new product you're developing, or discuss various business challenges, holding a conference call is a cost-effective choice that allows for:

One-to-many conference callsGreat for sharing information or trainings in “lecture only” mode.

Small group conference callsA good choice for team collaboration, brain storming sessions, and strategy meetings.

Conference call recordingsRecording your conference allows you to share it with participants after the fact.

Canada/US Government Procurement

The US-Canada Agreement on Government Procurement opened the doors to reciprocal projects and certain exemptions to the Buy American provisions of the US Recovery Act. Projects falling under the US-Canada Agreement on Government Procurement tend to be large in scope (for example, construction projects must have a total value in excess of $7,358,000) and subject to various limitations, which vary from one state to the next.

The size and complexity of these projects coupled with regulatory issues make communication crucial. Conference calls come in handy at all stages of the procurement process:

Regulatory conference callsIt may be necessary to speak with government officials, legal counsel, business advisors, consultants, and others in a conference call to determine if the project can move forward and establish the appropriate next steps.

Bidding conferencesConference calls are convenient way to share information with bidders and answer questions.

General business callsConference calls are an important communications tool for project managers who must regularly interact with stakeholders and team members on both sides of the border.

Training / Human Resources

Conference calls are also an excellent tool for human resources departments who must provide training and guidance to employees located in the United States and Canada. By using a US and Canada toll free conference call service, employees can participate in a human resources conference call from any state or province at no cost to them.

800 Conference Call for Human Resource Departments

Training a large cross-country work forceRather than traveling to each location, a conference call allows trainers to reach the entire work force via a conference call. Conference calls reduce training costs and increase the productivity of trainers.

Creating a knowledge base with recordings from previous training conference callsEach training-related conference call can be recorded and stored in a central location so that future employees can benefit from the material previously shared.

Company policy announcements or updatesNot only are conference calls a great way to communicate new company policies or clarify existing ones, your call attendance log can serve as proof that an individual participated in the conference call. For example, if an employee claims ignorance of a given policy, you could counter that claim with an attendance log showing his participation in a specific conference call covering that policy.

RecruitingConference calls are another option for sharing information about job openings to a group of potential candidates or recruiters. As the recruiting process gets underway, you can also use conference calls to prescreen individual candidates and hold preliminary interviews before investing in in-person interviews. Recording each interview enables multiple decision makers and hiring managers to listen in to your top candidates’ interviews as well.

800 Conference Call for Healthcare

Pharmaceutical manufacturers, researchers, healthcare providers, and various organizations throughout the United States and Canada rarely work in isolation. Having access to an easy-to-use US Canada toll free conference call service helps these organizations exchange knowledge. Here are a few ways the healthcare industry can use cross border conference calls:

Audio press conferences — Whether it’s an important new discovery, an urgent health warning, or a newsworthy medical item, holding a press conference via a conference call is an effective way to inform members of the press of all the pertinent details.

Physician consultations — On a smaller scale, physicians often use conference calls to consult with specialists or a healthcare team.

The United States and Canada have a long history of collaboration. Using a toll free conference call service helps to reinforce those bonds while delivering all of the benefits of audio conferencing at an affordable rate.

Common Questions

How Can I View My Account Usage

View usage 3 ways

1 Login online:  During the call, the Leader has the option to login online and see the call in progress.
All caller ID's, date, time and other information will be visible to the chairperson while the call is taking place.

2 Email Summary:  Customers receive an automatic email summary after each call including details of the attendees that accessed your call such as - Caller ID, date, time, duration on call, cost, etc.

3 Automatically emailed: A monthly PDF statement showing an itemized call history for the previous month usage.

Are there any monthly or recurring fees?

       No monthly fees - $0.00
  No prepayment
     •  No activation fees
  No contract
       Pay for usage only

Do I have to sign up again for each call?

Once your account is active, you can use it anytime 24/7/365. It does not expire unless there is no account usage for a 12 month period. Canada and US dial-in access numbers are permanent and remain constant.

Can I record a call?

Your account includes Free session recordings with MP3 files.

Can I see who is on a call?

Your account includes a Free online Live Conference Viewer which shows a list of all attendees on the call including their caller ID.
Live Conference Viewer

Where can I use this service?

Conduct conference calls from US, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Saipan, Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands

Can I have Canada and US participants on the same call?

Invite Canadian and U.S. attendees on the same call per your requirements.  Your account includes US dial-in access numbers as well as Canadian access.

What type of phone or network can be used to dial-in?

Any device or network works, including cellphones, landlines, Skype, VoIP, etc.

Can other associates use this account?

Yes, you can share this account or easily add additional sets of passcodes enabling simultaneous use of the account within your company. Usage can be tracked by department ID, numbers or user names for cost accounting purposes.
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