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140+ countries for your international phone presence creation Own a virtual phone number in any of 140+ countries

You can own a virtual phone number in the USA, UAE, UK, Mexico, Canada, France, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Nigeria, Italy, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines plus many more cities and countries.

Redirect calls
Divert calls to your landline or mobile phone or a PBX in any country or redirect calls to a VoIP or SIP number if you have one.

Global Toll Free
Phone numbers are accessible from an entire country.

An optional free feature is 'time of day routing'. Send calls to different phones at different times of the day, even to phone numbers in different countries. Many other features and options are included.

Most popular Virtual Number features

  1. View, upgrade or downgrade your service plans
  2. Change your destination number
  3. Add or modify various service features
  4. View your monthly statements and call detail records
  5. Update your payment info
  6. Contact our support team
  7. Find answers to FAQs and much more...

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call forwarding number availability

We offer Local and Toll Free virtual numbers globally

Virtual phone numbersFor example you could be located in the USA but have an office in Argentina or simply have callers located in Argentina. You can buy an Argentina international virtual phone number. The callers located anywhere inside Argentina can then call your Argentina Toll Free number at no cost to them and reach you at any worldwide phone number you choose.

The difference between Local and Toll Free:
The big difference is whether or not you need a number for your callers to be accessible from a small geographical area (local) -or an entire country (toll free).

Local Virtual Phone Number Call Forwarding

A local number enables your callers to access your new phone number at no cost to them 'if' they are calling from the same geographical area as your selected local number or area code.

Callers from
outside the new local phone number calling area will be able to call your local number from any country, however, long distance surcharges will be charged by their phone company, whoever that may be.

For example, you can own a Rome, Italy local phone number. It would be a local call for any caller located in Rome. It would be a long distance call for someone located in another country. They would need to pay long distance charges to their phone company as they would any other international phone call.

As an example, a person in the UK could call your Rome, Italy local number and would need to pay their own phone company for that International Call from the UK to Italy.

Another example, if you decide to own a Paris, France local number, your callers in the city of Paris could call your new local Paris phone number at no extra long distance cost to them. You would pay the per minute rates from Paris, France to your 'ring to' number based on
these rates.

Toll Free Virtual Phone Number Call Divert

You can Select Your Local or Toll Free Number in 140+ Countries.

Example - you can buy a toll free number in the USA, France, UK, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia or any of 140+ countries.

Your dedicated toll free number is accessible to the callers
inside your selected country at no cost to the caller. This toll free call forwarding number will be a 'country specific toll free number' for the country you select.

It's possible that your new toll free number may be accessible from other countries at a surcharge to the caller imposed by your callers phone company, whoever that may be. We have no way of knowing if/what those charges would be as they are not imposed by us.

Most customers acquire a toll free call forwarding number specifically for callers inside a certain country.

Your costs would be the per minute rate and fees from your selected toll free country to your 'ring to' number based on
the rates.

Toll Free Number Call Forwarding

Buy a Virtual Phone Number

Own a Virtual Phone line in your country or city choice

View call forwarding rates and local number availability
Let's assume that it's important to you to provide a New York City phone number to your callers. Just as an example, you can order a local number in many different area codes in the State of New York as with many other U.S. cities.

To continue with the New York example, if you chose a New York City number with a (646) area code, many New Yorkers, not all, could dial your 646 number and not have to pay any additional long distance fees to their local phone company to reach your virtual number.

A local
virtual number will permit a caller within the same city or area code of your chosen local number to connect to your local number without any cost to the caller within that same area code, and many times depending on the rate plan your caller has with their local phone company, the call to your purchased virtual number may be totally free to them.

Are you in Los Angeles, California but need a telepresence in Florida? Buy a Florida
virtual number and direct the calls to Los Angeles.

You are located in The U.K. and need a phone number in the U.S? Choose from many states and cities in the U.S. and direct the calls to your phone in the U.K.

Additional Built-in Features
  • Time of day routing - with time zone settings
  • Voice Mail
  • Caller ID - Know what phone number is calling. Learn about Caller ID here.
  • Call Recording
Advanced free features

The features below can be enabled and disable by the customer through the Customer Management Control Panel. In other words, after your account is activated and you are provided with the login link, you can login to your account and easily set up these features based on your usage preferences.

Maximum wait time on answer

This feature defines how long the system will wait for leg B to answer before considering it failed and moving on to a second 'ring to' number, etc. Ring time adjustments range from 15 to 40 seconds. The times are approximate, but are within +/- 5 seconds. This means that if you set the ring time to your 'ring to' number to be 20 seconds, this may in actuality turn out to be 15 seconds or as much as 25 seconds. By default the ring time before a call is deemed failed, is four rings.

Therefore, if your circumstances dictate that you need a longer ring time, you can use this maximum "wait time" adjustment. Many customers experiment with this setting until it works to their benefit or they leave the default setting in place.

"Local Ringtone" feature

The system can play a localized ring tone (the tone you hear when you call someone and it's ringing). You will have a selection of 40 countries or the choice to use the remote-end ringback tone, which means the audio is passed through from the destination (this is the default).

Once you activate this free feature, you will increase local appeal when callers dial your Toll Free or Local number. The caller will hear the normal dial ring tone of their country which will make the caller feel more comfortable.

We currently have 40 distinct country local ring tones that customers can choose from. The rest of the countries around the world use one of these ring tones.

Both of these settings are available on the advanced forwarding settings page (accessible from the Customer Management Control Panel).

All customers receive the link to the Customer Management Control Panel upon receipt of the account activation email.

You command your call forwarding number to redirect your calls to any other U.S. or international phone number worldwide

You may be located in the London UK, Rome Italy, Paris France or Istanbul Turkey or Rio de Janeiro Brazil, to name a few choices.

You can buy a local number in your choice of 140+ countries.

You command your virtual phone number to divert your calls to any other U.S. or international phone number worldwide

For example, you could be located in the USA but have an office in Argentina or simply have callers located in Argentina.

Click here to view global virtual number rates and plans - Country Availability and Sign Up Form

You can buy an Argentina Toll Free number.

The callers located anywhere inside Argentina can then call your Argentina Toll Free number at no cost to them and reach you in the USA or at any worldwide
virtual line number you choose.

Other applications

1. You may be a Greek cruise line operator. You want to make it easy for U.S. clientele to reach your reservation desk in Greece. Buy a U.S. Toll Free number, remove the obstacle for your U.S. callers and give them your U.S. toll free number to reach you at no cost to them.

You own a winery with headquarters in France and have distributors in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy and the U.S. You can buy country specific Toll Free numbers for the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy and the U.S. that will redirect all callers in those countries to your France main office phone number.

Simultaneous Calls

Accepting and forwarding multiple calls simultaneously is a free feature. The simultaneous call feature is available for the majority of countries where local numbers are offered.

Quality of call forwarding

This service is based on public network infrastructure (PSTN). It is not a VoIP service.

Calls transported over (VoIP) the Internet are subject to uncontrollable transport, bandwidth and other issues.

These call quality issues are especially apparent if the call is being forwarded internationally using VoIP. Consequently the potential for negative call quality issues typically associated with calls over the Internet are virtually non-existent with Global Call Forwarding service.

What are the costs?

Costs are determined by your choice of the Virtual Number call forwarding city. For example, assume you want a Sydney Australia phone number, if you select the Basic plan, the per minute rate is 5.7¢ ($0.057) per minute to redirect calls from your Sydney number to a phone number in the U.S.

Another example, assume you want a number in Paris France virtual number, the per minute rate to call forward calls from Paris to the USA is 5.2 cents ($0.052)

Costs - Depend on your choice of city or country

1. There is a monthly fee depending on plan choice
2. There are per minute rates depending on your 'ring to' phone number country location and plan choice.

View all rates and virtual number availability

Provide your associates, customers or family a local phone number and have all your calls routed to any phone number you desire, located anywhere in the world.

If your customers are located in different countries than you or if you travel often or if you have family or friends overseas, now you can give them a local phone number and receive their calls where you are.

Use this service for call forwarding to your cell phone or landline. Or, have your cell phone calls forwarded to another country using an international virtual number.

Changing your 'ring to' number

Once your virtual line is activated, you can login online and easily modify your call forwarding number. The change is effective in real-time and takes just seconds to do.

change your ring to numberChanging Your 'Ring To' Number

As an example you could have your calls forwarded to a number in Japan in the morning and change the call forwarding to a number in the UK in the evening. Or change it from your landline to your mobile phone, at any time.
What will callers hear when they dial my Virtual Phone?

Calls are connected very quickly. The caller will hear normal call processing as with any other call they may make.

What is a 'private' Virtual Number?

The virtual number assigned to your account is unique and does not require your callers to enter an extension number. It is your dedicated and private phone number for your use and distribution.

Is voice mail included?

Yes voice mail is an included feature.

What does it cost?

Costs vary depending on country and city selected and the per minute rate. See costs.

Global Call Forwarding service - A double duty plan

Advanced usage strategy for cheap international calls.

Some of our customers use this service not only as a call forwarding facility but also as a means to make cheap international calls.

For example, if you were a customer located in Paris, France and had your assigned France local number, you could login to your account via the Web and change the 'ring to' number to any number in the world that you wanted to call.

After you made the change to your 'ring to' number, you would then dial your assigned local Paris number and your international call would connect at low rates to any number in the world. Changes you make to the 'ring to' number are in effect immediately.

After you made your call, simply change the 'ring to' number back to normal.


Make a cheap international call with your Global Call Forwarding account

Login to your account online. We send the login link on account activation.

Change the existing 'ring to' number to the number you wish to call.

Dial your Global Call Forwarding number to make cheap international calls to the new 'ring to' number.


Date: 8/3/2016

Use a Virtual Phone Line to Increase Sales
by Michael Framer

Become a Local Business in another Country Overnight

Global call forwarding utilizing a virtual phone number is Manageran excellent strategy for any company that desires to do business in a country outside of their own local area.

Do you have customers overseas? No doubt you probably have a web presence for your product or service. You may depend heavily on that web site which has a 'contact' link and a local phone number (in your country) for potential new customers or existing customers to reach you.

Your contact form and a local phone number on your web site may be the only method a potential customer can use to reach you or your sales department.

What happens if your existing local phone number is at your headquarters in Miami, Florida USA but a large portion of your customer base is located in Panama or Brazil or some other country?

Your overseas caller is then faced with an obstacle, they either must call your USA phone number and pay international long distance fees or send an email or use a contact form. All of these methods are acceptable but really do not compare to providing a local number in the caller's country or city.

Of course, it depends on what type of product or service you offer on the web. Some web based companies prefer not to display any phone numbers.

But if you are offering any type of product or service with a significant purchase price, you'll do more business with a virtual call forwarding number or
remote call redirection located in the country or city where your caller is located. A call forwarding number can be a solution.

Therefore a web presence does not solve the issue of removing the long distance call obstacle that faces your current or future customers should they want to place an order immediately or reorder or simply gain a comfort level that you are really a viable company and are sincerely interested in getting their business.

Many enterprises buy a local
number or international phone number. For example, you can be located in the USA and decide to own a local Paris France or Hong Kong phone number and have the callers automatically redirected to your Los Angeles or New York main office phone number. By doing so, you have effortlessly created a local presence in Hong Kong or Paris or many other available countries and cities around the world.

Currently we offer availability of approximately 2,000 possible cities and countries including Local numbers and Toll Free numbers globally.

Global City numbers added August 2016
Indonesia Mobile
Angola Luanda
Kazakhstan Almaty
Namibia Windhoek
Armenia National
Bangladesh Toll Free
Barbados National
Benin Mobile
Kuwait National
French Guiana Toll Free

Global City Numbers added October 2016
Algeria National
Kyrgyzstan Bishkek
Macao Mobile
Mali Bamako
Mauritius Mobile
Senegal National
Sri Lanka Mobile
Taiwan Taipei
Tajikistan Dushanbe
Tanzania National
Trinidad and Tobago National
Uganda National
Zimbabwe National
Macedonia Toll Free Mobile Enabled
Martinique Toll Free Mobile Enabled
Mayotte Toll Free Mobile Enabled
Nigeria Toll Free Mobile Enabled
Philippines Toll Free Mobile Enabled
Reunion Island Toll Free Mobile Enabled
St Pierre and Miquelon Toll Free Mobile Enabled

By establishing an international virtual toll free number that is local to your caller, your international customers will be more likely to believe your company has the ability to serve them.

Set up a virtual local international toll free number to redirect your callers directly to any of your phone numbers, in any country.

You'll receive more phone calls and have more chances to increase your sales. International call forwarding also known as
international virtual phone number is a very powerful and versatile telecommunications tool that can expand your business internationally the easy way.

Incidentally, international call forwarding and virtual local numbers are also an easy way to set up a local phone number for family, friends and associates to reach you.

What is international call forwarding and its primary benefits?

International Call forwarding is one of the most useful features that new age communication systems offer. It gives you a virtual number where your call can be forwarded to any other destination that you require such as a mobile phone, landline or any device.

There are many benefits of international call forwarding. It removes the
obstacle of geography as it will divert calls to any global phone number or SIP (VoIP) number worldwide.

International call forwarding is very beneficial for corporate entities and most of global business enterprises enjoy the benefit of a global forwarding call system.

Many of customers have found that subscribing for a new virtual phone number for their own country or city location, can be faster and less costly than through their own in-country telecommunication service provider.

Business owners and entrepreneurs are mobile people and when they visit various locations it is mandatory to connect with the people calling them.

For these people, an international call forwarding system is heaven sent as they can still be in touch with everyone even when moving to various overseas locations. Global call forwarding service diverts calls worldwide 24 hours a day and includes many advanced features including options for call center usage.

We look forward to assisting you with your call forwarding requirements.
Contact me directly for any clarifications.

Contact Manager



Recent Virtual Phone Number activations and routes:

Basic Philippines (Manila) to Zimbabwe

Basic Australia (Sydney) to PHILIPPINES

Basic Bahrain (National) to UNITED STATES

Basic India (Delhi) to UNITED STATES

Value China (Beijing) to UNITED KINGDOM

Basic Thailand (National) to NIGERIA

Power India (Bangalore Mobile) to PHILIPPINES

Basic Philippines (Toll Free) to SINGAPORE

Basic Canada (Montreal) to MONTREAL

Value United States (Toll Free) to COSTA RICA

Power United States (Toll Free) to TUNISIA

Basic Namibia Windhoek to SOUTH AFRICA

Basic Mayotte Toll Free Mobile Enabled to UNITED KINGDOM

Basic Macao Mobile to CHINA

Basic United States (California, Hawthorne) to BRAZIL

Basic Nigeria Toll Free Mobile Enabled to CAYMAN ISLANDS

Basic Taiwan Taipei to FRANCE

Basic Philippines Toll Free Mobile Enabled to HONG KONG

Power Singapore to HONG KONG

Basic Italy (Roma) to UNITED STATES

Basic Philippines (Toll Free) to UNITED STATES

Basic United States (Toll Free) to CAMEROON

Value United States (Massachusetts, Boston) to AUSTRALIA

Basic India (Delhi Mobile) to TURKEY

Basic Cyprus (Nicosia) to UNITED KINGDOM

Basic Philippines (Toll Free) to HONG KONG

Value France (Toll Free) to GERMANY

Basic United States (Washington, DC Zone 01) to CHINA

Basic Luxembourg (Toll Free) to UNITED STATES

Basic United Kingdom to UNITED KINGDOM LONDON

Basic Philippines (Manila) to UNITED STATES

Basic Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) to INDIA

Basic Australia (Sydney) to SOUTH AFRICA

Value United Kingdom (London) to SWEDEN

Basic Hong Kong (National) to BULGARIA

Basic Australia (Sydney) to INDIA

Basic Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) to ISRAEL

Basic Bangladesh to UNITED STATES

Basic Spain (Madrid) to EGYPT

Basic UAE (Dubai) to TURKEY

Power South Africa (Toll Free) to UNITED STATES

Basic Russian Federation (Moscow) to SERBIA

Basic Kuwait to INDIA

Enterprise United States (New York) to ECUADOR

Value Canada (Halifax) to UNITED KINGDOM

Basic India (Delhi) to UNITED STATES

Germany (Frankfurt Am Main) to CHINA

Basic UAE (Dubai) to ITALY

Basic France (Paris) to TUNISIA

Basic India (Bangalore Mobile) to CANADA

Basic United States (Toll Free) to JORDAN

Value Poland (Toll Free mobile accessible) to UNITED STATES

Basic Korea South (National) to VIETNAM

Basic UAE (Dubai) to PAKISTAN

Basic South Korea (Busan) to HONG KONG

Basic India (Delhi) to PAKISTAN

Basic Cyprus (Nicosia) to GREECE

Basic India (Mumbai) to SERBIA

Basic Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) to UNITED KINGDOM

Basic United States (Oregon, Portland) to NETHERLANDS

Basic UAE (Dubai) to EGYPT

Basic Canada (Brampton) to CANADA

Value Canada (Toronto) to INDIA

Value UAE (Dubai) to RUSSIA

Basic Spain (Madrid) to PUERTO RICO

Basic Australia (Sydney) to POLAND

Basic Estonia (National) to INDONESIA

United Kingdom (London) to UNITED STATES

Basic United Kingdom (London) to CHINA

Basic Georgia (National) to SOUTH AFRICA

Basic Russian Federation (Kaliningrad) to BENIN

Basic India (Delhi Mobile) to UNITED STATES

Power United States (New York, New York City) to THURAYA

Basic Panama (Panama City) to CAMEROON

Basic Canada (Niagara Falls) to UNITED KINGDOM

Value Singapore (National) to GERMANY

Premium United States (Texas, Houston) to KENYA

Basic Panama (Panama City) to EL SALVADOR

Basic Israel (Jerusalem) to UNITED STATES

Basic United Kingdom (London) to TRINIDAD

Switzerland (Bern) to SWITZERLAND

Value Hong Kong (National) to SWEDEN

Basic Dominica (Toll Free) to ISRAEL

Basic Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) to UNITED STATES

Basic Philippines (Manila) to PHILIPPINES

Power United States (Alabama, Boaz) to SOUTH AFRICA

Value Canada (Calgary) to SAUDI ARABIA

Basic United States (Toll Free) to SERBIA

Value India (Mumbai Mobile) to MONTREAL

Basic Spain (Toll Free mobile accessible) to ROMANIA

Basic UAE (Dubai) to CANADA

Basic India (Bangalore Mobile) to UNITED STATES

Basic United States (California) to CHINA

Value United States (Minnesota) to OMAN

Basic Indonesia (Toll Free) to INDONESIA

Basic India (Bangalore) to UNITED STATES

Basic Serbia (Toll Free) to BAHRAIN

Value United States (Beverly Hills, California) to INDIA

Basic Turkey (Istanbul) to CAMEROON

Basic UAE (Dubai) to IRAN

Basic Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) to INDIA

Basic India (Bangalore Mobile) to CANADA

Value Peru (Lima) to UNITED STATES

Basic UAE (Dubai) to SAUDI ARABIA

Basic Bahrain (National) to UNITED STATES

Basic India (Delhi) to UNITED STATES

Value China (Beijing) to UNITED KINGDOM

Basic Thailand (National) to NIGERIA

Power India (Bangalore Mobile) to PHILIPPINES

Basic Philippines (Toll Free) to SINGAPORE

Basic Australia (Sydney) to PHILIPPINES

Basic Canada (Montreal) to MONTREAL

Value United States (Toll Free) to COSTA RICA

Power United States (Toll Free) to TUNISIA

Basic Singapore (National) to CANADA

Basic Paraguay (Toll Free) to UNITED STATES

Basic Turkey (Antalya) to TURKEY

Value Portugal (Toll Free mobile accessible) to IRAN

Basic United States (California, Hawthorne) to INDIA

Value United States (Texas, Dallas) to UNITED KINGDOM

Power Australia (Toll Free) to UNITED STATES


Power Italy (Milano) to INDIA

Basic Canada (Vancouver) to LEBANON

Basic Jamaica (Toll Free) to ISRAEL

Basic UAE (Toll Free) to SOUTH AFRICA

Value United States (Alabama) to CHINA

Value Colombia (Medellin) to UNITED STATES

Value UAE (Dubai) to RUSSIA

Basic Singapore (National) to GERMANY

Value Paraguay (Toll Free) to VENEZUELA

Basic Thailand (National) to NIGERIA

Power Indonesia (Toll Free) to UNITED STATES

Basic Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) to SAUDI ARABIA

Basic UAE (Dubai) to UKRAINE

Basic United States Local to DOMINICAN REPUBLIC MOBILE

Premium United States Local to KENYA MOBILE

Basic Guatemala Local to UNITED STATES

Basic Australia Local to UNITED KINGDOM MOBILE

Basic United States Local to UNITED STATES

Value Hong Kong National Local to TAIWAN

Basic AUSTRALIA Local to USA

Basic BELGIUM Local to USA

Value United States Local to TUNISIA Mobile

Basic United States Local to VENEZUELA Mobile

Basic United States Local to UNITED KINGDOM Mobile

Power United States Local to AUSTRALIA Mobile

Basic United States Local to PAKISTAN Mobile

Basic Romania Local to USA

Basic Canada Local to USA

Value India Toll Free to GERMANY

Basic United States (Las Vegas, Nevada) to MACAO MOBILE

Basic Canada Local to PAKISTAN MOBILE

Basic Singapore (National) to IRAN

Basic Hong Kong (National) to UNITED STATES

Basic Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) to UNITED STATES

Value United States (California, Long Beach) to TUNISIA

Basic Russian Federation (Moscow) TO UNITED STATES

Basic Anguilla to UNITED KINGDOM

Basic Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) to NIGERIA

Basic Singapore (National) to GERMANY

Basic Malaysia (Toll Free) to AUSTRALIA

Value United States (San Francisco) to CHILE

Basic China (Shenzhen) to CHINA

Value Australia (Australia Toll Free) to NIGERIA

Value Canada (Montreal) to CANADA

Value Italy (Roma) to SPAIN

Basic Fiji (Toll Free) to INDIA

Basic Paraguay (Toll Free) to UNITED STATES

Basic Portugal (National) to UNITED STATES

Basic Korea South (National) to HONG KONG

Power United States (Las Vegas) to HUNGARY

Basic UAE (Dubai) to NIGERIA

Basic Cyprus (Cyprus Toll Free) to RUSSIA

Basic Mexico (Monterrey) to UNITED STATES

Value Italy (Toll Free mobile accessible) to SOUTH AFRICA

Value United States (Texas, Houston) to INDIA

Basic UAE (Dubai) to UNITED STATES

Basic India Bangalore Mobile to UNITED STATES

Basic Mexico (Acapulco) to MEXICO

Basic India (Bangalore) to CANADA

Basic Antigua (Toll Free) to UNITED STATES

Basic United States (Florida Keys) to UNITED KINGDOM

Value United States (Illinois, Big Rock) to INDIA

Value India (Bangalore Mobile) to SPAIN

Basic India (Mumbai Mobile) to CANADA

Basic Canada (Toronto) to TANZANIA

Value India (Delhi) to SPAIN

Basic Hong Kong (National) to NIGERIA

Basic Canada (Vancouver) to INDIA

Basic United Kingdom (Stoke-On-Trent) to INDIA

Basic Germany (Toll Free) to UNITED STATES

Basic Romania (Bucharest) to CHINA

Value UAE (Dubai) to PAKISTAN

Basic Philippines (Toll Free) to PHILIPPINES

Basic Nigeria to UNITED STATES

Basic Korea South (Seoul) to UNITED STATES

Basic India (Bangalore) to AUSTRALIA

Basic Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) to PAKISTAN

Power New Zealand (Local) to SINGAPORE MOBILE

Basic United States (New York City) to SOUTH AFRICA MOBILE

Basic Philippines (Toll Free) to HONG KONG

Basic United Kingdom (London) to GREECE Mobile Vodafone Telestet

Basic Cyprus (Local) to IRELAND

Basic United Kingdom (London) to UNITED STATES

Basic Mexico (Mexico City) to ROMANIA MOBILE

Basic India (Mumbai) to UNITED STATES

Power New Zealand (Auckland) to AUSTRALIA

Power United States (Los Angeles) to UNITED STATES

Basic Philippines (Manila) to AUSTRALIA

Basic Canada (Toronto) to CANADA

Value Finland (Helsinki) to SWEDEN

Basic Egypt (Toll Free) to UNITED STATES

Power India (Bangalore) to CANADA

Basic Canada (Montreal) to FRANCE

Basic Kenya (Toll Free) to UNITED STATES

Value India (Delhi) to UNITED KINGDOM

Premium Saudi Arabia (Toll Free) to UNITED STATES

Basic Israel (Tel Aviv) to UNITED STATES

Basic Greece (Toll Free) to GREECE MOBILE

Basic United States (Philadelphia) to UNITED KINGDOM MOBILE

Basic Taiwan (Taipei) to HONG KONG MOBILE

Basic United Kingdom (London) to IRELAND MOBILE

Power United Kingdom (Sheffield) to UNITED STATES

Basic United States (San Francisco) to RUSSIA MOBILE

Basic Australia (Brisbane) to THAILAND MOBILE

Power United States (Denver) to SOUTH AFRICA MOBILE

Power Canada (Brampton) to JORDAN MOBILE

Basic Australia (Cairns) to INDIA

Power United States (Houston, Texas) to UNITED STATES

Premium United States (Las Cruces, New Mexico) to SPAIN MOBILE

Basic Turks & Caicos (Toll Free) to UNITED KINGDOM MOBILE

Value Switzerland (Basel) to UNITED KINGDOM MOBILE O2

Basic United States (Washington, DC) to UAE

Basic Bahrain (National) to AUSTRALIA

Basic Turkey (Ankara) to UNITED STATES

Basic Canada (Barrie) to FRANCE MOBILE

Power France (Paris) to ISRAEL MOBILE

Power United States (Boise, Idaho) to AFGHANISTAN MOBILE

Basic United States (Seattle, Vancouver) to BELARUS MOBILE

Basic United States (Toll Free) to INDIA MOBILE

Basic Canada (Montreal) to UNITED STATES

Power United States Toll Free to INDONESIA MOBILE


Value UNITED STATES (Phoenix, Arizona) to Spain MOBILE

Basic Argentina Local to CHILE MOBILE

Basic Ireland (Dublin) to UNITED KINGDOM

Basic Canada (Montreal) to MALAYSIA MOBILE

Premium United States (Texas) to INDIA

Premium Italy Local to NIGERIA Mobile

Power Australia (Sydney) to UNITED KINGDOM MOBILE

Basic France (Paris) to SPAIN MOBILE

Power United States (San Diego, California) to VIETNAM MOBILE

Basic United States (Toll Free) to GERMANY MOBILE

Basic India (Mumbai) to UNITED STATES

Basic United States Local to CAMEROON MOBILE

Basic Austria Local to UNITED STATES

Power Canada Local to CANADA

Basic Brazil Mobile Toll Free to UNITED STATES

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Get your calls from another country using a virtual phone number. Have calls diverted to any mobile, landline, VoIP/SIP or Call Center worldwide.

Gain a phone presence in any of 140+ countries by using international virtual number call forwarding.

Your new call divert number will automatically redirect your calls anywhere you desire, globally.

International Call Forwarding Rate Calculator

Click here to view global virtual number rates and plans - Country Availability and Sign Up Form
View worldwide virtual numbers

International Call Forwarding
provides you with a private virtual phone number within the country you select. View available countries and number selection here.

» Global Call Forwarding
» Common Virtual Number Routes
» Why get call forwarding?
» Changing your 'Ring To' number
» What will my callers hear?
» What's a 'private' phone number?
» Is voice mail included?
» What does it cost?
» A double duty plan

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Virtual Number Comments

I''m French, actually living in Brazil, liked the idea to get a US local phone number so any US store I do business with and any of my US friends can call me easily. Thanks, Laurent"

"We have signed up for the call forwarding package from UK toll free to Malaysia and quite happy with the voice quality. Now, we're planning to extend to other countries and call forward the calls to Malaysia."

"I am using your Bahama Toll Free service for a month to see if
this will work for our local market to reach us. We want our Bahamian clients to be able to make a cost free call to our US office."

"The Colombia phone line has been very good for receiving international calls from Colombia free for our customers. The service and features are very satisfactory and perfect for are needs. Thank you, I will recommend your company to my friends."

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Get Roll Over Minutes!
Get more value from your call forwarding plan.

When you sign up, select the Roll Over Option to accumulate your unused plan minutes for future use.This is a perfect solution for those customers that have fluctuating account usage and would like to use those unused minutes for times when higher call forwarding activity occurs.

Get a private Toll Free or Local Call Forwarding Number. See list here.

Our Global Call Forwarding service offers a suite of free advanced features to customize your Virtual Number or Toll Free Forwarding number service to fit your specific needs so you can forward calls where, when and how you want them forwarded, anywhere in the world.

Free features and options below

Simultaneous Multiple Call Processing
Sequential Forwarding
No Term Contract
Black & White Number Block Lists
Big Choice of Global Phone Numbers
Change Your Call Forwarding Number
Caller ID
Fax Forwarding
Flexible Device Compatibility
Customized Greeting
Local Ring Tones
Advanced IVR/PBX
Voicemail & Voicemail to Email
Select Country Forwarding
Ring up to 10 Phones Simultaneously
Online Account Management
Low Rates without sacrificing Quality
No Charge for Incomplete or Busy Calls
Emailed Monthly Statements
Superb Customer Care
Advanced Call Forwarding Feature
Private Worldwide Numbers
Roll Over Minutes Carry Over
Call Recording

Virtual Phone Number Features

Simultaneous Multiple Call Processing
Your virtual phone line accepts multiple callers at the same time with no busy signals. The Simultaneous Ringing can forward calls from your Local or Toll Free number to two or more phone numbers simultaneously.

It is a feature for those customers who have a PBX or hunt group and can receive multiple calls at the same phone number.

Sequential Forwarding
The Sequential Forwarding lets you register up to 4 back-up ring-to phone numbers to answer a call in case the main number is busy.

No Term Contract
When signing up for Global Call Forwarding services, you will be on a month-to-month plan. No contract, cancel at any time with no penalties.

Black & White Number Block Lists
The Black & White Lists permits you to create Black and White phone numbers list based on area codes or phone numbers.

Big Choice of Global Phone Numbers
Virtual phone numbers available in many countries.

Change Your Call Forwarding Number
Online account management enables you to login and change your 'ring to' number in real time, 24/7.

Caller ID
Optionally view the original caller's ID or choose to see the actual Virtual Number ID when you receive a call.

Fax Forwarding
With Fax Forwarding you can receive a fax sent to your new number and that fax will be automatically delivered to you by email as an image file. There is no extra charge for using this feature and activation can be easily done through your account management control panel.

Flexible Device Compatibility
This service is compatible with any landline or mobile phone located in any country.

Customized Greeting
The Customized Greeting lets your callers know that they will soon be connected with your phone number.
This feature allows you to record a custom greeting for your virtual number free of charge. The recorded greeting can be played to a caller when your call forwarding number is in the process of connecting to your 'ring to' number.

Local Ring Tones
The Local ring tones allows your customers to hear the corresponding ring back tone of their country, which may make them feel more comfortable -instead of hearing an overseas ring tone.

Advanced IVR/PBX
The Advanced IVR/PBX allows you to set up a greeting system and set of actions to manage the incoming calls.

Voicemail to Email
The Voicemail will answer if your existing phone is busy or does not answer. You can also activate the Do Not Disturb option which automatically sends every call to your voice mail. Any voice mail messages are then forwarded to your email address on file.

Select Country Forwarding
The Select Country Forwarding enables you to forward calls from a predefined country code to a specific phone number.

Use this feature if you will have callers from different countries and want to route those calls to specific phone numbers. For instance, forward callers from Brazil to a call center that offers Portuguese speaking operators.

Ring up to 10 Phones Simultaneously
Enter up to 10 ring-to numbers to ring Simultaneously. When one of those lines are picked up, then all others stop ringing and connection is made to the number that answers the call.

Online Account Management
Online Account Management and Reporting offers you an easy to use Customer Control Panel to manage your account, change account settings, add services, set up or modify the advanced features, change your ring-to numbers, set up your call forwarding preferences, view up-to-date invoices, and view call details including date, time, phone numbers, and duration.

Low Rates without sacrificing Quality
You'll always have high quality connections at the best rates possible.

No Charge for Incomplete or Busy Calls
Unlike other call forwarding plans, you will not be charged any fees for busy or incomplete calls.

Emailed Monthly Statements
You will automatically receive a monthly statement with all call details for the month. This is also a free feature.

Superb Customer Care
You receive individual attention from our trained professionals. See customer comments.

Advanced Call Forwarding Feature
The Advanced Call Forwarding allows you to forward your incoming calls to different phone numbers during different time slots on any selected day.

You can select to have your calls forwarded to different phone numbers, even if in another country, or to voice mail depending on the time of the day. You can select different routing for different days of the week.

Private Worldwide Phone Numbers
Also called International Call Forwarding, receive a unique USA or global phone number when you sign up. Choose from 'local' number in your desired city or a Toll Free call forwarding number accessible from an entire country that you select.

You can give this New Number to your customers, family members, colleagues, friends or anyone else you wish.

When this U.S. or other country global number is dialed, the incoming call is automatically forwarded to your desired phone number, wherever you are in the world.

Have your mobile phone or landline calls automatically call forwarded to any other telephone number worldwide.

Choose from over 2500 U.S. area codes. Gain a telepresence in any of 3500 worldwide city choices.

Roll Over Minutes Carry Over

Carry over any unused minutes from one month to the next.

Call Recording
Call Recording feature can be enabled to allow recording of all or only a percentage of inbound calls from your designated virtual number.


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AIT and UWT bring you the best in international call forwarding virtual phone number services.

Get a Virtual Phone Number
in any of the countries below

British Virgin Islands
Burkina Faso
Cayman Islands
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Hong Kong
India Mumbai
India Delhi
India Bangalore

Korea South
Netherlands Antilles
New Zealand
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Puerto Rico
Reunion Island
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Saudi Arabia
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Partial Listing of worldwide Global Call Forwarding user types:

Primary use for companies that opt for Toll Free numbers are customer service, new business inquiries, general information purposes and Toll Free main office and departmental phone access:

Secondary users of Toll Free or Local Call Forward Numbers are primarily for personal communications between mobile phone users and their new or temporary phone number or to add a new point of presence in a beneficial geographical location which can be either worldwide or local:

Petroleum Companies
Automobile Manufacturers
US Utility Companies
Wireless Phone Companies
Computer Manufacturers Directory
US Department Stores
Wholesale Retailers
Airlines Toll Free Numbers Reconfirmation
Publishing Companies
Cable Communications Companies
Grocery Store Chains
Drug Store Retailers
Entertainment Companies
Retail Bank Toll Free Numbers
Chemical Companies
High Tech Equipment Manufacturers
Food Distribution Companies
Beverage Manufacturers
Shipping Companies
Food Specialty Companies
Specialty Food Distributors
Insurance Companies
Retail Clothing Companies
Photo Copier Manufacturers
Beer and Beverage Manufacturers
Wholesale Office Supply Companies
Airline Toll Free Numbers
Travel Agencies
Paper Products Manufacturers
Telecommunications Companies
Taxi Cab Companies
Internet Search Engine Companies
Internet Retailers
Departments of Government
Example: State of Kansas Toll Free Numbers
and many more!

Customer service reply to a customer using an advanced call routing feature:
"I am sending you our voice mail greeting setup. However in your other question regarding different timing on your call forwarding, we have an option called advanced forwarding. When you log into your account, click on 'the advanced forwarding button. A drop down menu will appear, then you will select the timing of your business hours and create another instance for your after hours. If you have any trouble, please send me a detailed schedule, along with the functions that you want to forward the options." Thanks, Fernando - Tech Support

Recent Virtual Phone Number account activations and routes

International Call Forwarding Virtual Numbers for Global Call Redirect

When it comes to international communications, high tech solutions aren't always the right answer. In fact, a seemingly low tech service, for international call forwarding is a practical solution that delivers international callers to the phone of your choice. Here's what you need to know about using international call divert as part of your global communications strategy.

What is International Call Divert?
International call divert is a type of call forwarding, except it involves virtual phone numbers. As you may or may not know, toll free phone numbers are specific to each country or region. For example, a typical US 800 number only works for callers in the United States or Canada. If a company has international customers, they need their own country-specific toll free phone numbers. Using international call forwarding, those international calls can be forwarded to the company's designated call center located virtually anywhere in the world. Using international call forwarding, a single call center could receive calls from the United States, Canada, Spain, Argentina, Australia, Germany, and other countries.

How International Call Forwarding Works
In order to divert your international calls, you'll need to find an international call divert service that supports the countries involved. Let's say that you want to forward calls from Hong Kong to a call center in Malaysia. Depending on your preferences, your call divert service would issue either a local or toll free virtual phone number for Hong Kong and then forward callers to the designated ring to number, in this case your Malaysian call center. This virtual phone number would look like any other local of toll free Hong Kong number, yet instead of ringing to an office in Hong Kong, it would ring to your call center in Malaysia.

Generally speaking, international call divert services charge for international call forwarding by the minute based on the originating country's rates. These calling rates vary from one country to the next. In addition, calling rates may be higher when callers use mobile phones to dial your international virtual number. Make sure to look up your call divert service provider's rates for each country and for each country's mobile users to ensure that you're getting a fair price. Keep in mind that some countries have a much higher percentage of mobile users than landlines.

International call divert services often use VoIP to route calls. Though this "high tech" communications method leverages the Internet to route calls, audio quality continues to be an issue. That's why we advocate traditional phone carriers for international call divert. These networks are tried and true and audio quality is exceptional. They may seem low tech in comparison due to their long history, but make no mistake, the technology delivers!

Why Use a Call Divert Service?
Using international call divert delivers callers from around the world to the phone of your choice. It is a practical way to centralize operations. While call center operators are the obvious choice for international call divert, many smaller companies use international call forwarding to their advantage.

For example, when testing a new overseas market, you could order a local phone number and then forward it to your main office. This immediately creates a local presence without the need for renting office space in a distant land.

International call divert is also commonly used by business travelers to ensure that they are readily accessible despite a complicated itinerary.

International call divert may not be as exciting as newer technologies such as web conferencing and mobile apps. However, it is a tried and true communications method and international call forwarding delivers practical results.

How Mobile Workers Can Benefit From International Call Forwarding
Today's workforce is increasingly mobile. Not only do workers often work in the field, many work from home some days. Others may work at different branch offices throughout the week while others may spend time at client locations for extended periods. While your mobile team members may each have their own mobile phones, issuing a virtual phone number for each mobile worker is a fantastic way to control calling costs while ensuring that workers are readily accessible no matter where they may be working at any given time.

How Does a Mobile Virtual Phone Number Work with International Call Forwarding?
A virtual phone number is an extremely portable phone number. Rather than being tied to a single phone line or mobile device, a virtual phone number can be configured to ring to any phone number of your choice. Moreover, you can change this designated ring tone quickly, easily, and as often as you'd like.

Why Use a Virtual Phone Number when Mobile Workers Have Mobile Phones?
Whether your mobile workers bring their own devices or use company-issued mobile phone numbers, it is not always desirable to give out a mobile phone number to clients, prospects, and others who may call at all hours of the day or night. With a virtual phone number, workers can configure when calls will be routed to their mobile phones and when they should be routed to voicemail or an alternate phone number.

In addition, many workers take mobile phone calls when they're seated inside an office with a perfectly workable landline or VoIP line. This uses up valuable mobile phone minutes, results in higher costs, and is not as comfortable for the user. The ability to switch the virtual phone number's ring to destination at will allows the user greater control over which physical phone to use.

Which Mobile Workers Can Benefit from a Mobile Virtual Phone Number?
While most anyone who works on the go can benefit from a virtual phone number, those who may benefit the most are those who frequently work from different locations such as their homes, main offices, branch offices, client job sites, and temporary office spaces.

A virtual phone number is also a good choice for mobile workers who travel overseas frequently. For example, when visiting another country, there's no guarantee that your mobile phone will work. Even if it does work, international roaming fees will make using the phone cost prohibitive. With a virtual phone number, you could purchase a cheap disposable phone inside the destination country and then use the international call forwarding feature of your virtual phone number to that temporary mobile phone.

Virtual phone numbers and your BYOD policy. Instead of giving customers their personal mobile phone numbers and worrying about boundaries, they can give out their virtual phone numbers and configure international call forwarding so that those calls are only forwarded to their mobile phones during business hours.

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