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12 default music tracks to sooth your on-hold caller.
12 default music tracks to sooth your on-hold caller.

Your business will provide callers with a new level of professionalism and confidence with music-on-hold as they wait to be transferred to a live representative, if you enable this feature.

There are many different default music tracks to choose from. You can select a track by logging into your
account customer management screen,
after your account is activated.

You can also customize your music-on-hold by recording or uploading your own on-hold music or message
. (See Custom On-Hold Messages/Music).
You can listen to a small sample the many default tracks available by clicking an MP3 selection.

To start and stop, double click

A Life Worth Living
Como Siempre

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Voicemail | 12 default music tracks to sooth your on-hold caller.


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