Flat Rate Unlimited Conference Call Service Enables Cost Containment

Unlimited conference calls for one flat fee

Flat Rate Conference Calls




Unlimited Flat Rate Conference Calls

Unlimited Conference Call Plan

Use your unlimited account as often
as you require for one flat monthly fee

This is a Month-to-Month Service


With this plan, you get budget predictability

Know your monthly cost in advance regardless of how often you host conference calls during the month, pay only one flat rate for unlimited conference calls.

Flat monthly fee and unlimited usage

Cheap Unlimited Conference Call Service

  1. All participants dial-in to the conference phone number.

  2. When prompted they enter their PIN and all conferees are then connected together.

It's Reservationless
You can make conference calls whenever you wish, 24/7, so no reservations, scheduling or operators are needed.

This plan is 'unlimited', you can use it as many times per month as you require and never need to be concerned about 'per minute' charges.

The development that has made this plan possible is the availability of 'bundled long distance calling' from home, business and cell phones providers. In other words, most customers do not need a toll-free number to get a free call any longer.

Check to verify that you or your attendees have nationwide long distance 'included' with the available phone line.

Said another way, if you do have nationwide long distance included with your landline or cell phone plan, you can dial our out-of-state access number and pay no extra fees to your provider.

You can dial-in to our
unlimited conference call plan just like you were dialing a Toll Free number.

Because this plan is unlimited and unmetered, it is one of the most economic conference call plans available anywhere, if quality is important to you.

Share the Plan
You can also share this account with other team or departments, in other words, you can pass your account around to your associates.

Why so cheap?
  • Callers dial a standard access number, so as a provider, we don't have the hard toll-free cost component like we do with Toll Free plans. Consequently, that cost is saved with this plan.

  • We have virtually no account collection issues because this plan is prepaid to a credit card.
It's cheap it can't be good, right?
It's an excellent service and you can be assured you will have a high quality experience with this plan. We've offered this excellent plan since 1996 with great success.

Unlike other services that appear low cost, the Unlimited Conference Call plan provides the following
  1. A private, secure conference call account with high quality audio, not VoIP with quality issues such as cut-outs, garbled conversation and dropped calls, echoes and busy signals and peak time capacity so you always know your call will be successful.

  2. Free Live Conference Call Viewer Included

  3. All passcodes stay constant from call to call

  4. Access numbers stay constant

  5. Free passcode change

  6. Excellent customer service should you ever require it

  7. Easily increase or decrease plan size as needed

How do I know what size plan to get ?

If you usually have 10 participants on a conference call, you would select the 10 party plan. If you have 20 attendees on a conference call, you'd get the 20 party plan.

See all the plan sizes on sign up form.

Simultaneous Conference Calls

Some customers may need more than one plan.

Different teams or groups within your company may need to host conference calls concurrently.

For example, a 6 party conference call can be in session while a team of your associates uses a 10 participant plan at the same time. This would require a 6 party plan and a 10 party plan.

Alternatively you can share the codes with anyone you wish. Some customers have other departments that need to host a call too. They simply use the same codes as the main account when needed.

All Features Included
  • Free Live Conference Viewer
  • Host limitless and unmetered conference calls
  • No per minute bridge fees
  • No scheduling required, it's reservationless
  • Passcodes do not change unless requested
  • Use it 24/7
  • Prepaid monthly to a credit card, no bills
  • Monthly 'paid' invoice emailed to account owner
  • Month-to-month - cancel anytime
  • Record conference calls option
  • Roll Call
  • Name announce feature
  • Auto hang up option
  • Music on hold feature
  • Entry/exit beep tones options
  • Excellent line quality, guaranteed


Per Month














See larger plans on registration form

Unlimited Conference Call service enables budget certainty with reliable audio quality and business class features.

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Flat Rate Conference Calls - FAQ FAQ and Plan Specifications
View Free Live Conference Viewer
Free Live Conference Viewer
Access to the Unlimited Plan
Access to the Unlimited Plan
Not a Toll Free Access plan
 Is this plan for you?
Reasons to use it
Reasons to Use It
Use it for international conferencing
International Conferencing use?

Plan size example

A 10 participant plan enables you to host
an Unlimited number of conference calls during the month with up to 10 people and pay only $10.90


unlimited conference calls for one flat monthly fee

Can you save money?

Why pay a premium for toll-free access if you don't need it?

Many of our customers benefit with this plan because their local phone company or cell phone provider includes 'nationwide long distance' calls without extra fees.

For instance, you can be in New York and call North Dakota with no long distance charges.

If you have nationwide long distance built-in with your phone plan, it becomes unimportant wht state the conference call access number is located or if it's a toll-free number or not.

Customer Comments

"My monthly conference call bill went from over $300 down to $21.80 using your flat rate conference call plan. And it works everytime. No more putting up with poor quality connections, cut offs or complaints about my people not getting connected."
Jack M. -Chicago, IL

Better Business Bureau

"One thing we really appreciate is that we know precisely what our company is paying each month for audio conferencing, unlike our old plan which charged us for each minute.
"Susan L. -Long Beach, CA

"This unlimited plan really helps us. Paying per minute was a burden and we used to cut each conference call short concerned about the minutes. This is a great tool for us and the savings has been a god send. Thanks."
Maria A. -Seattle, WA

"We use it primarily for internal use for conference calling with our distributors. Basically, everyone dials in and are then just listening using the MUTE ALL Feature. Works great for us and saves us money. I recommend your flat rate plan to our friends."
Jim S. -Miami, FL

"All of our partners dial-in to the US number. Since we are located in India, we have time zone issues but the plan works good because the callers have VoIP plans and can dial the U.S. access number cheap."
Rahesh W. -Bangalore, India

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Plan Summary

Your attendees dial-in to a standard U.S. phone number.

It's unmetered, there is no charge for bridge time or minutes used.


Have as many conference calls monthly as you need. It's all part of your 'unlimited' flat rate Conference Call account


Reservationless - No booking or scheduling of conference calls necessary. Use your account whenever you wish, 24/7


Simply notify your participants, dial-in and enjoy your account


Your conferees will never hear a busy signal


State-of-the-art conference call bridges with 7000+ ports


Excellent line quality, guaranteed

Unlimited Flat Rate Conferencing

Conference Calls Unlimited | No per minute charges


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Although many different types of businesses, for profit and non-profit organizations, use this flat rate conference call plan, the unlimited flat rate plan is particularly useful for keeping conference call costs contained for companies involved in: inter office conference calls, administrative in-company conference calls, training conference call, associate conference calls, group conference calls, team conference calls, multi level marketing tool conference calls, religious congregation conference calls, mlm conference call, mlm training, network marketing conference calls, network marketing communication and collaboration conference calls.

Flat Rate Conference Call Service