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Voicemail - How Taylor Cooling & Heating Increased Sales........a case study
How Taylor Cooling & Heating Increased Sales........a case study

Taylor Cooling & Heating has 44 employees serving customers in California, Nevada and Arizona.

The company had a major problem: providing a single company contact phone number for service calls, sales prospects and existing customer calls. For years the company maintained toll free and local telephone numbers for each office in each state.

The company knew they were losing new sales because there was very little control over how inbound calls were answered and directed.

In addition, with all of their toll free numbers and locations, the company's advertising efforts were difficult to track.

Taylor had budgetary concerns too. They knew they had to streamline their three state call management system. They wanted to spend as little money as possible getting a new strategy implemented.

Solution and Result From the Unlimited Voicemail Plan

A single toll free Unlimited Voicemail Plan number was installed so customers can call from any of the three serviced states.

When a caller dials the company's toll free number, the caller is greeted and prompted to enter a selection.

The system says, "...If this is a service call, press 1, for sales, press 2, to receive a call from our quote department, press 3, to hear advertised sales specials, press 4.

Customers can dial this main toll free number to hear advertised specials, direct their call to the proper service center (based on which state they are calling from, request an appointment for a quote or dial an extension to reach a specific person.

So even though the sales department is located in California and the service and maintenance department is staffed and dispatched from Arizona, the caller is "transparently" sent to the proper department in an efficient and professional manner.

The impression that a caller receives is that they are calling a well oiled and organized enterprise.

Sales have increased to near 175% during the first six months of Unlimited Voicemail Plan service. Customers satisfaction rate has also soared to 98%. Management feels that this was one of the best decisions the company has ever made.

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The company had a major problem - providing a single company contact phone number for service calls, sales prospects and existing customer calls.

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Voicemail Case Study