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Whether you're an established small business with several employees or an entrepreneur working from home, our Hotline & Voicemail Plan can help your business sound professional and gain a competitive edge.

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Example 1 Small business with 3 employees
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Listen to Demo Line: 1-800-704-1309
Scenario – Widgets International

Widgets International is a small but growing business located in California; they have 3 employees spread out at various locations. Mary handles all Customer Service calls for the company from their office in California. Two of the employees actually live in two different states. Bob handles Sales from his home office in Texas and John handles Technical Support for the company from his office in New York.

Widgets International wanted one central number its customers and prospects could call to receive whatever support they needed. Rather than having multiple phone numbers for each department, Widgets International uses Unlimited Voicemail Plan. When callers call Widgets International the call is forwarded to the person handling that department regardless of where they are located.

Calls being transferred from one department to another are so seamless that the caller feels that they are being transferred to the next cubicle, not to a person or department in another state!

Script Widgets International

Main Greeting: “Thank you for calling Widgets International. If you know your party’s extension please enter it now. To learn more about our products and services press 1. For Sales press 2. For Customer Service press 3. For Technical Support press 4. For a Dial-By-Name directory press 411. For all other requests press 0 for an Operator.”

Extension 0Operator: This extension forwards to a designated person at the main office.

Extension 1Products and Services Description: Products and Services Description: This extension contains a 10 minute description of the Widget International products and services. At the conclusion of the description, callers are prompted to enter extension 2 for Sales. This automates the close of the sale! Bob in Sales is standing by, ready to take the order.

Extension 2Sales/Bob: “Hello, this is Bob, thank you for calling the Widgets International Sales department. You may press 0 now to speak to me, # to leave a message or if you have a Fax order ready to go simply press the start or send button on your fax machine now.” (Bob can also turn the ‘greeting first’ option off so that Unlimited Voicemail Plan dials him instantly instead of playing his greeting once his extension is dialed.)

Extension 3Customer Service/Mary: Mary’s line rings directly to her phone number(s) of choice. If she is unable to take the call, the caller will hear her recorded voice. “You have reached the Customer Service Department, I apologize we are unable to take your call personally at this time. Please leave your full name, account number, phone number and the best time to call you and we will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing Widgets International!”

Extension 4Technical Support/John: John’s line also rings directly to his phone number(s) of choice. If he is unable to take the call, the caller will hear his recorded voice. “You have reached John in the Technical Support Department. I am either on the other line or it is after normal business hours. Please leave your full name, account number, phone number, as well as the best time to call you and we will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you for choosing Widgets International!”

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Example 2 Entrepreneur presenting a large business image
Using Voice Mail & Hotlines to Enhance Business Image
Listen to Demo Line: 1-800-704-1314 with Fax-On-Demand extension
Scenario – Brian Jones, Jones Wealth Management (Financial Planner)

Brian Jones is a Certified Financial Planner who works from an office in his home and on the road when visiting clients. His business does not yet justify him establishing a dedicated office; however, he certainly does not want his kids picking up when customers call! He wants to give the impression of a much larger and well established Financial Consulting Firm.

Brian uses Unlimited Voicemail Plan to present a larger business image by allowing callers to choose from multiple departments when calling his company. Even though he personally handles all calls coming in to each extension, his existing and potential clients are given the impression that they are dealing with a larger company and not a one man operation.

Brian had a professional Female Voice Talent record his main greetings to add to the professionalism.

Script – Brian Jones, Jones Wealth Management

Main Greeting: “Thank you for calling Jones Wealth Management. If you know the extension number you are calling for enter it now. So that we may assist you according to your personal needs please identify your reason for calling by choosing from one of the following options. If you know the name of the Certified Financial Planner you are calling for please press 411 and, when prompted, enter at least 4 letters of the person’s last name. If you are a New Client and would like to schedule an appointment for a Complimentary Consultation please press the extension number that corresponds with the area of Financial Planning you are interested in. For Asset Management press 101, Tax Planning press 102, Investment Portfolios press 103 and for Retirement Planning press 104.

If you would like to receive Brian’s latest report on Investment Trends by e-mail please press 301 and leave your contact information when prompted. You may also receive the Report delivered directly to your fax machine by pressing 900. We appreciate your interest in Brian’s work, have a great day!”

Extension 411 The only person’s name who is actually entered into the system is Brian Jones. All existing clients will be entering his name and have the ability to connect to his personal extension. However, the Dial By Name features makes it seem as if there are additional CFP’s (Certified Financial Planners) in the office.

Extension 10 – Brian’s Personal Extension: Brian routinely schedules appointments with his clients. Giving them a direct extension to dial in order to reach him gives them a feeling of priority.

Extension 101 – Asset Management: Brian answers this extension. Extension 102 – Tax Planning: Brian answers this extension. Extension 103 – Investment Portfolios: Brian answers this extension. Extension 104 – Retirement Planning: Brian answers this extension.

Extension 301 – Investment Trends Report request: Brian utilizes a ‘Message Taking’ Extension here in order to gather the necessary information to add a client to his e-mail and direct mailing list.

Extension 301 says - “Thank you for your interest in receiving Brian Jones’s Investment Trends Report. Please leave your name and your e-mail address following the prompt. Be sure to spell out your e-mail address twice. If you would like to be added to our mailing list make sure you also leave your complete mailing address and phone number. Please be assured that any information left here will be used solely for the purpose of communication from Brian Jones and your information will not be sold or made public. You should expect to see the Investment Trends Report in your e-mail inbox within two business days. Thank you for your interest!”

Extension 900 – Fax-On-Demand: Setting this extension up as a Fax-On-Demand extension allows Brian the ability to deliver his reports to potential and existing clients automatically. A caller can dial this extension and will be prompted to provide a fax number. The caller then hangs up. In the meantime Unlimited Voicemail Plan will dial the fax number the caller provided and deliver the document stored on this extension.

Brian can also dial into this extension himself while he is on the road and enter a client’s fax number to have Unlimited Voicemail Plan send the Report automatically by fax! Brian doesn’t even need to be near a fax machine.

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Example 3 Consultant working from home & client locations
Voicemail & Hotline | How It Works for Consultants
Listen to Demo Line 1-800-704-3512
Bill Wright, Internet Technologies Consultant

Bill Wright is an IT Consultant who does consulting from his home and numerous client locations throughout the US. Since he works from his laptop, he has the ability to work from anywhere, and you will often find him doing just that as Bill is often in a different town every few days!

He doesn’t need a big corporate image, but he does want to be professional and reachable at all times without giving out his personal home or cell numbers. He also can’t stand having to check voicemail messages at multiple numbers.

He needed an affordable communication solution that would accomplish these goals by directing people to one number so they could reach him no matter where he is. Here is how he uses Unlimited Voicemail Plan.

Script – Bill Wright, Internet Technologies Consultant

“Thank you for calling Bill Wright’s professional IT Consulting Services. I am very likely involved in a project at this time or on location with another client. However this number will locate me regardless of where I am today or take a message if I am not available. If you would like to speak with me directly, please press 0 now and if I am available I will gladly take your call. If you would like to leave a message, please press the # key and do so at the prompt. Thank you for calling and have a great day!”

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Example 4 Using a Hotline for Lead Generation
Using a Hotline for Lead Generation
Listen to Demo Line: 1-800-704-8543
– Check My Credit Inc

The most common use of Unlimited Voicemail Plan is to track advertising response. The concept is simple. Callers dial your Unlimited Voicemail Plan number and listen to an outgoing message describing your product, service or opportunity. If the caller is interested in your offer they can leave a message, or if you have Call Forwarding turned on, they can speak with you directly.

Check My Credit Inc uses Unlimited Voicemail Plan for exactly that reason. They sell a monthly credit check subscription service throughout the US. They do a tremendous amount of advertising via the Internet and newspaper Ads. Check My Credit Inc utilizes Unlimited Voicemail Plan to field calls generated from those advertising campaigns. Utilizing Unlimited Voicemail Plan for Ad response frees up Check My Credit’s staff from taking inbound calls and pre-qualifies their prospects, which saves Check My Credit time and money.

The Call Reports feature allows you to look at detailed reports on every call that came in including how long they listened, which extensions they listened to, what number they called from and more!

Script – Check My Credit Inc

“Thank you for calling for your Free Report! Did you know that your credit report will determine how much credit you can get, how much you will pay for home and car insurance, and even whether or not you will be required to place a large deposit on your Utilities such as electric, cable and phone service? It’s important to monitor you credit report on a regular basis since even the slightest negative information can greatly impact your future credit worthiness. Identity Theft is another important reason to monitor your credit report. Yes, someone else can actually damage your credit by applying for credit under your name! To receive your No-Obligation Report on Ten Steps to Good Credit, leave your name, phone number and e-mail address at the tone and we’ll rush you a free report. We will also offer you a No-Obligation offer to try our monthly credit monitoring service. Each month we provide you with real-time access to your credit report. You will always know how you stand. Our amazing service even notifies you of possible Identity Theft attempts as well as issues that may severely impact your personal credit. Check My Credit Inc has been providing this service for 15 years to now over 437,000 subscribers and growing. Try us out for 30 days with no obligation to continue. Regardless, the Report on Ten Steps to Good Credit is yours to keep for FREE. Simply leave your name, phone number and e-mail address at the tone and we’ll rush you a free report as promised.”

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Example 5 Professional Services Company
Voice Mail Hotline for Professional Services Company
Listen to Demo Line 1-800-704-8546
Five Star Dental

The following scenario can apply to any type of Professional Service Company including Medical Professions, Lawyers, Accountants, Insurance Agents, Business Brokers and more.


Dr. Gerry Smith is a licensed Dentist with his own practice. At this time his practice is small and he only has one employee (his wife Diane) helping him. In order to be more productive, present a bigger image and lessen the work load on his wife, he uses Unlimited Voicemail Plan to manage all incoming calls. He provides options for scheduling, billing, and emergency service. Even though all of his extensions go to his wife’s phone line it gives the impression of a much larger and well managed practice.

Script – Five Star Dental

Main Greeting: “You have reached Five Star Dental, the Dental Practice of Dr. Gerry Smith. If you are a new patient wanting to schedule a Free No Obligation appointment press 1. If you are an existing patient wanting to schedule a new appointment or reschedule an existing appointment press 2. For questions related to billing or invoices from your insurance carrier please press 3. For our hours of operation or for directions to the office please press 4. To hear the list of insurance we accept press 5. To hear Dr. Smith’s tips on brushing and flossing press 6. For all other calls please press 0 at any time to speak with an Operator. Thank you again for calling Five Star Dental, choose your extension now and have a great day!”

After Hours Greeting (plays after 5 PM): “You have reached Five Star Dental, the Dental Practice of Dr. Gerry Smith. Unfortunately our office is now closed. If you have a Dental Emergency and need to contact Dr. Smith immediately please press 911 at this time on your keypad and we will locate Dr. Smith for you. If you have another need at this time you may choose from one of the following. Press 1 to leave a message for our New Patient scheduling department, 2 if you are an existing patient wishing to schedule or re-schedule an appointment, 3 if you have billing or invoice questions, 4 for Directions to the office and hours of operation, 5 for a list of insurances we accept and press 6 for Dr. Gerry Smith’s Tips on brushing and flossing.”

Extension 0 – Operator: This extension rings directly to Diane’s line in the office

Extension 1 – New Patient Scheduling: This extension rings directly to Diane’s line in the office.

Extension 2 – Existing Patient Scheduling: This extension also rings directly to Diane’s line in the office.

Extension 3 – Billing: This extension also rings directly to Diane’s line in the office.

Extension 4 – Directions and hours: This is a Greeting Only extension that provides hours of operation and office directions.

Extension 5 – List of accepted Insurances: This is a Greeting Only extension and provides a list of Insurances accepted by Dr. Gerry Smith’s office.

Extension 6 – Tips for Brushing & Flossing: Dr. Smith has 5 tips he always shares with his clients for maintaining clean and healthy teeth. He has recorded these tips for his patients to access 24/7 via this Greeting Only extension.

Emergency Service Extension 911: This extension is set to ring instantly to the Home & Cell phone of Dr. Gerry Smith.
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