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International Conference Call Services

"Thank you for your help yesterday.
Sorry I was a pain with all the phone calls, but this was important.
The call went great. Everyone in Anguilla was able to get on."
Jill C. -Boston, MA
International Conferencing- Legacy

"I have successfully tested the conference call account using direct dial-in & dial-out.
When can I get my login credentials."
Rahmat H. -Hyderabad, India
Expanded International Conference Calls

"Thank you so much for the account information. Really helpful and awesome service.
Thanks for support. Really appreciate."
Adnan H. -Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Global Conference Calls

"We have affiliates in China that we in Canada need to have conference calls with.
Does your service handle this?"
Thomas S. -Ontario, Canada
Expanded International Conference Calls

"yes we have weekly calls with our Dubai and Istanbul clients.
We use your Connect app instead of dialing access numbers.
Abdul T. -Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Expanded Conference Calls

"I want to thank you for your services, they are exactly what we need
for our Bermuda calls with UK, Germamy, US and Canada"
Edwin A. -Bermuda
Expanded International Conference Call Service

"We've used the dial-out and dial-in functionality with our
colleagues in Kenya and all works perefctly."
Melissa A. -UK
Kenya Conference Calling

"since this is our first time using the service,
we made a test call with our clients at UAE & London
and we are very much comfort with your service."
Lijeesh A. -Mumbai, India
India Conference Calls

"we did an Argentinian call from our office with different devices,
and the service is excellent but the system voice prompts are in english.
Can change to Spanish?"
Marcelo P. -Buenos Aires, Argentina
Expanded International Conference Calls

"I just finished our call and really enjoyed your service.
I will use it again in the near future. One thing I wanted to ask, do I have to hit
*3 to end the conference because we all just hung up."
Anthony G. -Galgary, Canada
US/Canada Conference Calls

"work as advertised. we do business with colombia so bogota access number is working good for us
and lima number always good, no complaints!"
Roberto S. -Lima, Peru
Global Conferencing Plan

“I definitely recommend aitelephone. Our service is very dependable and customer support is responsive.”
Oscar R. -Barcelona, Spain
International Conferencing

"We enjoy doing business with your company, always have great service.
Perfect of our conferencing between China associates and our US office.
We did have some little trial and error finding the China access
numbner that works with China mobiles. It was listed but didn't see it.
Thanks for helping"
Mariana M. -New York, NY
Expanded Global Conferencing Plan

"Just a note that we tested the Saudi Arabia toll-free access number
you provided and it worked perfectly.
Thank you for your assistance!.
Laurie S. -Portland, OR
Expanded International Conference Calls

"we can now connect with our teams
on assigment in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. It has been very difficult for us
to get everyone on the same call prior to getting your service.
thanks again."
Justin D.
-Reston, VA
Expanded International Conference Call Plan

"Our CEO is very excited about the international conference call account.
We all appreciate the service getting the account activated over a weekend!
If you ever need a reference please hit me/us up."
Mike H.
-Sydney, Australia
Conference Call Australia

"Honduras toll free access number has enabled us to
have instant calls with the U.S. office and suppliers in Honduras, very clear calls
and really just a great all around service. Thanks"

Enrique G. -Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Conference Call Honduras

"....I like the fact that you offer many ways to connect everyone.
because we do have remote teams and it has been a challenge
to have a quality call until now.
Subrat J. -Chennai, India
Expanded Conference Call

"as a company with ofices in brazil, argentina, uruguay,
with additional passcodes you set up that work
from each location, we originate the conference meetings
from any of these offices with ease.
We continue to expand and will need more assistance. Thank you."
Maurice H.
-Sâo Paulo, Brazil
Conference Call Brazil

"the service is used primarily for regular meetings with our representative offices in
Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah however monthly calls are
also scheduled with offices India and Qatar. Normally we have
no more than eight on the calls"

Nasser A. -Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Conference Call UAE

"The call went really well and we are very happy with your service.
Thank you for the quick set up!"

Nattaya H. -Bangkok, Thailand
Conference Call Thailand

"The first conference call went great. We'll be using the
service a few times a week. Thanks, Tony"
Tony C.
-New York, USA
Unlimited Conference Call Plan)

"You asked for our experience. I am happy to tell you that we had our first
conference call with our China plant. They accessed the call using your China 400 Toll Free number.
The call went without any connection issues at all and was clear as a bell.
As mentioned, the China Toll Free access with our old conference call company seldom worked."

Marshall H. -New Jersey
International Conference Call Plan with China 400 Number

"Great website and review. After a debackle on Skype this is exciting!"
Arnold P.
-New York, USA
International Conference Call Plan

" answer your question, your service has been flawless.
You are our conferencing choice because we were sick of bargain
bin services and needed a 'quality' conference calling service.
Yes they were 'free' except for the brain damage !
Now, our participants don't have any problems accessing
our conference calls (no more busy signals or a voice
saying "all lines are busy now try again later" !) and we
don't have any system line noise like so many of the so called
'free' conferencing services we tried. You get what you pay for,
but actually now I think we are getting more than we pay for.
Thanks again."
Charles K.
Unlimited Conference Call Plan

"Please get this to the correct person as I am not sure who I should send this to.
We have had the good fortune to switch to your international conference call service.
Whenever we need assistance with any type of account requirement
your customer service department responds faster than expected. You make us feel like we
are your only customers. Some of our other vendors have asked about trying
their international conferencing services, and I always tell them
there is no way they can compete with who we have now."
Marilyn L. -New York, NY
International Conference Call Plan

"We are really happy with the international conferencing service. It works fine from
our oil Rig in Singapore using our Cisco IP Phones. Enables communicating via conference calls with our
Houston headquarters and other offices in Norway, UK, Qatar, Singapore, Nigeria and Australia."
Ron K.
-Asia Pacific
International Conference Call Plan from Singapore

" helped me !
I needed a conference calling plan, they actually answered the phone !
While I was on the site I also got a very good international
calling plan to call the UK which I do daily. Highly recommend A++"
Jon B.
-Hong Kong
International Conference Call Plan from Hong Kong

"It was an absolutely wonderful experience.
Very easy for both ends of our international conference call.
We couldn't be more pleased with your service!"
Kathy T.
-Washington D.C.
International Conference Call Plan

"I want to say that I am very pleased with the level and quality
of the service, the support and the staff and would not hesitate to
recommend the company to others. I feel it is money well spent for us."
John A.
-Atlanta, Georgia
Toll Free USA Conference Call Plan

"I have been using your international conference call service for
the past four or five months, and it has been clear without
any noise during calls."
Augustina V.
Conference Call Indonesia

"Just used your service for the first time and was thoroughly impressed.
Our international conference call went smoothly and the voice quality
was outstanding. I hope to be equally impressed when I receive your
bill, though your quoted rates are far below those of AT&T, which could
not deliver on the toll-free inbound from outside the U.S. The MP3
recording feature is a real bonus and great tool for my work in public
relations. I will encourage all my colleagues to use your service and
look forward to the next opportunity to use it myself.
Rose R.
-Miami Beach, FL
Global Conference Call Plan

Used your conference bridge for a few calls today from Bali, Indonesia!
and it worked with no issues at all like magic."
Kasandra C.
-Sydney Australia
Conference Call Australia

"We did a test conference call last night for approx
40 minutes and it worked very well !
Thanks for providing such a great service.
I would like to know more about how to set up sub-accounts
for different projects/grants in our office.
Thank you."
Lisa C.
-South Carolina
Unlimited Conference Call Plan

"I've used your conferencing services at Whirlpool Corp
for 10 years and have been VERY satisfied."
Jay H.
Unlimited Conference Call Plan

"Just want to let you know everyone here loves your conferencing service.
They use it all the time. It is so convenient when you have people spread
all over the world the way we do."
Katherine H.
Conference Call Plan

"Thank you so much for processing this so quickly.
I have notified our group of the conference call and we are all set.
You have incredible customer service. I love your sense of urgency !
Your directions are very easy to follow.
Maryann H.
Global Conference Call

"We have been very satisfied with every aspect of
dealing with your company and find the conference facility a great tool
for our business."
Joanne K.
-California, USA
Toll Free Conference Call Plan

"Just had the first teleconference as a test - went very well and was
easy to follow - excellent usability!"
Paul I.
-Bali, Indonesia
Conference Call Indonesia

"This is an affordable option for me as I usually have
nearly 200 people on my conference calls.
Thanks again"
Mark D.
-New Jersey
Unlimited Conference Calls

"I just wanted to say that we really appreciate your prompt and
continued communication with us. Your company has
been great to work with when we need to add features or make changes."
Kristin W.
-San Rafael, CA
Unlimited Conference Call Plan

"Not only has the conference call plan saved us money,
the quality of the calls has dramatically improved. In addition,
the attendance has picked up because of the toll free access number."
Mark S.
-Washington D.C.
Toll Free Conference Call

"I find no difference with sound quality nor features using your
conferencing service versus AT&T. I especially like your free
download feature when we record our calls. Needless to say, we are saving
money and are enjoying the entire experience with your company."
Paula G.
-Oregon, USA
U.S. Conference Call

"Thank you so much for your excellent service!
Yes, we received our access and Pin numbers for the
new conferencing account...and, in time to add it in our weekly
newsletter tonight. We will definitely be recommending your company for
your great prices and very professional service."
Joanne O. -
Atlanta GA
Toll Free USA Conference Call

"....the conference call service you set up for us is
excellent and we are ecstatic !"
Karen A.
-Boston, MA
Toll Free Conference Call

"We had our first conference call last night and I'm happy
to say that we had none of the problems connecting as we did
with our old conferencing company. Your service worked
perfectly. The flat rate plan is going to save us a bunch of money !"
Jean T.
Unlimited Conference Call Plan

"Our last conference call from AT&T cost $413.00.
That was for
ONE conference call ! Your flat rate plan will save
us several hundred dollars a month. For our small business,
that savings goes directly to the bottom line. Thanks so much !"
Sue G.
Unlimited Conference Call

International Call Forwarding

The number works and sends our calls to Germany, thanks for clarification on the '86' prefix.
Juping T.
-Shanghai, China
China 400 number

"When I bought the virtual number, I perceived 2 very important benefits:
#1 The cost of the connections made in the Europe average of 50 to 60% savings;
#2 When having one number in Italy, it was more easy for my tourist guides or friends who live there to contact me.
I was surprised in fact at the high value of the account and with the possibility
to have one Virtual number as an Italian citizen"
Mauricio F.
-Toscana, Italy
Global Call Forwarding Italy

"Just had to say...logged in and verified settings then tested...all worked 100%.
Glad I made the switch, you are all brilliant! Cheers"
Peter M.
-United Kingdom
Global Call Forwarding UK

"I got a New York City virtual number that redirects calls to my
mobile phone in Pune, India. A very nice service."
Krishna P.
-Pune, India
Global Call Forwarding India

"Coming back for your call forwarding program and service.
It is better than any other out there."
Stefan D.
-Vienna, Austria
Global Call Forwarding Austria

"Thanks a million! You have been very helpful and patient.
I appreciate your professional demeanor both on the phone and on email.
Have a wonderful weekend"
Jantje L.
-Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
Global Call Forwarding

"I am recommending AIT to all of my friends and family.
Your customer service and response time is superb!"
Jon S.
-Dublin, Ireland
Global Call Forwarding Ireland

"I used your Global Call Forwarding service so I could forward my U.S.
calls to a UK cell phone while I was over there on travel last October.
It made it quite easy to stay in touch with my callers
in the U.S. Thanks"
Thorsten A.
-Massachusetts, USA
Global Call Forwarding

"I am amazed at your quality and professionalism even after hours.
I signed up for my service and received my 800 number
and all instructions as promised at neck breaking speed.
I am most certainly impressed. I will tell everyone that
I know about your service. What a value, what a deal.
You all rock and are by far the best that I have seen on the internet thus far.
Wow, I am just astonished. Words cannot describe how pleased I am.
You all keep up the excellence."
Robert L
-Pittsburgh, USA
Virtual Numbers USA

"I mainly set this account up for business purposes, so I could provide an easy
way for new clients in the States to easily contact me, and it works so well.
Thanks for such a good call forwarding service."
Martin P.
-Auckland, New Zealand
Virtual Number New Zealand

"I wish to thank you for your convenient services. The
ease of setup and use enable me to travel
internationally with confidence that others can reach
me without undue expense. This is the second time I've
used it and am extremely pleased and satisfied with it."
Harry R.
-San Rafael, CA
Global Call Forwarding

"At first I thought I was missing something because the rates are so low.
I would like to be assigned another U.S. non-toll free number
that will automatically ring at my number in Japan."
Danielle L.
-New York
Global Call Forwarding

"I just wanted to thank you for again providing me with excellent
service. Thanks to your follow-up with your provider, my toll free number
has been operational. I have already referred to another company here in
Denver and cited your excellent customer service."
Richard M.
Global Call Forwarding

"Impressive call forwarding service! Many thanks."
Terri K.
-Brussels, Belgium
Global Call Forwarding Belgium

"I wanted to thank you for setting up my account so quickly.
I tried calling the Virtual number and it correctly made my
cellphone ring here in Europe. Perfect! "
Stephan B.
-Atlanta, GA
Global Call Forwarding

"Thank you very much !
Happy to hear things are sorted out.
I will keep on referring others to your company.
You are the best, I am so glad I discovered your company."
Tamara P.
Virtual Number Bahamas

"I am in receipt of your email. It all works.
Thanks a lot. AIT staff was very helpful today, I am very satisfied.
I am an American expatriate living overseas and the virtual call forwarding
service you offer is very useful."
Konstantin F.
Global Call Forwarding

"Hello again, Thank you for all the assistance.
The virtual number works - and it works great !"
Witold C.
Global Call Forwarding

"Your service has been wonderful for us and allowed us to keep in contact
with our families while posted overseas."
Dan M.
-Washington, DC
Global Call Forwarding

"I’ve been using your Global Call Forwarding service for the past six months while on
assignment here. The service has been great.
Do you have anything that can save me money when I get back to the US?”
Mark F. -
Mexico City, Mexico
Virtual Number Mexico

"Great rates! Keep them low, and I''ll always be a customer!"
Brian R.
-Minneapolis, USA
Global Call Forwarding

Cheap International Calls

Thank you very much - you are all very professional and the service is wonderful.
Connie G. -West Virginia, US
Global Call Connect

"How low can the rates go? I very much like the fact that you're
bringing us lower rates on a regular basis."
Anthony C. -
Miami, FL, USA
Global Call Connect for cheap international calls

"Dropping you a quick line to say that I had my elderly mother
call me on this new phone number (she's in Orlando--she only had to call a
Miami number), and it was like we were standing next door to each other.
Absolutely brilliant service at the best price I saw advertised."
Ken S
-San Franscisco, USA
Flex Plan

"Can't believe the rates. Making a call to Mexico from my cell
used to cost me a small fortune....not now.
Will give the link to my associates ! "
Carol R. -
New York, USA
Flex Plan to call Mexico cheap from U.S. cell phone

"Thank you again for all you and your company have done in
providing international telecom services for our business.
We have completely stopped ordering all international circuits
from other vendors and look exclusively to you for all services."
Stephanie J. -
Orlando, FL
Global Call Connect
for cheap international calls

"All is well, I like it! Thanks for the new account information."
Juergen H. -
Berlin, Germany
Global Call Connect with Berlin access number, calls the USA for 2.4¢ minute

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I just activated my service with your company and have been
testing it all morning. It is the answer to my prayers.
I am living on a ranch in Brazil where the only phone service is cellular.
I work in Los Angeles and have been trying for a year to find a simple
cost-effective solution for making calls without having my secretary call
me first. I have tried VoIP, calling cards, and many callback services
without consistent success. Now, I am able to place calls, reliably,
that are clean and clear, and not ridicuously expensive.
Keep up the good work and thanks again."
Arthur L.
-Sitio da Bandeira, Brazil
Global Call Connect with Rio access number, calls the USA for 2.4¢ minute

"I would like to add one more number to our account for international
dialing. Please let me know if there is anything further you need.
We used the phone service yesterday to call our
daughter and it worked beautifully! Thank you."
Evelyn B.
-Los Angeles, California
Flex Plan to call France cheap

"My head ache is finally done with after finding your website
and with your quick response to my last question made
me feel that I know for a fact that I am dealing with a
customer-oriented company."
Brent D.
-Ontario, Canada
Global Call Connect with Canada access number, calls the USA for 2.4¢ minute

"I am a customer of your good service. I have been with you for 2 months now,
and I am fully satisfied with the services rendered.
I am now recommending your service to a very good friend
of mine in Brazil who needs to call overseas often.
Thank you for the concern shown on your part."
Ling S. -
Global Call Connect with Singapore access number, calls the USA for 2.4¢ minute

"I've used the new service this evening and it works well. I
appreciate your taking the time to help me work this out over the weekend.
Your customer service has been terrific, and I will recommend your
phone service to my friends and colleagues. Thanks"
Bill G.
Global Call Connect with Singapore access number, calls the USA for 2.4¢ minute

"You've got a great service. It's a good feeling to know I can
pick up the phone from here and get a U.S. rate when making
calls to Asia which I do regularly."
Sonia J. -
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Global Call Connect with Amsterdam access number, calls the USA for 2.4¢ minute

"Thank you for your assistance the other night with the new services.
I have been able to send faxes now so it has been very successful."
Robin H -
New York, NY, USA
Global Call Connect
for cheap international calls

"I have this service on my cell phone here in Ft Lauderdale FL.
I am extremely satisfied with the voice quality
of the phone calls to Europe which allows me to keep in touch
every day with my beloved wife while she is traveling in Italy."
Sal R. -
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Global Call Connect
for cheap international calls Italy

"Hi, this service is great! I live in the UK but I have an elderly
relative hospitalized in Florida. Calls back home to sort out Medicare and
other matters were costing a small fortune until yesterday. You were able to
set this service up quickly and the speed dial facility makes it real easy to call.
Your inquiry system answered all my questions promptly before sign-up,
and at a few cents a minute we can afford to wait all day on those
infernal insurer's queuing systems without worrying about the cost!"
Andrea W.
-Kent, United Kingdom
Global Call Connect with UK access number, calls the USA for 2.4¢ minute

"Your service has been flawless and I will recommend it to others."
Ivy A.
Global Call Connect with Australia access number, calls the USA for 2.4¢ minute

"Thanks for getting this to me so quickly. Great service, once again !!"
Paul T. -Napa, California, USA
Global Call Connect
for cheap international calls

"Thanks for the wonderful telephone services from Mexico
for the last 6 months, mas or menos."
Marilyn B. -
Global Call Connect with Mexico access number, calls the USA for 2.4¢ minute

"Thanks you. The New service work PERFECT as you advised"
Andrew O
-New York, NY
Global Call Connect
for cheap international calls

"I am actually quite impressed that you have taken the time to respond to
me three or four times. A big fancy service, an international firm, and
here we are getting personal service ! Frankly, that is pretty amazing
these days. Congratulations on paying attention to people and not just
setting up automated systems. People are important."
Nassar P. -
Global Call Connect with Australia access number, calls the USA for 2.4¢ minute

"Thanks for the Excellent service - I will definitely recommend it to others."
Bill D. -
United Kingdom
Global Call Connect with UK access number, calls the USA for 2.4¢ minute

"Never thought this (Global Call Connect) service was possible.
Since I make international calls regularly, I really enjoy making
overseas calls from my mobile phone.
Thanks for the huge savings and the marvelously innovative service."
George K. -
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Global Call Connect
for cheap international calls

"Excellence in every way ! What can I say, it functions
as advertised. I am looking forward to allocating the
savings to other items around here. Appreciate your help."
John H. -
New York
Global Call Connect
for cheap international calls

"I continue to pass along your services and I know many have signed up and
are enjoying their savings. We probably get a long-distance solicitor
call about every other week and nothing ever compares to what we have.
Keep it up"
Jim W.
-Indiana, USA
Global Call Connect
for cheap international calls

"Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I am pretty impressed
with customer service - it is better then my wireless company (AT&T)
Thanks again"
Igor R.
-New York, USA
Global Call Connect
for cheap international calls

"What excellent service, and great line quality too - thank you very much !"
Neil S. -
United Kingdom
Global Call Connect with UK access number, calls the USA for 2.4¢ minute

"I made my first call using Global Call Connect this morning.
The call was to China and the voice quality was great,
much better than using a discount calling card and much
cheaper than using my local phone service. I will recommend
your service to others in my situation."
James L. -
Los Angeles, CA
uses Flex Plan to call China cheap

International Callback Service

"Thank you for providing a valuable service. Through your company I was able
to make calls from Malawi, Africa. Without your service, I was unable to
keep in touch with my friends except via e-mail."
Jennifer D. -
Malawi, Africa
International Callback Service

"Thanks for the callback service, it's fantastic
and I love it. I've been in Brazil a few weeks and it has worked great."
Jack V. -
International Callback Service

"I am more than pleased with the technical aspects of both the callback
circuits which I use together with two different cellphones. Your customer
service personnel are a dream to deal with. As far as the billing goes, I am
happy to say I have never encountered any anomalies. I have nothing but praise
for all of the various aspects, telephony and personal customer service."
Thomas C.
International Callback Service

"I want you to know how helpful your tech department was in figuring out
why the phone card was not working at our family's house in Chile.
Tech support made multiple phone calls to the house and the business.
In the end, they determined what the problem was and found the solution.
I have not had such excellent service from a telecommunication
provider in many years."
Gina P.
International Callback Service

"I am impressed with the service your company offers and have been using it
this whole week to make calls. I would like my Father who lives in the same
country (Zambia) to also take advantage of the low call rates."
Michael P. -
International Callback Service

"I just wanted to say thank you again for your help. You always get back to
me right away with the answer to my problem. If in your office they have an
employee of the month honor, you get my vote every month. It is a pleasure
to do business with you. The callback service is fantastic.
No complaints whatsoever."
Jonathan P. -Georgia, USA

International Callback Service

"Thank you for tweaking the account.
A very polite gentleman from your tech department worked
on our connection problem. It is now all fixed and the
calls are crystal clear!."
Robert L. -
Antalya, Turkey
International Callback Service

"Really love the service. Thanks!”
Jonathan G. -
International Callback Service

Omar M. -
International Callback Service

"Amazed with your callback service compared to my
last provider and I am going to try to convince everyone
I know to switch to your service."
William S.
International Callback Service

"Cheers! You've single-handedly kept my business for the next
year and a half as I travel around the world. If there's some customer
comment/supervisor I can email to let you know how excellent your
assistance has been, I would be happy to do so."
David A. -
Bangkok, Thailand
International Callback Service

"Thanks for the good service. Yes I do like CALLback from Moorea."
Skip W.
-Moorea, French Polynesia
International Callback Service

"Thanks very much for the fast, friendly and efficient service.
I have been using another (call-back) company for about a year. Their
prices were low, but the service & support was almost non-existent, a
serious drawback when you're "out there" somewhere and you need to make
a call. This experience has been the complete opposite! Fast, responsive,
responsible and effective!"
Steve H. -
International Callback Service

"I cannot say enough about the outstanding
callback service and almost immediate customer service response."
John R. -
Cancun, Mexico
International Callback Service

"I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the service you provide.
I have found that your call back service is extremely
useful and is the only way that I make calls from Lebanon.
It is the best deal I have found and I have passed
your info on to my colleagues."
Donna S.
International Callback Service

"If you come to the understanding first, and you're going
to come to it fairly quick, that you can't call all over the
world without some sort of telecommunications tool to
cut your'll find, at least in my experience,
that AIT is the best callback service out there, hands down."
Stewart K. -
Osaka, Japan
International Callback Service

"Yes, tech support did indeed call and was most helpful and very polite.
I want to offer a compliment to your company for excellent service.
Many thanks from half way around the world"
Marguerite N -
Kyrgyz Republic
International Callback Service

"Just to let you know - quality is very good."
Kreso P.
International Callback Service

"Thanks for your incredibly fast tech support.
I've never encountered anything like it--it really makes dealing with
your company a pleasure. If your marketing people want to
write up a testimonial, I'd be happy to edit, improve and sign it.
again, thanks"
Dennis W.
-Moscow, Russia
International Callback Service

"I have just tested it...and it works!
This should make my life a lot easier. Thanks"
Frank O. -
International Callback Service


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