Voicemail | What To Look For When Selecting A Voice Mail Service Provider


Selecting Voicemail Service

Voicemail | What to look for when selecting a voicemail service provider

What to look for as a customer
  • This service has global users, it is not just for US or Canada customers

  • Ability to pick up messages via the Internet (in your customer portal or email) so message retrieval is easy and at no cost no matter where you are located geographically

  • Listen to your messages online from any country. Receive an email notification when a new voice mail message is received. Click a link in the email to hear the message

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Month-to-Month Plan Examples

  • Many service providers offer inflexible voicemail packages that have extensive call restrictions and excess fees associated with message retrieval and storage

  • This service offers voicemail and fax retrieval online so that you get the most out of your account from anywhere globally

  • The service can save messages to your hard drive

  • You can create an informational or emergency hotline on one of the available entensions

  • Advanced technology can transcribe your voicemail to text so you can read or listen to your voicemail from anywhere – saving you time and money

  • Your voice mails and faxes are sent to your designated email address. Use the service from any country, not only the US or Canada. Any email address worldwide can receive your voice messages and faxes from your U.S./Canada voice mail toll-free or local number

  • Broadcast Lists automatically maintained

  • An effective voicemail system increases your productivity, simplifies your communications, and saves time. Find a provider that automatically maintains broadcast lists for you so that messages can instantly be sent to various levels in your downline without having to worry about updating or managing lists. The system you use should provide you with the assurance that your messages are being delivered to everyone in the group.

  • Typically, your direct sponsors work closely with you and soon become seasoned contributors to your sales goals. The types of communication you may want to send to this special group can differ greatly from broadcasts that you send to other groups in the organization. Therefore, the ability to select broadcasts to be delivered to specific levels within your downline can help customize your communication efforts to their information needs.

  • Broadcast by distributor rank

  • The ability to opt out of voice broadcasts gives distributors the flexibility to decide who they want to receive messages from. This avoids distributors from getting voice broadcast messages that they don’t want.

  • In addition to automatic broadcast lists, personal broadcast lists allows you to establish multiple broadcast groups which in turn enable you to send messages to certain parts of your organization such as distributors in a certain state, or distributors who achieved a certain amount of PV, etc.

  • While creating small broadcast lists can easily be done via the telephone, extensive lists can be quite difficult to organize and maintain if you are unable to see the numbers and contacts programmed into the group. Adding, modifying, removing or updating broadcast lists is immeasurably easier when you have a visual interface to work with.

  • Ability to send and receive unlimited broadcast messages for free online.

  • Accessibility and affordability are two major benefits to consider when choosing a voicemail service provider. A web interface that allows you to create, manage, send and receive broadcasts not only puts your communications at your fingertips from any internet enabled computer, but it also keeps your costs down.


Redundancy is built into our entire network architecture starting with redundant OC-3 fiber connections for voice and data provided by Verizon and TelCove. We use two (2) long distance carriers to load balance inbound and outbound voice traffic. A telephony server farm is used to handle inbound calls. Service interruption when a telephony server fails is limited to the calls that the server was processing while it failed. A fully redundant NAS is used for storage of voicemail/fax messages and greetings. A SQL Server Active/Passive cluster is set up for database redundancy. If the Active SQL Server fails, traffic is automatically redirected to the Passive SQL Server. Redundant systems are in place at all levels of our network in order to assure the highest level of availability. Based on the second half of 2005, our availability rate is 99.94%.


The platform was designed to scale easily. This means that in order to support additional subscribers, we can add telephony servers, storage capacity, voice circuits, and bandwidth to meet the demand with little or no down time. Currently, we are at less then 25% capacity. Whenever we exceed 40% capacity levels, we add more lines, servers, etc. to handle the increased call volume. There is virtually no limit as to our scalability options.


We take a very active stance towards keeping the network as secure as possible. This starts with a very strong firewall policy utilizing Check Point NG technology with extensive logging at all gateways.

Our telephony servers are located on the internal network and can only be accessed by users with administrative privileges. Network logins can only be created by network super-administrators and are subject to a strict password policy. An IP-based KVM system allows for strict control over access to servers by designated users. Facility access, including data center entry, is managed through an active key fob system controlled by network super-administrators. All points of entry, as well as the data center, are under 24/7 video surveillance and all key fob access is logged.

Quality of Service

An IP-based network monitoring system monitors the network 24/7 and alerts our administrators of network and telephony connectivity, hardware, and software issues through an escalated system of alerts (including e-mail and cellular notifications).

Our DELL servers are under 24/7 same-day parts and labor warranty; in addition our network administrators are trained to perform all hardware-related maintenance. Many redundant systems are in place in order to minimize down time from maintenance and repair. Since the software is created by in-house developers, any software issues can quickly be resolved.

System Backups

The databases supporting the system are backed up on a daily basis. Using a combination of full, differential and transaction log backups, data can be restored to any point in time within the last 2 months using MS SQL Server toolset. Up-to-the-second selective transaction monitoring and rollback is also available through a Log Explorer utility.

All data is backed up to a NetAppliance NAS device vertically scalable up to twenty terabytes, and a redundant backup to tape media is made on a regular basis. Off-site backups of mission-critical data are also performed.

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Demo Line: 1-800-704-3512
Scenario – Bill Wright
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Demo Line: 1-800-704-8543
Scenario – Check My Credit Inc

Demo Line: 1-800-704-8546
Scenario – Five Star Dental

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Voicemail | What to Look For When Selecting a Voicemail Service Provider