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Common Hotline Uses
Whether you have a short-term project or would like to keep your hotline message going for years to come, our hotline phone numbers are easy to use, affordable, and loaded with many features.
Why Make a Recorded Hotline Message?

Information hotlines are a solution when a person, company or public entity
wants to share unattended information by phone with the general public, consumers, or business prospects.

1000s of Callers Can Listen to your Hotline Message at the Same Time with No Busy Signals
Example Announcements & Messages

Company Greeting

Upload or record a main company greeting with extension messages.


A pest control company, has a hotline with a recorded message about fumigation.


A national pharmaceutical company needs to update their sales force on drug availability.

Mortgage Loan

Mortgage brokers often use announcements about the latest interest rates or market news.

Customer Service

Your greeting can ask callers to
leave a message.

Alert Message

Announce an emergency to callers such as an armed intruder.
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