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Why Choose aitelephone for your Information Hotline?

Your hotline will deliver your audio message 24 hours a day. You can change the message anytime. It is a tool to enhance and support your sales and conversion process or to automatically deceminate information.

Deliver your message all the time

Provide answers to common questions, instructions. Once set up, market your product or service 24/7 without expending any more of your time or resources.

Whether you have a short-term project or would like to keep your hotline message going for years to come, our hotline phone numbers are easy to use, affordable, and loaded with many features.

When people call your Hotline phone number your announcement is instantly played.

Creating a hotline is easy, depending on the purpose and nature of the hotline. Here are some general steps to follow:

You probably already have an idea of the purpose of your hotline:

Before creating a hotline, it's important to identify its purpos. Will it be a crisis hotline, a support line for a specific group, or a helpline for a specific issue? Defining the purpose will help you determine the resources needed and the type of hotline to create.

Choose a phone number:

You will need to select a phone number for the hotline. This can be a toll-free number or a local number. For instance, if you happen to be located in South Carolina, and you have determined your callers will be calling in from that geography, you can select a South Carolina phone number for your hotline number. If your callers will be calling in from distant locations, for example anywhere in the U.S., you would likely choose a U.S. toll-free number.

You won't need a phone system:

Our service will accept the incoming calls for you and play whatever announcement you desire. You have the option of enabling voicemail. So if you wish to accept voicemail messages, you can do that. Or you could decide to have the calls delivered to your team member to take the calls live.

Promote the hotline:

It's essential to promote the hotline to the target audience. This can be done through your existing email database, social media, press releases, or advertising.

Test the hotline:

Needless to say, before launching the hotline, you should test the system to ensure that everything is working correctly and make any tweaks necessary. This can include testing the phone system, scripts, and staff members' responses.

Launch the hotline:

Once you're satisfied, it's time to launch the hotline. Make sure that you are prepared to handle the volume of calls that you may receive.

Don't be concerned about the capacity of our system to handle the calls. No caller will receive a busy signal because the system can accept calls from a 1000 callers simultaneously. (even if the calls arrived at exactly the same instant)
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How to create a 24 hour informational hotline

Creating a hotline is an effective way to provide information and provide support to a large audience. Whether it's for a business, organization, or community service, setting up a hotline can be an excellent way to connect with people and offer them valuable resources.


Here are some tips on how to create a hotline:


  • Determine your hotline's purpose: Before setting up a hotline, you need to determine its purpose. What type of information or service will your hotline provide? Is it for customer support, crisis intervention, or general information? Once you determine the purpose of your hotline, you can proceed to the next steps.


  • We are a reliable provider: There are many providers available that offer toll-free, local, or international hotline services. Choose aitelephone in business for 29+ years.


  • Set up your hotline: The setup process is straight forward. First step, choose a phone number from the inventory and then decide on the recording or announcement.


  • Record your message: After setting up your hotline, you need to record a message (or upload an existing mp3 or WAV audio file) that will greet callers. The message should be clear, concise, and informative. It can also provide callers with the option to speak to a live operator if needed.


  • Train your operators: If your hotline requires live operators, you need to train them. They should be knowledgeable about the purpose of the hotline and be able to provide accurate information or support. They should also be empathetic and able to handle difficult callers.


  • Promote your hotline: Once your hotline is up and running, it's important to promote it. You can promote it through social media, email, flyers, or other marketing channels. Make sure to include your hotline phone number and a brief description of its purpose.


  • Monitor your hotline: It's important to monitor your hotline to ensure that callers are receiving the support they need. You can monitor your hotline through call logs, surveys, or feedback forms.


  • Call statistics: Anytime you wish you can log-in to your account portal and view your account call records. All statistical data is captured for you including a callers Caller ID (you'll know the geography of your callers), date, time, what extension number was listened to. (valuable data to easily analyze the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.) The 'starter' plan includes 3 extensions. A starter plan customer can use one or all three extensions. Plans can be changed at any time to increase or decrease the number of available extensions.


By following these steps, you can set up a hotline that is reliable, informative, and helps you achieve your goals.


In conclusion, creating a hotline can be a valuable tool for providing information to you and support to your audience or callers.

Using a hotline phone number to provide prerecorded information to callers

A hotline that provides prerecorded information to callers can be an effective way to deliver important information or to provide assistance to a large number of people.


  • Prerecorded hotlines are often used to provide information about a particular service or product, or to give instructions or information about a specific event or situation.


  • To use a prerecorded hotline effectively, it is important to ensure that the recorded message is clear and easy to understand. The message should provide all of the necessary information that the caller needs, and it should be organized in a logical and easy-to-follow manner.


  • In addition to providing prerecorded information, many hotlines also offer the option for callers to speak with a live operator or to leave a message for a representative to call them back. This can be useful for callers who have specific questions or concerns that are not addressed in the prerecorded message.


  • It is also important for the hotline to have clear procedures in place for handling calls and for providing assistance to callers, whether through the prerecorded message or through live operators. This can help to ensure that callers receive the information and assistance they need in a timely and efficient manner.
Information hotlines are a solution when a person, company or public entity wants to share information with their customers, general public or business prospects by phone.

Provide unattended information 24/7

Never miss out on providing information to a potential customer ever again. Deliver pre-recorded audio overviews, product presentations, service information, office hours and location, testimonials, etc.


Recorded message hotlines provide the information your callers are looking for. No longer worry about spending staff time answering calls to provide basic information. Many users of the service use it as part of their marketing strategy that works for them 24/7/365.

Collected Data

View Statistics and know the Caller ID of the callers that listened to your message.


Using your account portal, login to the Call History tab.


  • All data points are automatically captured for your review in your account portal and is viewable 24/7 in real time.
  • The system captures the date, time, call duration and the caller's caller ID and the extension (recording name) they listened to.


Customers find these metrics useful for advertising performance analysis, lead capture and follow-up.

The benefits of pre-recorded audio presentations using a dedicated hotline phone number
The benefits of pre-recorded audio presentations using a dedicated hotline phone number

Cost-efficient: Pre-recorded audio presentations using toll-free numbers eliminate the need for live operators, resulting in significant cost savings for your business.


A cost free call: Toll-free numbers allow customers to access your pre-recorded audio presentations at any time, without incurring long-distance charges.


  • Increased effectiveness: Pre-recorded audio presentations allow you to provide consistent, accurate information to customers, which can help to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the number of calls to your customer service team.


  • Customization: Pre-recorded audio presentations can be tailored to specific customer segments or situations, allowing you to deliver targeted messages to different groups of customers.


  • Scalability: Pre-recorded audio presentations can be used to handle a high volume of calls simultaneously, making them an effective solution for businesses experiencing rapid growth.


  • Q&A Sessions: Pre-recorded audio presentations can be set up to collect consenting data from callers, which can be used to analyse customer interactions and improve your business's marketing and sales lead efforts.
How to set up a hotline

Setting up a hotline can be a valuable tool for businesses to facilitate communication and provide information to their associates and the general public.


Hotlines can be utilized in various industries, and their applications range from internal use within a company to external use for customer support and marketing purposes.


Here's a discussion on how to set up a hotline, how businesses use them, and some examples of companies that utilize hotlines:



Setting up a hotline


Identify the primary objective of the hotline: such as providing customer support, disseminating information, handling emergencies, or marketing products.


Choose the hotline type: Decide whether it will be a dedicated phone line, a toll-free number, or a virtual hotline that can be accessed through various channels like phone, email, or live chat.


Develop scripts and FAQs: Prepare scripts and frequently asked questions (FAQs) documents to provide consistent and accurate information to callers.

Industries where hotlines are commonly used:


Healthcare: Hospitals, clinics, and health insurance providers often use hotlines to provide medical advice, schedule appointments, or handle emergencies.


Financial services: Banks, credit card companies, and investment firms utilize hotlines for customer support, fraud reporting, and account management.


Consumer goods: Companies in the consumer goods industry use hotlines for customer inquiries, product recalls, and feedback collection.


Travel and hospitality: Airlines, hotels, and travel agencies employ hotlines for booking assistance, travel updates, and customer complaints.


Government and public services: Government agencies set up hotlines for citizen inquiries, emergency management, and reporting specific incidents.



Companies that use hotlines


Apple: Apple operates a customer support hotline to assist customers with technical issues, product information, and service requests.


Amazon: Amazon has a customer service hotline for handling inquiries about orders, refunds, and general assistance.


Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola has a hotline dedicated to answering questions about their products, promotions, and sponsorship opportunities.


Microsoft: Microsoft operates a hotline for technical support, software licensing, and product information.


American Red Cross: The American Red Cross uses hotlines for disaster response, blood donation inquiries, and emergency assistance.



Hotline use for promotion and marketing:


  • Product information: Hotlines can be set up to provide detailed information about products, features, pricing, and availability to potential customers.


  • Promotional offers: Hotlines can be used to deliver exclusive promotional offers, discounts, and rewards to customers who call in.


  • Feedback collection: Hotlines can serve as a channel for customers to provide feedback, suggestions, or complaints, helping businesses improve their products and services.


  • Pre-sales inquiries: Hotlines can assist potential customers by addressing their questions and concerns before making a purchase, thus boosting sales.


By placing hotline phone numbers on websites, businesses make it convenient for callers to get the information they require without leaving a voice mail message or waiting for an operator. This allows for faster response times and enhances customer satisfaction.

Example Announcements & Messages

Company Greeting

Upload or record a main company greeting with extension messages.


A pest control company, has a hotline with a recorded message about fumigation.


A national pharmaceutical company needs to update their sales force on drug availability.
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