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Creating a Hotline

How to set up a hotline
Why use a hotline?

Recorded message hotlines are a solution when a company or public entity wants to share information with the general public, consumers, or business prospects.

Some common uses include:
  • Product and service information
  • Safety information
  • Crisis management
  • Market information/updates

pharmaceutical company A pharmaceutical company has been informed that a drug is no longer available and needs to inform their nationwide sales force of the details.

Realtors and mortgage brokers Realtors and mortgage brokers often use recorded messages to relay the latest interest rates or market news.

Seasonal businesses
Seasonal businesses such as ski resorts use recorded message hotlines to share the latest snow conditions.

informational hotline
A pest control company, could create an informational hotline with a recorded message about fumigation. When fumigating a home or business, you could then post warning signs with your toll-free number with important safety information.

Business Disruption
If a hurricane has disrupted your business or the community, you could set up a hotline for your employees and residents to call each day to find out the status or if they should work from home or report to the office.

Our virtual numbers are a flexible choice for all kinds of recorded information scenarios.

Examples of Hotline Uses:

Listen to a sample of Armed Intruder on Campus Emergency Hotline

Listen to a sample of Multi-Lingual Tropical Storm Warning Emergency Hotline

Listen to a sample of Cancelled Classes Alert Hotline

Whether you have a short-term project to communicate or would like to keep your hotline message going for years to come, our virtual phone numbers are easy to use, affordable, and loaded with excellent features.

Enabling Your Account for an Informational Hotline

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