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Recorded Message Hotline Purpose and Uses
Your hotline will deliver your audio presentation message. It is a tool to enhance and support your sales and conversion process or to deceminate information unattended.

Deliver your message all the time
Provide answers to common questions, instructions. Once set up, market your product or service 24/7 without expending any more of your time or resources.

Whether you have a short-term project or would like to keep your hotline message going for years to come, our hotline phone numbers are easy to use, affordable, and loaded with many features.

When people call your Hotline phone number your announcement is instantly played.

Using a hotline phone number to provide prerecorded information to callers

A hotline that provides prerecorded information to callers can be an effective way to deliver important information or to provide assistance to a large number of people.


  • Prerecorded hotlines are often used to provide information about a particular service or product, or to give instructions or information about a specific event or situation.


  • To use a prerecorded hotline effectively, it is important to ensure that the recorded message is clear and easy to understand. The message should provide all of the necessary information that the caller needs, and it should be organized in a logical and easy-to-follow manner.


  • In addition to providing prerecorded information, many hotlines also offer the option for callers to speak with a live operator or to leave a message for a representative to call them back. This can be useful for callers who have specific questions or concerns that are not addressed in the prerecorded message.


  • It is also important for the hotline to have clear procedures in place for handling calls and for providing assistance to callers, whether through the prerecorded message or through live operators. This can help to ensure that callers receive the information and assistance they need in a timely and efficient manner.
Why Provide a Hotline Message for your Callers?
1000s of Callers Can Listen to your Hotline Message at the Same Time with No Busy Signals

Information hotlines are a solution when a person, company or public entity wants to share information with their customers, general public or business prospects by phone.

Provide unattended information 24/7

Never miss out on providing information to a potential customer ever again. Deliver pre-recorded audio overviews, product presentations, service information, office hours and location, testimonials, etc.

Recorded message hotlines provide the information your callers are looking for. No longer worry about spending staff time answering calls to provide basic information. Many users of the service use it as part of their marketing strategy that works for them 24/7/365.

Collected Data

View Statistics and the Caller ID of the People Calling to Hear your Message


Using your account portal, login to the Call History tab.


  • All data points are automatically captured for your review in your account portal and is viewable 24/7 in real time.
  • The system captures the date, time, call duration and the caller's caller ID and the extension (recording name) they listened to.


Customers find these metrics useful for advertising performance analysis, lead capture and follow-up.

The benefits of pre-recorded audio presentations using a toll free number

Cost-efficient: Pre-recorded audio presentations using toll-free numbers eliminate the need for live operators, resulting in significant cost savings for your business.

Cost free call: Toll-free numbers allow customers to access your pre-recorded audio presentations at any time, without incurring long-distance charges.

Increased effectiveness: Pre-recorded audio presentations allow you to provide consistent, accurate information to customers, which can help to improve customer satisfaction and reduce the number of calls to your customer service team.

Customization: Pre-recorded audio presentations can be tailored to specific customer segments or situations, allowing you to deliver targeted messages to different groups of customers.

Scalability: Pre-recorded audio presentations can be used to handle a high volume of calls simultaneously, making them an effective solution for businesses experiencing rapid growth.

Q&A Extensions: Pre-recorded audio presentations can be set up to collect consenting data from callers, which can be used to analyse customer interactions and improve your business's marketing and sales lead efforts.
Example Announcements & Messages

Company Greeting

Upload or record a main company greeting with extension messages.


A pest control company, has a hotline with a recorded message about fumigation.


A national pharmaceutical company needs to update their sales force on drug availability.
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