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Connect Together Across Canada/US

  Use it for Canada conference calls or joint Canada & US conferencing
How It Works | Summary

Your Meeting attendees dial any of the supplied Canada access numbers below and enter a passcode.
For example - 1 866 678 6823

2 Everyone is joined together and can speak and be heard.

More Details | On Demand Conferencing

All parties dial-in into one of the Canada phone numbers listed at a date and time scheduled by you with your meeting guests.  An automated system will answer and prompt your invitees to enter their passcode, followed by the hash (#) sign. After their passcode has been keyed-in, they will be placed into your conference room.

If the host has not yet joined, parties will be placed on music hold (Music Hold optional).  Once the host joins, the music will cease and the call begins. As parties join or leave the conference you will hear entry and exit tones (Entry and exit beep tones are optional).  In addition, you can enable the 'name announce' feature. Once the moderator/leader disconnects from the conference, the entire call is disconnected (Auto Hang-up optional).

Law Firm conference call customers have the option of being prompted for a client matter ID for rebilling purposes.

Daily billing is an included free option.

How it Works
Canada Dial-in
Toronto Montreal Vancouver Quebec Alberta Ottawa Calgary Halifax
Canada Flag
per minute
Canada Local
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per minute
Canada Toll Free
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US Local
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US Toll Free
Canada Conference Call Service - Toll Free
If you need to connect with colleagues and customers scattered throughout the U.S. or Canada, this plan is a solution.

Not only are these calls convenient, they eliminate travel and all related travel expenses. Plus, Canada conference calls are even more affordable than ever before.

Canada conference calls take several different forms. For example, the call's host could be hosting the call from Canada attracting primarily Canadian participants. On the other hand, the host could be in the U.S. hosting a call with participants in both the United States and Canada.

The participants may join the conference calls in several ways such as by dialing toll free and entering an access code or dialing a local access number depending on city location. With many conference calling possibilities, few conference calls are completely alike.

The key to making a Canada conference call is to find a conference calling service that offers low calling rates, toll free access and the features that are most important to you and your business.

For instance, if you wish to conduct toll free conference calls where participants from the U.S. and Canada can dial a toll free number, you'll need a plan like this  on demand reservationless 24/7 service.

Canada Call Conference service with toll free and local Canadian access numbers

Canada Toll-Free Number
Accessible from anywhere in Canada and the US

1 866 678 6823

Canada Local dial-in

647-847-8463  Toronto
438-238-1455  Montreal
778-775-1114  Vancouver
418-478-2125  Quebec City
587-887-1945  Edmonton
343-883-1933  Ottawa
403-879-1119  Calgary
902-702-0352  Halifax

  Pay As You Go - no monthly fees, no prepayment, no minimum usage requirements, no contract

  Use the account immediately upon account activation, no reservations required.

View U.S. Access Number list here

* Rates in USD
Canada Conference Call service works for customers that have attendees located anywhere in Canada.
All participants dial-in Toll Free from Canada or the U.S. Of course, you can conduct conference calls with Canada or US participants on the same conference call.
The Toll Free access number plus moderator and attendee passcodes are sent to you immediately upon account activation.

Customers can view their account usage 3 ways

1 During the call, the Leader can optionally login online and see the call in progress. All caller ID's, date, time and other information is visible to the Host.

2 Receive an automatic email summary after each conference call including all details of attendees that accessed your call - caller ID, date, time, duration on call, cost, etc.

3 Receive a monthly PDF statement showing an itemized conference call history for previous month usage.

Common Questions

Are there any monthly or recurring fees?

       No monthly fees - $0.00
  No prepayment
       No activation fees
  No contract
       Pay for usage only

How do I secure the conference?

You can secure your call by using the touch tone command [* 7] - Lock conference on/off. This stops additional entries into your call. The call moderator or chairperson has this keypad command capability.

Do I have to sign up again for each call?

Once your account is active, you can use it anytime 24/7/365. It does not expire unless there is no account usage for a 12 month period. Canada and US dial-in access numbers are permanent and remain constant.

Can I record a call?

Your account includes Free session recordings with MP3 files.

Can I see who is on a call?

Your account includes a Free online Live Conference Viewer which shows a list of all attendees on the call including their caller ID.
Live Conference Viewer

Where can I use this service?

Conduct conference calls from US, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Saipan, Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands

Can I have Canada and US participants on the same call?

Invite Canadian and U.S. attendees on the same call per your requirements.  Your account includes US dial-in access numbers as well as Canadian access.

What type of phone or network can be used to dial-in?

Any device or network works, including cellphones, landlines, Skype, VoIP, etc.

Can my other associates use this account?

Yes, you can share this account or easily add additional sets of passcodes enabling simultaneous use of the account within your company. Usage can be tracked by department ID, numbers or user names for cost accounting purposes.

"We're having monthly calls between US and Canada. Thanks for getting this set up for us. It works perfect for our needs."
Janice R. -Montreal, Québec

Posted on Saturday, August 29, 2020


"We're having very good results using this service. All of our conferees are Canadians. The line quality using your Canada Toll Free number is far better than what we experienced with AT&T Canada conferencing service. What began as a test with your company has proven to be a good decision for our organization. Thank you."
Frank H. -Surrey BC

Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2018


"Most of our call conferences are in Canada with the exception of a few accessing from New York and San Francisco. We do record and download the MP3 files afterwards. Your service has helped us with our collaboration needs and saved us money to boot."
Michele G. -Toronto, ON

Posted on Thursday, November 28, 2019


"No problems to report. Really enjoy using the Live Viewer on our conference calls. We use the 'mute all' feature to stifle any unwanted background noise. The Canada conference plan is a first class service, and happy to report, much less costly than what is available locally here. It always works."
Charles C. -Newfoundland, Nova Scotia

Posted on Sunday, February 25, 2018

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