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Canada Conference Call

Canada Conference Call Service
Highly Reliable and Economic

Standard local dial-in numbers for Toronto Montreal Vancouver Quebec Alberta Ottawa
local per minute

Includes local access numbers in
Toronto ° Montreal ° Vancouver ° Quebec ° Alberta ° Ottawa
Calgary ° Halifax

Toll-Free access from Ontario Quebec British Columbia Alberta Manitoba Saskatchewan Nova Scotia New Brunswick Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island
toll free per minute

Toll-Free access from anywhere in Canada

Pay As You Go - no prepayment, no usage minimums

Upon account activation, you'll receive a complete list
of access numbers accessible from any location in Canada
both Toll-Free and Local

    Use it for Canada conference calls.Use it for Canada conference calling
    Use it for joint Canada and USA conference calls.
    Use it for joint Canada and U.S. conference calls

Canada Conference Call

    Canada conference callCanada Toll Free 3.9 cents ($0.039)

    Canada conference callCanada Local Access 2.9 cents ($0.029)

    Canada Local access numbers

    647-847-8463  Toronto
    438-238-1455  Montreal
    778-775-1114  Vancouver
    418-478-2125  Quebec City
    587-887-1945  Edmonton
    343-883-1933  Ottawa
    403-879-1119  Calgary
    902-702-0352  Halifax

    (account activation is required to receive your passcodes)

    Optional US access:

    Conference Call USAU.S. Toll Free 2.9 cents

    Conference Call USAU.S. Local Access 1.7 cents

    See list of U.S. local access numbers

Canada Conference Call Service

If you have participants located in Canada, you can provide all attendees with Toll Free access for 3.9¢ per minute, per attendee.

Canada Toll Free rate: 3.9 cents per minute, per participant with no usage commitment or prepayment required. ($0.039 USD)

Canada Conference Call Suitability
  • Rates are quoted in US Dollars ($USD) - but we will bill in Canadian Currency or bill to your credit card for instant conversion

  • This plan is ideal for customers that require a high quality, full featured Toll-Free conference calling solution for use from Canada.

  • Includes Canada and U.S. Toll Free access and many 'local access' numbers in both Canada and the U.S at the lowest rate.

  • Invite Canadian and U.S. attendees on the same call per your own requirements

  • Easily add additional sets of passcodes enabling simultaneous use of the account internally. Usage can be tracked by your department ID's, number or user names for month end cost accounting purposes.
How to calculate the cost of a conference call from Canada

Multiply the call duration in minutes by 3.9¢ for toll free or 2.9¢ if using the Canada local access number, and then by the number of participants on the call.

Click here to use the 3.9¢ toll free call calculator.

If all participants are located in the USA, the rate is 2.9¢ per minute, per participant. A conference meeting on this plan can have a combination of U.S. attendees and Canadian participants on the same conference call.

A blended rate

A the 'blended' per minute rate will be less than 3.9 cents per minute because you have some participants from the U.S. at the 2.9 rate or the U.S. local rate of 1.7¢ on the call.

So your rate can average lower depending on how many attendees are in each location, and whether or not you distribute the local access numbers or the toll free access numbers.

If you require an
International Conference Call with participants located in other countries abroad, click here.

Canada Call Conferencing Service - Cheap Toll Free

Conference Call - Canada Toll Free accessIf you need to connect with colleagues and customers scattered throughout the U.S. and Canada, Canada conference calling is one of the many options available to you.

Not only are these calls convenient, they reduce travel and all related travel expenses. Plus, Canada conference calling is even more affordable than ever before.

While long distance costs used to make conference calling between the two countries prohibitive, that is no longer true today. In fact, you may be surprised at just how
cheap conferencing can be!

Canada conference calling can take several different forms. For example, the call's host could be hosting the call from Canada attracting primarily Canadian participants. On the other hand, the host could be in the U.S. hosting a call with participants in both the United States and Canada.

The participants may join the conference meeting in several ways such as by dialing toll free and entering an access code or waiting until the host, dials their phone number using the dial-out feature. With many conference calling possibilities, few
conference calls are completely alike.

The key to making a economic
Canada conference is to find a conference calling service that offers low calling rates, toll free access and the features that are most important to you.

For instance, if you want to host toll free conferences where participants from the U.S. and Canada alike can dial a toll free number, you'll need a service provider that can deliver the service 24/7.

There's more to conference calling than finding the cheapest rates possible. In addition to low-cost conference calls that provide Toll Free access where your attendees will be dialing-in from, you'll also want to consider the service features and overall sound quality.

Some items to consider
  • Do you need to make a reservation with an operator in order to host Canada conference calls or can you host a call whenever you wish by simply notifying your attendees when to dial-in?

  • If you happen to be online while hosting your meeting, do you have the option to manage and control your conference calls via the Web with a real-time viewable list of participants?

  • How is the audio quality of the provider? Will they route your conference through a VoIP (voice over the internet) conferencing bridge or will your account be hosted on a high quality public network bridge?

  • Do you have to pay a monthly fee or sign a long-term contract in order to get the best rates?
These are but a few of the questions you'll want to ask as you step into the realm of call conferencing.

Don't settle for anything less than low rates, excellent call quality and loads of convenient features like this
Canada Conferencing plan provided by

Recent Rate Comparisons for Canada Toll Free Conference Calling as of April 2015

Bell Canada

18¢ per minute


24¢ per minute

3.9¢ per minute Canada toll-free


2.9¢ per minute Canada local access

Conference Call Canada service with toll free and local Canadian access numbers

Canada attendees dial-in toll free or use an included local Canadian access number to join your call.

Canada conference collaboration the easy way with the option to enable U.S. participants cheap access on the same call.

3.9 Toll Free Canada Call Conference - Sign Up Form

Canada/US Toll Free and local access numbers and passcodes are sent to you immediately upon account activation.

Canada Toll Free Conference Calls
Canada Conferemce Calls

View your account usage 3 ways

During the call, the Leader can optionally login online and see the call in progress. All caller ID's, date, time and other information is visible to the Host.

2 Receive an automatic email summary after each call including details of the attendees that accessed your call - caller ID, date, time, duration on call, cost, etc.

3 Automatically emailed: A monthly PDF statement showing an itemized call history for the previous month usage.

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Canada Conference Calling Explained

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Canada Customer Comments:

"We're having very good results using this service. All of our conferees are Canadians. The line quality using your Canada Toll Free number is far better than what we experienced with AT&T Canada conferencing service. What began as a test with your company has proven to be a good decision for our organization. Thank you."
Frank H. -Surrey BC, Canada

"No problems to report. Really enjoy using the Live Viewer on our conference calls. We use the 'mute all' feature to stifle any unwanted background noise. The Canada conference plan is a first class service, and happy to report, much less costly than what is available locally here. It always works."
Charles C. -Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Most of our call conferences are in Canada with the exception of a few accessing from New York and San Francisco. We do record and download the MP3 files afterwards. Your service has helped us with our collaboration needs and saved us money to boot."
Michele G. -Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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