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U.S. & Canada Phone Conference Calls

Connect Across U.S. and Canada

Toll Free & Local Dial-in from U.S. or Canada

Dial-in toll-free from anywhere in Canada or the U.S.
+1 888 206 2266

or use the U.S. local number:
+1 713 481 0090

To receive passcodes you'll need an activated account.
  Pay for Usage Only
no monthly fees, no prepayment, no minimum usage requirements, no term contract

  Upon Account Activation
receive a user friendly guide with dial-in numbers and passcodes for the host and attendees.

How To Conduct a Phone Conference

1 All meeting attendees dial-in and enter a passcode sent to the host immediately upon account activation.

The conferencing bridge instantly joins everyone together upon passcode entry.

2 Optionally a voice prompt will announce the name of the participant.

  Passcodes and access numbers remain constant. Activate an account once and use your account whenever you need to conduct a conference call.
Toll Free Conference Calling Between US and Canada Diagram
Per Minute Rates
US Flag
US Toll Free 2.9 cents ($0.029)
US Local Access 1.5 cents ($0.015)
Canada Flag
Canada Toll Free 3.9 cents ($0.039)
Canada Local Access 2.9 cents ($0.029)

  Use it for Canada conference calls

  Use it for joint Canada / U.S. conferencing

  Access numbers available in 19 countries

Common Questions

How to View My Account Usage

View your account usage 3 ways

1 Login online:  During the call, the Leader has the option to login online and see the call in progress.
All caller ID's, date, time and other information will be visible to the chairperson while the call is taking place.

2 Email Summary:  Customers receive an automatic email summary after each call including details of the attendees that accessed your call such as - Caller ID, date, time, duration on call, cost, etc.

3 Automatically emailed: A monthly PDF statement showing an itemized call history for the previous month usage.

Are there any monthly or recurring fees?

       No monthly fees - $0.00
  No prepayment
     •  No activation fees
  No contract
       Pay for usage only

Do I have to sign up again for each call?

Once your account is active, you can use it anytime 24/7/365. It does not expire unless there is no account usage for a 12 month period. Canada and US dial-in access numbers are permanent and remain constant.

Can I record a call?

Your account includes Free session recordings with MP3 files.

Can I see who is on a call?

Your account includes a Free online Live Conference Viewer which shows a list of all attendees on the call including their caller ID.

Where can I use this service?

Conduct conference calls from US, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Saipan, Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands

Can I have Canada and US participants on the same call?

Invite Canadian and U.S. attendees on the same call per your requirements.  Your account includes US dial-in access numbers as well as Canadian access.

What type of phone or network can be used to dial-in?

Any device or network works, including cellphones, landlines, Skype, VoIP, etc.

Can our other associates share this account?

Yes, you can share this account or easily add additional sets of passcodes enabling simultaneous use of the account within your company. Usage can be tracked by department ID, numbers or user names for cost accounting purposes.
Global Teleccomunications Services
Easy Conference Calls

Send your participants a toll-free or local dial-in number to join your meeting from the US or Canada

1 Your account is reservationless so no operator scheduling is required.  All attendees dial-in on the date and time you've arranged with your meeting group.

2 Attendees are prompted to enter a passcode.

3 Instantly after passcode entry, everyone can speak and be heard.

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Conference Call Service Sign Up Form

Determine your savings by reviewing a recent bill from your existing conference call provider and compare.
Locate the 'total minutes' used and the 'total cost' of a conference call on the invoice.

For U.S. conferencing, multiply the total minutes by 2.9¢ for U.S. toll-free access and compare this total to your existing provider charges. Or use 2.9¢ if you want to use Canada local access.

Do the same for hosting US conference calls except use US local access rate of 1.5¢ per minute.

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Worldwide Conference Call
Strategy for Worldwide Conference Calls

If you hold global conference calls with geographically diverse attendees, using a plan that has a wide international network of access numbers is important.

Holding a traditional conference call can be a challenge because many participants can't dial your country's toll free number and may hesitate at dialing in directly due to concerns about the potential cost.

By using a host-pays global conference plan, you can host group calls as needed as well as issue local phone numbers for many cities of the world including Canada, US, Anguilla, Antigua, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Montserrat, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, St. Kitts/Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad, Tobago, UAE, UK, Uruguay and Venezuela and more.

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Empowering Global Communication: Aitelephone's Canada Conference Call Service

In the modern era of international business, effective communication knows no boundaries. Conference call services have emerged as an indispensable tool for Canadian companies with global operations. This overview delves into the myriad facets of Aitelephone's Canada audio conferencing service, its impact on diverse industries, and the advantages of mobile conferencing through cell phones, VoIP, or landlines.

Leveraging Aitelephone's Canada Audio Conferencing

Countless Canadian companies with branch offices or teams scattered across the globe rely on Aitelephone's Canada audio conferencing service to facilitate seamless communication. From multinational corporations in the technology and finance sectors to innovative startups and dynamic pharmaceutical companies, Aitelephone's robust conferencing solutions have become the linchpin of their global communication strategies.

Provinces with the Most Telecommunications Traffic to the U.S.A.

Among the Canadian provinces, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec stand out for having the most significant telecommunications traffic with the United States. Their strategic proximity to U.S. markets, strong trade relationships, and cross-border business activities contribute to this telecommunication prominence.

Industries Flourishing with Canada Conference Call Services

Several Canadian industries are reaping the benefits of Aitelephone's conference call services. The finance sector, home to prominent institutions such as Royal Bank of Canada and Scotiabank, utilizes these services to host investor relations calls, financial briefings, and regulatory updates. Moreover, pharmaceutical giants like Apotex Pharmaceutical Holdings Inc. rely on conferencing for seamless collaboration between research teams across continents.

Spotlight on Open Text Corporation

One exemplary enterprise harnessing the power of Aitelephone's Canada conference call service is Open Text Corporation, a technology conglomerate with a sprawling global presence. Open Text Corporation employs dedicated conference call Canada service phone numbers to orchestrate international client meetings, cross-functional project updates, and innovative brainstorming sessions. The versatility of Aitelephone's conferencing solutions caters to both their external client interactions and internal team collaborations.

Exploring the Expansion of Conference Call Services

Beyond Open Text Corporation, numerous other Canadian companies are considering the integration of Aitelephone's conferencing services to bolster their daily operations. Notably, CleanTechnica, a leader in the solar energy sector, is contemplating the use of Canada conferencing to facilitate real-time communication between their remote energy installations and central operations hub. Similarly, Canadian National Railway Company envisions optimizing supply chain coordination through seamless conferencing across their distribution network.

Mobile Conferencing's Advantageous Flexibility

One of the most compelling advantages of Aitelephone's conference call service is its compatibility with various devices. Mobile conferencing through cell phones, VoIP, or landlines presents a game-changing option for employees. Unlike computer-based conferencing, this mode doesn't require a computer or WiFi connection. This flexibility enables employees to participate in crucial discussions while on the move, during travel, or in areas with limited connectivity.

In conclusion, Aitelephone's Canada conference call service has redefined the way Canadian businesses connect across borders. Its impact spans various industries, from finance to technology and pharmaceuticals, fostering collaboration and innovation. As more Canadian enterprises explore the potential of conference call solutions, the landscape of global communication continues to evolve, underpinned by Aitelephone's cutting-edge conferencing offerings.
Aitelephone's Canada conference call service has redefined the way Canadian businesses connect across borders.
"We're having very good results using this service. All of our conferees are Canadians. The line quality using your Canada Toll Free number is far better than what we experienced with AT&T Canada conferencing service. What began as a test with your company has proven to be a good decision for our organization. Thank you."
Frank H. -Surrey BC
Friday, April 14, 2023
"No problems to report. Really enjoy using the Live Viewer on our conference calls. We use the 'mute all' feature to stifle any unwanted background noise. The Canada conference plan is a first class service, and happy to report, much less costly than what is available locally here. It always works."
Charles C. -Newfoundland, Nova Scotia
Saturday, July 01, 2023
"Most of our call conferences are in Canada with the exception of a few accessing from New York and San Francisco. We do record and download the MP3 files afterwards. Your service has helped us with our collaboration needs and saved us money to boot."
Michele G. -Toronto, ON
Thursday, February 23, 2023
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