The Power of Voice In The Real World

The Power of Voice In The Real World


Voicemail Power

The Power of Voice In The Real World
The Power of Voice In The Real World


Janice resides in the outskirts of New York and is one of the top performers
in her organization. While vacationing with her family in the Bahamas, she
gets such a feeling of complete happiness that she feels compelled to share
it with her peers.

As her children laugh and play on the sandy beach near her, she
reclines her chair and calls her voicemail system.
In moments she sends the following message to her entire downline:

“Hi everyone. I'm having the time of my life here and wanted to express
my feelings about this company and the dreams it has allowed me
to experience.

I'm in one of the most beautiful places I've ever had the pleasure to visit
and it's all because I took a chance and made it happen.

4 years ago when I was a waitress I thought I would never be able to give
my family the time and care that I so desperately wanted to provide them.

I was afraid that my children would never get to see the world or miss out
on memories that they would cherish as they grow older.
Don't stop dreaming.

Your hopes and desires can be achieved too! See you all in a week!”

With the sounds of the crashing waves and the cheerful shouts of the
children in the background, this message was delivered with full impact to
Janice’s group. It is no wonder that she is able to keep her teams motivated
and maintain one of the highest retention rates in the company.
The Power of Voice
Nothing inspires confidence, trust, personality, honesty or immediacy as
effective as voice, yet too many Network Marketing companies and
organizations are moving away from this method of communicating in favor
of more “advanced and efficient” communication methods.

The question is, why use voice to communicate when there are so many
other ways to get information to your recipient:
  • Although email can be sent quickly to a large group of recipients, high percentages are deleted without thought by the receiver. Even more are filtered or classified as junk mail by many major ISPS.

  • You cannot express enthusiasm and emotion in an email, web site, letter or fax in the same way that voice delivers your message.

  • Testimonials are a terrific way to support your opportunity and generate excitement for new prospects. However, sending a voice testimonial from a successful distributor or a thrilled retail customer works tremendously better than relaying the same information in written form.

  • The largest and most successful Network Marketing organizations with decades of experience in the industry make voicemail or voice broadcasting services a prerequisite to participating in their company because they know it is the most effective method of communicating and building relationships.

  • Voice broadcasting is as quick and easy as sending an email.

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