Conference Call Services and Rates

Conference Call Services and Rates


Conference Call Services and Rates

Conference Call Services and Rates
The international conference call plan provides toll free audio conference calls on a per minute basis, no contract, no activation fee, no monthly fees and many business class features.

A Toll Free access number is provided and is accessible nationwide and international toll free access numbers are available in a growing list of countries.

Enjoy free MP3 session recording downloads should you record your conference calls.

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International Conference Calls

If you have conferees in other countries, we currently offer international toll free access numbers from 60 countries. These ITFS numbers are in-country toll free access numbers. The call is free to the participants that dial-in using an international toll free access number from their country. Billing is charged to the account holder.

So if you have, for example, participants located in China or India or the UK, etc. we offer a country specific toll free access number for their access. If no toll free number exists for your participants country location, you can easily 'out-dial' and bring them into the conference call yourself.

We can also set up additional sets of passcodes for your internal departments and groups so that simultaneous conference calls can take place within your organization for assorted teams or departments.

These additional sub-accounts can be assigned ID names or numbers for end of the month cost accounting and bookkeeping purposes.

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Conference Call Rates

Pay As You Go - Toll Free USA Conference Calls:

There's no reason to overpay for Toll Free Conference Calls. This service has identical line and sound quality compared to AT&T, Sprint and Verizon but at much less cost.

If you have more than one user group, we can set up as many sets of Passcodes as you desire. Billing reports contain all group ID's, participant, date, time, duration, access number and caller ID of the participant.

No need for you to advise us when you want to make a conference call. It's a reservationless and automated
conference call service. And also provides 24/7 operator assistance should you need it.

There is no contract or term commitment, no minimum usage requirement and no taxes.

You simply send your participants the time, date, participant PIN and the dial-in number. You're free to host conference calls whenever you desire.

Toll Free USA Conference Call rate is 3.9¢ per minute, per participant with the option to host Canada Toll Free Conference Calls at 6.9¢ per minute.

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Conference Call Services

Unlimited Flat Rate 0¢ Per Minute Plan:

Unlike other "flat rate" plans you may come across, ours is truly unlimited. This means, you are not charged for any minutes used.

Participants dial a standard telephone access number, not a toll free number.

The plan is month-to-month. No long term commitments.

You essentially have the use of the conferencing bridge, 24 hours a day, all month long, and pay only the
flat rate conferencing plan rate you choose.

The Unlimited conference call plan rate is based on the number of participants you typically have attending your conference calls.

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Conference Call Rates depend on which plan fits your budget requirements and your conference call usage pattern.

Conference Call Plans

Unlimited Flat Rate plan has NO per minute fees. Instead, the customer pays a flat monthly rate for the conference call line and can use it as often as required for the one monthly fee. All participants dial into the conference call to a out-of-state access number, it is not a toll free conference call plan. It is extremely economical.

Toll Free Conference Call plan
A competitive 2.9¢ Toll Free conference call plan. It's an excellent choice especially if the customer wants to replace an existing conference call plan and save money with a quality Toll Free alternative.

International Conference Call plan
Easily host International Conference Calls with participants located in diverse geographic locations. Teleconference across continents with ease. Use the ITFS Toll Free lines and use the 'dial-out' feature. Host conference calls with conferees no matter what country they may be located in.

Expanded International Conference Call plan
More toll-free access countries plus 65 worldwide local access numbers.

Canada Conference Call Plan
Toll Free Canada conference calls across all provinces at 3.9¢ per minute. Includes free MP3 session recordings downloads.

If you have participants located in China or India or the UK, and many other countries. we offer a country specific toll free access number for those participants or located in any of 65 countries.
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Conference Call Services and Rates


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Conference Call Services and Rates