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How to forward your existing mobile or landline phone to a phone number in another country

With International Virtual Numbers it's easy to forward your cell phone or landline internationally.

With an International Virtual Number it's easy to forward your cell phone or landline calls to any country.

If you are a current USA customer of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or any other U.S. phone provider and request that they forward your existing phone line to another country, you'll find the answer will be either:
  • No
  • Maybe
  • I don't think so
  • They will have to get to you
  • That type of service is not offered

U.S. and most other worldwide phone companies will only forward your cell phone or traditional landline calls to another phone number in the U.S. or your country -not internationally.

Our service will forward calls globally to any mobile phone, landline or VoIP address in any country.

There are two requirements you'll need to have to divert your existing cell phone or landline calls internationally.

Requirement 1
Your the phone number you wish to forward overseas needs to have a call forwarding feature as part of the feature set from your mobile provider.

In other words, if you want to send your phone calls to a phone overseas, you need to have a
call forwarding feature with your existing cell phone or landline service.

Requirement 2
Now that you've confirmed that you have a call forwarding feature on the phone number that you wish to forward overseas, you now need an international virtual number. It's your new virtual phone number that enables diverting calls internationally.

How to do it
When you receive your new virtual number, simply set-up your call forwarding feature of your existing mobile or landline phone to forward your calls to the new internationally capable virtual phone number that you
selected and subscribed to.

The new virtual number will then instantly divert your US or other country cell phone calls to any phone number you desire globally.

The new virtual number will then divert your calls to any international phone number you desire.

Setting it Up
If you know the overseas phone number where you want your calls forwarded to now, that is great but not mandatory at sign up.

If you
do not know the final overseas call destination number yet, you can temporarily set up your account with your home or office number as your 'ring to' number. So temporarily your new virtual number will ring in on whatever number you set up on account the registration form.

When you get to your travel destination or anytime you determine your
final overseas number, simply log in to your account management online and change the temporary 'ring to' number to the real international call destination number to start receiving your calls.

Removing the virtual number and returning to normal
After you decide your call forwarding requirement is over and you return home from your assignment, simply disable the call forwarding feature on the cell phone or landline you diverted to the new virtual phone number.

Everything will now work as it did before. You can then cancel the virtual number because there is no continuing use for it

How do I buy a virtual number?

1. Acquire a virtual phone number here
Choose from 1000s of available countries and city numbers using the worldwide database of virtual numbers.

If you are setting up your U.S. cell phone to redirect calls abroad, it does not matter what area code you select on the sign up form because most U.S. cell phone plans have nationwide long distance included. You could be in Montana and choose a California virtual number without any economic consequences. A landline may be a different story unless your landline has nationwide long distance included.

2. When you receive the activation email with your new virtual number, that number will already be enabled and capable of sending calls to whatever number you submitted on the sign up form as your 'ring to destination' number.

3. From the phone that you want to redirect, use the call forwarding feature offered by your cell phone company or landline provider and set up the call forwarding number to your new virtual number which will forward your calls anywhere globally.

You do not need to be located in the U.S. for this to work

Our plan also works from any country where there is virtual number availability. There are now over 150+ countries with virtual phone numbers to choose from.

For example, if you are a resident of Italy and have an Italian cell phone or landline. You could acquire a new Italy virtual number and use the same directions already described. i.e. Simply forward your Italian mobile to your new Italy virtual number which diverts to any phone number, globally.

You could travel to another country and have your Italy mobile
or landline callers sent to your final destination phone number located in anywhere worldwide.

In summary

The virtual numbers function is to forward calls
between your cell phone/landline and your final overseas destination number -where you wish to receive the calls. Your new virtual phone number is the international call forwarding facility. See diagram here
  • Calls to your mobile or landline will be instantly diverted to your designated 'ring to' number in any country

Check here for virtual number country availability

Forward Your Mobile Or Landline Phone Calls To Any Phone Number In Any Country

International Call Forwarding with a virtual number enables your mobile phone or landline to automatically forward your calls to any phone number worldwide.

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Plans and Rates


RollOver Minutes
Get more value out of your call forwarding plan.

When you sign up, select the RollOver Option to accumulate your unused plan minutes for future use. This is a solution for those customers that have fluctuating account usage and would like to use those unused minutes for the future when higher call forwarding activity may occur.

Simultaneous Multiple Call Processing
This feature is available free. Your virtual number accepts multiple callers at the same time with no busy signals. Forward multiple calls simultaneously to the same phone number.

Simultaneous Call Forwarding
A free feature for those customers who have a PBX or hunt group and can receive multiple calls at the same phone number.

No Term Contract
When signing up for Global Call Forwarding services, the plan is month-to-month. No contract, cancel at any time with no penalties.

Payment Options

Call Forwarding Payment Options

Big Choice of Global Phone Numbers
Virtual phone numbers available in
150+ countries.

Change Your Call Forwarding Number
Online account management enables you to login and change your 'ring to' number in real time, 24/7.

Fax Forwarding
With Fax Forwarding you can receive a fax sent to your virtual number and that fax will be automatically delivered to you by email as an image file. There is no extra charge for using this feature and activation can be easily done through your account management control panel.

Flexible Device Compatibility
This service is compatible with any landline or mobile phone located in any country.

Customized Greeting
This feature allows you to record a custom greeting for your virtual number free of charge. The recorded greeting will be played to a caller when your virtual number is called prior to the call being forwarded to your 'ring to' number.

Low Rates without sacrificing Quality
You'll always have high quality connections at the best rates possible.

No Incomplete or Busy Call Charges
Unlike other call forwarding plans, you will not be charged any fees for busy or incomplete calls.

Emailed Monthly Statements
You will automatically receive a monthly statement with all call details for the month. Customers can also log in and view call details in real time, 24/7.

Superb Customer Care
You'll receive individual attention from our trained professionals.

Advanced Call Forwarding Features
You can select to have your calls forwarded to different phone numbers, even if in another country 'up to 10', or to voice mail depending on the time of the day. You can select different routing for different days of the week.

Rate Plans

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