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Building Trust and Confidence with Overseas Contacts
Tuesday, October 01, 2019 - Building Trust and Confidence with Overseas Contacts

Whether working with overseas clients, co-workers, partners, tour operators, government officials, or even family members, the sheer distance between you and your contact can be a challenging obstacle.

Its not like you can easily head over for an in-person meeting in times of crisis or even go on an impromptu outing to build your relationship.

Fortunately, modern international telecommunications tools such as web and audio conferencing and global call forwarding numbers bridge the gap, helping to bring you closer than before despite oceans between you.

Here are a few ways you can use these tools to build trust and confidence with your overseas contacts.

  Set up a global call forwarding number — Finally, giving your contacts a toll free or local number (to them) to call you is essential in keeping the lines of communication open.

Global call forwarding numbers are available for countries around the world with universal toll free, toll free, and regional access numbers. For example, if your overseas contact is in Singapore and you’re in the United States, you could get a Singapore phone number and set up the global call forwarding so that those calls ring to your cell phone, home phone, business phone, or voice mail.

You can even receive faxes and SMS messages on our global call forwarding numbers. By providing your overseas contacts with a familiar, direct line to you using a local or toll free number, you are reinforcing your desire to be of service while making it easy for them to reach you despite your geographic distances.

  Meet in a group audio conference — International conference calls are ideal for any number of occasions and tend to be the easiest option for everyone involved.

There is no special equipment required other than a telephone (including traditional landlines, mobile phones, or VoIP phones).

The biggest challenge is ensuring that every participant, regardless of country, can easily join your global audio conference without having to dial an international long distance access number.

Fortunately, our global conferencing plans include global access numbers for 150 countries. Our leader dial-out feature allows you to dial out to those in unsupported countries.  Meeting an an audio conference gives your overseas contacts the opportunity to interact with you in real-time.

Not only can you answer questions and provide relevant information, your voice and intonation can help to avoid misunderstandings as well as set the foundation for a warmer relationship.

  Meet in a video or web conference — You’ll also want to hold the occasional video or web conference, resulting in a face-to-face meeting.

This takes audio conferencing to the next level as you can see and hear one another as if you were sitting across the table from each other. Again, you can interact in real time with the added benefit of eye contact.

This is a great way to build trust and stronger relationships. In the past, video conferences required hardware setups and software downloads. Today, most computers, laptops, and smartphones have the hardware built in.

Meanwhile, our video conferencing plan is as easy to use as a traditional web browser with no software or plug-ins for your contacts to download and install.

Being able to meet in a video conference as needed demonstrates that you are readily accessible whenever your contacts need your help, have questions, or simply want to spend time with you.

The ability to receive incoming calls or meet with overseas contacts in global audio, web, or video conferences goes a long way in building trust, confidence, and relationships. Our high quality international telecommunications tools are reliable, affordable, and available without contracts. Give us a try today.

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