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Use a Global Phone Number Across Countries

Monday, September 02, 2019 - Use a Global Phone Number Across Phones and Countries

Owning your own global phone number makes a lot of sense if you regularly communicate with clients, customers, family members, and people who live in another country. A few of the benefits of global phone numbers include: localization (you look like a local who lives in that same country), convenience (calling you internationally is easy), and portability (you can receive calls on virtually any phone). Let’s take a quick look at how you can use a global phone number between two countries and across multiple phones.

Using Call Forwarding Between Two Countries

First, you’ll need to get a global phone number. You’ll start by selecting the country your contacts live in. For example, if you’re expanding your business into Portugal, you’ll need a local or toll free phone number in Portugal. We offer global call forwarding numbers for countries around the world, including toll free, toll free (mobile accessible) universal toll free, national, and geographic phone numbers. Whether you prefer a toll free number or a city-specific number such as Lisboa or Porto, Portugal, is up to you.

After selecting the phone number type, you’ll enter your destination phone number. This is the phone number where the incoming international phone calls (in this case from Portugal) will be forwarded to. Thus, if you set your destination phone number to your cell phone, anytime someone from Portugal calls you on your global call forwarding number, you’ll receive the calls on your cell phone.

By ordering a global phone number, your contacts can reach you directly by dialing a local phone number. You’re as easy to reach as any other person or business within their country — and your callers will not have to place an expensive international phone call in order to reach you.

Using a Global Phone Number Across Multiple Phones

What if you don’t want to receive incoming global calls on your cell phone? Of course, you could enter your main office number, home phone number, or even an answering service phone number as the destination number at the time you set up your account. But, even better, you can change your destination number at any time as well as use our advanced call forwarding features to set up a ring-to sequence.

For example, if you want to receive calls Monday through Friday at your office, take calls on your cell phone on Saturdays, and have voicemail pickup at night and on Sundays, you can forward the calls to different phone numbers during specific times and days. If your schedule is less predictable, you could set up your global phone number to either follow a ringing sequence or ring all of your ring-to numbers simultaneously.

Getting a global call forwarding number is fast, easy, and affordable. Our plans are flexible and loaded with features including advanced call forwarding, advanced Interactive Voice Response / PBX, local ring tones, sequential and simultaneous ringing, customized greetings, forward faxing, voicemail and voicemail-to-email, call transfer, outbound calling, SMS forwarding, and more. We offer monthly plans without a contract, so you can use global numbers for both short-term and long-term projects. Try a global call forwarding number for free.

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Use a Global Phone Number Across Phones or Across Countries
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Use a Global Phone Number Across Phones or Across Countries