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Add Germany and UK Phone Numbers to Your US Business

Monday, September 16, 2019 - How to Add Germany and United Kingdom Phone Numbers to Your US Business

Is your US business ready to do business in Germany and the UK? Whether you offer services or import and export goods with these trading partners, having an affordable way to communicate internationally is a must. Virtual phone numbers are a great way to facilitate communication with local business associates, employees, vendors, and customers alike. Not only can you remote call forward calls from Germany and the United Kingdom to your American office, you can appear as if you have a local presence within each country. Here’s how it works.

Virtual numbers for Germany and the UK look just like other business phone numbers in those countries. You can get city-specific virtual numbers or toll free phone numbers that are local to Germany and UK. Rather than ringing to a local office, you can set up the virtual phone numbers to ring to your main office in the United States.

Benefits of Using Global Virtual Phone Numbers

Everyone benefits when you set up Germany or UK virtual phone numbers. First, your business is able to create a local presence without having to rent office space and staff offices far from your home base. Your US-based employees can easily handle incoming calls from abroad, or if you prefer, you could route incoming calls to different call centers based upon the time of day they come in.

Local business partners and customers benefit because they can reach your office without having to dial internationally. The virtual numbers are completely local to them, so there are no international long distance charges and no country and exit codes to worry about. 

Our Germany and United Kingdom global virtual numbers are packed with helpful features, too, including SMS forwarding, fax forwarding, simultaneous ringing, sequential ringing, customized greetings, voicemail to email, and more.

Use Cases for Global Virtual Phone Numbers in Germany and United Kingdom

There are many ways US businesses can use global virtual phone numbers to expand their businesses into Germany and the UK. Here are a few common scenarios:

•  Customer care — If you sell products or services internationally, your customers need a convenient way to reach your organization for customer service or technical support. Getting toll free or universal toll free numbers for the countries you serve makes sense.

  Import / export communications — Placing orders, responding to requests, collaborating on new ideas, and dealing with customs often require voice communications. Make it easy on your local contacts to reach you with a virtual call forwarding number.

•  Consulting — Your expertise knows no bounds, especially when you’re readily accessible via global call forwarding numbers for Germany and the UK.

We have toll free, local, and universal virtual phone numbers for Germany to USA and UK to USA available without a contract. With high quality PSTN connections and competitive per minute rates, connecting with your partners abroad is much like calling across town. Month-to-month plans are available ranging from basic with 75 included minutes to enterprise with more than 11,000 included minutes. Get a Germany or UK phone number free trial today.

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Add Germany and UK Phone Numbers to Your US Business