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New York Operator Assisted Event Call
New York Operator Assisted Conference Call
Operator Assisted Call in New York
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Benefits of Operator-Assisted Conferencing in New York

Holding a large conference call is more complicated than holding a small one, with the potential for more disruptions and less organization. New York operator-assisted conference calls solve this problem, allowing you to focus on your message delivery while we take care of the call’s logistics.
Operator-assisted Call for a Large Audience

New York Operator Assisted Call

Operator-assisted conference calls allow organizations in New York to stay connected with national and international partners, vendors, employees, bidders, trainees, and other people in expertly run group audio calls.

With an operator (or group of them for larger events) actively monitoring the conference call, the host of the call can focus on the task at hand without the distractions of greeting attendees, verifying attendance, fielding questions, or muting and unmuting lines.
Conduct New York Operator Assisted Conference Calls
Organizations throughout New York use the operator assisted conference call to stay connected with employees, partners, investors, analysts, students, and the general public.

Operator Assistance enables an organization to easily conduct a call with a large audience. The operators can handle assembling the entire call, connecting all attendees and then notifying the chairperson that the call is ready.

With an operator assisted conference call, our operators organize and manage the call, ensuring a seamless calling experience for the host and participants.

There are many advantages of this type of audio event, and many potential uses in New York.

How New York Operator Assisted Conference Calls Work

If you're familiar with hosting audio conference calls, you’re already familiar with the basics of operator assisted conference calls. The participants dial in to the conference phone number, enter a passcode, and join your call.

Depending on where your participants are located, you can offer a variety of access numbers including New York access numbers, a toll free access number, or international access numbers for cities around the world.

Operator assisted conference calls feature one or more live operators who actively manage your call.

The lead operator collaborates with you prior to the call to go over its logistics.

Operators can handle everything from greeting callers, dialing out to callers to muting and unmuting callers with questions, monitoring audio quality, running polls, gathering information, enforcing security, and more.

Benefits of Operator Assisted Conferencing in New York

Why host an operator assisted conference call in New York state when you could host a regular audio conference?

If your conference call is large or complex, having an operator — or multiple operators as the case may be — helps ensure a smooth event.

It all starts with the initial greeting. Having an operator greet participants is a welcoming gesture, but it can also be functional.

For example, the operator can gather information about each participant as well as build a detailed attendance report. Likewise, another important benefit has to do with audio conferencing security.

An operator can ensure that only invited participants are allowed access to your conference call.

During an audio conference, it’s not unusual for the occasional participant to leave their line unmuted, resulting in obtrusive or distracting background noise.

Whether it’s annoying chitchat, dogs barking, or background music, it’s unwanted and disruptive to the call. With a New York operator-assisted conference call, an operator ensures that only the active speaker’s line is open.

Should another line inadvertently become unmuted, the operator can quickly mute it without interrupting the teleconference.

Q&A sessions are an important component of most conference calls, but can become unwieldy for larger group calls.

Having an operator curate questions is an efficient choice that helps ensure the most urgent questions are addressed first and eliminates duplicate questions.

Operator assistance doesn't end when everyone hangs up. Operators can compile reports, transcripts, and recordings that may be needed for regulatory compliance or practical purposes after the call.
How Companies in New York Can Use Operator Assisted Conference Calls to Stay Connected

Organizations of all types in New York use operator-assisted audio conferencing for a wide range of scenarios.

Below are a few examples.

Investor Relations

Operator assisted conference calls can be used for presentations, annual meetings, compliance meetings, public relations, crisis management, and other types of group audio calls involving investor relations in New York state.

Global “all hands” meetings

Multinational organizations based in New York often use an operator assisted conference calls to stay connected with employees around the globe.

Crisis planning and response

When a major crisis affects New York, officials, first responders, and other authorities across the state must quickly mobilize.

Gathering together virtually

As more public and private schools embrace distance learning, many rely on operator-assisted conference calls to stay connected with students, faculty, and parents from New York and other communities.

Information Sharing and Distance Learning

Not only can you use an operator-assisted audio conference to deliver lectures, it’s a great way to share information with prospective students and their parents.

Using an operator-assisted audio conference is one of the fastest and easiest ways to share information and strategize with a larger number of call attendees.

New York Operator Assisted Call Possibilities

No matter which industry you’re in from legal, educational, and biotech to non-profit and public sector, you can stay connected in New York state with operator-assisted conferencing.

Participants can join from virtually any city New York, Boston, Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles as well as countries around the globe using local or toll-free access numbers.

Our U.S. based operator-assisted conference calls are available 24/7, 7 days a week.

Not only can your call have participants from across New York and the United States, it can have international participants who dial toll free or local access numbers specific to their own locale or country.

We can also dial-out to participants anywhere in the world. We recommend operator-assisted conference calling for group audio calls ranging from 20 to 12,000 participants.

Our service is available on a pay-as-you-go basis. There are no setup fees, no monthly fees and no prepayment requirements.

Pre and Post call planning and recap is provided free
No ancillary fees
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