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Operator-Assisted Conferencing FAQ
24/7 Assisted Audio Conferencing
Operator Assisted Conferencing

What is Operator-Assisted Conferencing?

Operator Assisted conferencing is a reservation-based service that offers customers audio conferencing support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the personal assistance of an operator and support personnel who manage high-touch features.

When should I use Op Assist Conferencing?

Our customers use Assisted Conferencing for high-profile events such as large-scale investor relations calls to small board of directors meetings and everything in between.
Should I use an Operator Assisted Conference Call or a Reservationless Conference Call?

An Operator-Assisted Conference Call is preferred by many publicly-traded companies, law firms, investment companies, political organizations, non-profits and other organizations that to need to hold large phone teleconferences on a regular basis that include moderated question and answer sessions or require a detailed record of all those who attended the conference to meet legal or regulatory requirements. Often these conferences are recorded and transcribed and made available to shareholders, analysts and other stake holders who were not able to attend the conference live.

Operator-Assisted Conference Calls allow for a professional, operator managed Q & A session and we provide an experienced operator who monitors your conference for its duration to insure it flows smoothly from beginning to end.

With Reservationless Conference Calling, you can set up a conference call whenever you like, without prior reservations. It is the perfect conferencing solution for businesses and other organizations for meetings of any size that do not require operator assistance.
No Setup Fees No Prepayment 24/7 Operators
Personal Support
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Assisted Audio Conferencing Operator
What can I expect with operator assisted audio conferencing?

Services include

  Scheduling your conference
  Broadcasting and recording
  Accessing your conference
  Administering your conference
  Gathering data for your conference
  Securing your conference

See the Service Inquiry Form

What types of operator-assisted conference calls do you offer?

We offer Operator-Assisted Dial-In service - all speakers and participants dial in directly, Operator-Assisted Dial-Out service - operators dial out to bring speakers onto the call, and Combination Dial-In/Dial-Out service. You can select the type of conference you need and other details when you reserve your conference. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have before making a reservation.

How do I reserve an operator-assisted conference call?

Get started by submitting our online inquiry form. A member of our support staff will then contact you to confirm your conference details and can also help you customize your conference call to best fit your needs.

How many participants are allowed on an operator-assisted conference call?

There is no limit to the number of participants you may reserve for a call. You are allowed as many participants on the call as you have reserved places for.

Can you gather personal information from participants as they call in and join an operator-assisted conference?

Yes. You may select up to three pieces of personal information from this list from each participant as they call in - Name, Company, Title, Phone, City/State, Department. If would more than three pieces of information or require different information from your participants, please note that in the questions/comments section when reserving a call. We will do our best to accommodate every request. A detailed participant list can be emailed to the call host after the conference has concluded.

Do you offer any recording and transcription options with operator-assisted conference calls?

Yes. We can record your operator-assisted conference call for you from beginning to end. We offer the following recording and transcription services:

        • Have your call recorded to a CD and mailed via priority mail.
        • Have MP3/WAV files sent via e-mail or available by FTP.
        • Have your conference call transcribed and emailed to you.

How much do operator-assisted services cost?

Our current rate can be found on the Inquiry Form description section. Rates vary by type of service. You will find that rates are extremely competitive in both price and level of service. If your organization is conducting operator-assisted calls on a regular basis, please contact us for a volume rate quote.

What is the maximum amount of time an operator-assisted conference may last?

Let us know the approximate call duration you expect.  We will accommodate any length of call.
Pre and Post call planning and recap is provided free
No ancillary fees
Our customers enjoy the clearest audio lines available
You can expect impeccable expert event execution
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